Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Will you attend a county or state fair this fall?

Fairs can be so much fun! Sure, they can be hot and crowded, but aren’t funnel cakes and hot dogs and baby goats and cows worth it? We think so! We think everyone should let out their inner child and go to a fair at least once a year, if they’re physically able.

Do you have plans to go to a state or county fair this fall? Or have you already been to one (or more) this summer? If so, leave a comment and tell us which you attended. And if you’re attending an upcoming fair, also leave a comment telling us which one. We’ll be at the Washington State Fair next month… See you there!


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Sven Yohnson
1 month ago

Our county fair is the 3rd weekend in July. We had four grandchildren participate in the 4H cattle program this year. They did AMAZING! Wouldn’t miss it!
We view the exhibits, and grab a bratt, or burger at one of the local organization’s food stands. If you get a chance to attend a rural county fair, do it. The hard work invested by the 4H members may restore your faith in the future of our country.

1 month ago

Well, the one I remember was way back then a long-long time ago..
I was in 3rd grade in the U-District Seattle. My parents owned an apartment building and we lived in it. One of the tenants was a lady with her ex-current? husband and 2 kids living on a farm close to Monroe.
Some memories, especially the great one’s you never forget. I got to drink milk straight from the cows, chicken butt nuggets fresh! I got to see a mother cow, Brownie, give birth.
Of course we went to the yearly fair in Monroe,Wa.
Something that will always be with me, 74yrs old now…

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  David

I lived in an apartment in the U-District in the late ’60s. And my uncle was a dairy farmer up in Ferndale, so I’ve had fresh, warm milk, also (when I was a kid). He wouldn’t let my sisters and me watch the cows give birth, however. And I grew up in the Shoreline area, but for some reason our family always went to the Puyallup Fair. Since moving to Lynnwood 50 years ago, I’ve been to the fair in Monroe many times. (The scones are just so darn small now!) Thanks for all the good memories, David. Take care. 😀 –Diane

1 month ago

Yes! just got back from camping at the Iowa State Fair for 14 days. Love our fair! But on the bucket list is to camp at another state fair.

Kelly R
1 month ago

Our fairs are in February. Guaranteed rain the first day of the State Fair. Will probably not go this year.

1 month ago

Not going to fairs but am going to the Oregon Fairgrounds in Salem for RVW Convention in Sept!!

Don N
1 month ago
Reply to  Merrily

we are at the Oregon State Fair right now for13 days. It’s hot 95 degrees.

James LaGasse
1 month ago

Several times when at the county fair fights broke out around us and it was in the daytime. We lost interest after that and only went back twice when friends had displays we wanted to see.

Anne Oelke
1 month ago

5 county fairs down, 1 to go. DH and I are both fair judges, mostly for 4-H exhibits. We can easily bypass the midway/carnival, most commercial exhibits and 75% of the food stands. Love to support 4-H and local church or civic organization food stands.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

I did a few times, in an earlier century, but I now find them too crowded (anticipate that they will be too crowded) and avoid them.

Mikal H
1 month ago

Going to the Minnesota State Fair tomorrow. My only interest is seeing my two grand daughters, both in 4H, showing animals they raised. I’m not interested in the midway and looking at booths full of expensive junk I don’t need. That just doesn’t trip my trigger anymore. “Machinery Hill” might be worth a visit though. Mid 70’s and sunny for the forecast. 🙂

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

After watching several episodes of “Carnival Eats” on TV, this would almost tip the scale into the “Yes” vote. But sadly, our state fair is long over.

1 month ago

Our fair is going on right now, only about 5 miles from our home. We haven’t gone for several years and won’t be going this year because my wife is having some medical issues with her back and can’t walk or stand for any length of time. Maybe next year!!

charles Howard
1 month ago

Chase County Imperial NE Fair was great. Saturday night concert with Megan Moronly and Ian Chesnick was SOLD OUT!

1 month ago

If there had been a “I hope not” option I would have chosen that. My husband loves fairs and can spend forever in the exhibits. I can only look at so many chickens, vegetables and craft items.

David Stansbury
1 month ago

Last night. Baxter County Fair in Mt. Home AR. So unGodly hot we could hardly stand it.

1 month ago

I’ve always enjoyed fairs, especially the livestock and young folks showing their animals. Hope I get to attend one this Fall.

1 month ago

Yes and have for 45 years that’s excluding some years out of 20 in the military. The cost keeps going up even with the veterans discount. But with that said it’s nice to view the youth in 4H, the Ox/Steer pulls, horse shows, tractor pulls and all the food. And the midway provides the fun though at this age not the rides. I’d spending those dollars at a fair than at some junk souvenir shops in my travels. Though be careful there are plenty of vendors at fairs doing the say stuff. Come on sausage roll, fried bread and that Apple crisp.

1 month ago

If we happen on one.

1 month ago

Tuscola County, MI. 2 infections reported since the Fair this past month. Masks are being seen while shopping this week. Better be Safe.
Being old has its drawbacks. Stay Healthy and be wise.

1 month ago

Love the county fairs, not so much the state fairs.

1 month ago

Never been to a county or state fair, and I don’t have any current plans to, but I sure would like to. Just never find the time to.

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