Thursday, September 21, 2023


What type of alcoholic beverage do you most often favor over others?

Is it 5 o’clock somewhere? It must be! And if so, cheers to that! Also, we require you to listen to this song while you read this and vote in today’s poll. Deal?

At “cheers” hour, what are you drinking? Beer? Wine? Liquor? Something else, maybe like cider or a hard seltzer? Or perhaps you don’t drink at all (and that’s okay too!).

Tell us in the poll below what alcoholic beverage you favor over others. And if you like beer, wine, hard liquor, cider, etc., all the same, well, there’s an option for that too.



  1. I don’t drink very often so I’m an alcohol beverage lightweight. Give me coconut rum in pineapple or orange juice. A paper umbrella on top is nice.

  2. DW prefers bourbon and wine. I prefer soft drinks — Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Orange and Grape Crush, and A&W root beer.

  3. Both my wife and I prefer wine, but we really don’t drink it more than once or twice a month. I have a bottle of Scotch that I use for hot toddy if I get a cold.

      • Moi aussi. However it’s been many years since either of us had alcohol. For 1 thing I’m on BP meds which don’t interact well with alcohol. Second off we lost weight and height shrank with age, so our tolerance decreased, and we were falling asleep before finishing the first beer. Third, the hangover lasted for 48-72 hours and depressed us immensely. One drink for that much miserable feeling wasn’t worth it

  4. I rarely drink. Did enough in my younger days. If I do, it’s usually for a special occasion. I’ll have a vodka on the rocks with olives. Takes me forever to drink…so it gets watered down😂. I might have a glass of wine, depends.

  5. I can’t say I never tried drinking alcoholic beverages, but I decided years ago I didn’t want my children to start drinking, so I quit. I drew a line down the middle of paper and labelled one side “the bad alcohol has caused” and the other side “the good alcohol as caused”. We had so many on the bad side and few on the good side. Easy to decide when you finish counting. My kids decided as I had that alcohol would not enrich their lives. Glad they did.

  6. I gave up drinking in 1963 when I turned 21, just seemed the hour or so of feeling good was not worth the the days of stomach agony. We started young back in the day!

  7. Beer and/or wine, depends. Rarely more than one of those two options. Looking at the ratios right after my Other vote, I see beer + wine = 49% of the votes.

    • Oh I should mention, we winter in Texas’ wine country. About 250 wineries within 45 minutes of the RV park. In between the wineries are the breweries, and the number of distilleries is growing. Life is too short to drink cheap beer, wine or booze!

  8. I don’t drink alcohol and did drink a lot of coke. During covid they priced themselves out of my feeling comfortable paying that much a can range.
    Now enjoy sparkling water at half the price and no chemicals. I’m a cheap date!

  9. We have a cocktail every day at the time WE decided was “cocktail hour”. And then maybe some wine with dinner. I have nothing against those who choose not to indulge.

  10. I have had 2 or 3 Early Times whiskey and diet pepsi almost every day for many years. Use to drink it with diet coke, but switched to diet pepsi when coke became woke.

  11. Dark rum and gold tequila over ice are my favorites, sometimes a margarita. My wife prefers wine but if company is coming most of our friends prefer beer. Alcohol is not an important part of our lives but if you show up we have one or more options for you.

  12. I had my first Cuba Libre (Rum/Coke/Lime Juice) in Guantanamo, Cuba Naval Base to celebrate my 21st birthday. (we were actually at sea on my birthday) and, 61 years later, I’m still celebrating every evening with 2 Cuba Libres in the comfort of my living room, either at home or on the road in the RV.

  13. We do drink, not excessively. Depends on mood, I go for a good Margarita and my husband may have one with me. Then he may have a good beer and I’ll do Kailua and Baileys on ice. If it’s cold, a little Baileys in coffee.

  14. I have an occasional adult beverage. Probably less than 12 in a year. When I do, it’s a local craft beer while having dinner out.

  15. My wife and I both grew up in alcoholic abusive households. While neither of us would criticize anyone else for drinking, we are uncomfortable around alcohol and when people “start feeling good” it’s time for us to leave.

  16. None! I don’t drink. It’s been 40+ years and not because I had a problem with it. Was married to an alcoholic for 10 years. That’s enough to make anyone stop.

  17. Quit drinking in May 78 as I hung my head outside the window of the ships bus in the McDonald’s Parking Lot about 17:00 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Never missed it.

    • I quit drinking August 14, 2006. I came to realize none of my life’s best choices ever occurred under the influence.

      Since any decision after the first sip up is not a sober one, I chose to use my sober decision skills to not take the first sip. No regrets and being the designated driver is just as entertaining…..LOL


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