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Have you ever given blood?

Sure, it’s not the most comfortable or exciting thing in the world, but it’s a good thing to do! We’re talking about giving blood.

If you’re not afraid of needles and you qualify to give, we encourage you to do so. Blood banks are slow in the summer and they could really use your help.

Hospitals do keep blood on hand for when they need it, but they can run out. Having a constant blood donation supply is important—by donating you could help save someone’s life!

If you want to donate, you can find a location to do so here. And thank you!

P.S. Thank you sooo much to all of our awesome and amazing readers who have donated blood, and many who are regular donors (some donating many gallons!) Your generosity and selfless gift of life is truly heartwarming and awe-inspiring. Thank you! 🤗


  1. I am at almost 6 gallons but had to stop for this year because of skin cancer. Plan to restart in November. I love being able to help replenish the blood supply and since I am O+, there is a greater need for this type.

  2. Gave more than I can count until 1990’s. Between cancer and Hepatic issues they said no. So I self donated every time I need surgery.

  3. I weigh 102 lbs, so I can’t. I tried to give my blood before my surgery years ago and they told me no. So I didn’t give or get any. I don’t have much to donate,

  4. I have AB negative blood and have given over 5 gallons over the years. About 3 years ago, the Red Cross needed platelets, so I changed to platelet donations.

  5. My blood pressure was too low last time I gave blood … think they quit the effort. I have received a transfusion many years ago. Now I worry about getting blood from somebody who was vaccinated. THAT terrifies me. I guess I’ll have to make a hard choice and hope I never need a transfusion unless it’s from somebody I know hasn’t been vaccinated.

  6. I am on the 10 gallon (+) list… now giving platelets instead of whole blood… platelets are used (mainly) for people/children that are going through cancer treatments…

  7. It’s the one thing I feel I can do easily. I’ve been a regular donator since the early 70’s and will continue to do so as long as I live. I’m blessed with good health and good veins, so hopefully I can step in where others can not.

    • Wow, Gary! That’s gallon, as in “gallon”?😲 You’re literally a hero, and lifesaver, to many, many people. Thank you!!! Have a great day! 😀 –Diane at

  8. I started giving blood back in the 70s and kept it up until about five years ago when I was diagnosed with leukemia. Gallons and gallons of blood! And then even after I told them I could no longer give blood, they would call and ask when I was coming in! Finally I called the head of our state’s blood bank (not the Red Cross) and got the message across to someone who understood. No more calls.

  9. When younger we (wife and me) would give once or twice per year, until..Mad Cow.
    Suddenly our blood was not good enough as we were in Europe 12 years (4 military tours) during the 1970’s,80’, and early 90’s. We understand the prohibition on accepting blood from veterans was lifted in the past couple of years, but with us now in our mid 70’s, both cancer survivors, we just don’t any more.

  10. Started when I entered the Navy in 1977 at the age of 17. I have donated ever since, and will continue to do so as long as I can. Thankfully I have never required a transfusion, but many family and friends have. Happy to do my part, just wish others would do theirs. I understand those who cannot donate for medical reasons, there is no excuse for those who can, but don’t.

  11. yes, we both do routinely and sign up for the next one as soon as we donate and they still call us continuously. There is a real shortage at the blood bank since the pandemic hit.

  12. In my younger years I gave blood, when I was stationed at NAS Memphis I gave blood every weekend for $5 a pint. Now that I’m on blood pressure medicine they don’t want it.

  13. I have always given blood on and off, but my favorite time was when I was traveling in France there was a man in front of a university call for blood donations. I said yes and he said, “You would give your blood for the French people!!!!” I said, Bien sur !” (of course) So I did and they gave me wonderful french pâtisserie.

  14. My days as a blood donor has ceased by compent medical advice. Based on military tours in Southeast and Southwest Asia. They prefer to fight sometime they understand than add to the problem.


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