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Are you an only child?

Siblings, ya can’t live with ’em and you can’t live without ’em, er, actually, you can… If you’re an only child you know very well what it’s like to live without siblings. Ah, the peace and quiet…

Are only children lonelier? Do they get more attention? Are divorce rates higher? These are questions you’ll hear asked around at social gatherings or buzzed about online. The answers? If you’re an only child, can you answer those?

Please vote in our poll below and tell us if you are an only child or not. Also, please tell us if you’re an only child of both your parents, but you have step- or half-siblings.

Once you’ve voted, please leave a comment and tell us if you are an only child if you wish you had siblings growing up, and if you weren’t an only child if you wish you could have been (we won’t tell your siblings, we promise).


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Dave H (@guest_259870)
25 days ago

I was 16 when my half brother arrived. I had all the advantages of being an only child until then.

Bill Byerly (@guest_254846)
2 months ago

1 of 6, I’m #3, 4 brothers (1 younger brother passed) plus 2 stepbrothers. Since our dad passed this past June, we’ve all become closer now than at any time in our earlier years.

Neal Davis (@guest_254838)
2 months ago

For 23 years (age 3 to age 26) I had a little brother. He died on Pearl Harbor Day in 1983. Since then I have been an only child.

Ha! Does the return of article rating mean the comments have been brought to heel? 😉

Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

YES YES YES!!!! The commenting section is back up and running!!! Just got notified by our IT dude, Kim, that the company that runs it put upgraded security in place. Woo hoo! Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

Bill Byerly (@guest_254852)
2 months ago
Reply to  Diane McGovern


Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Bill Byerly

I agree, Bill. It was a long time coming, and you all have been very patient. Thank you! Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

Skip (@guest_254829)
2 months ago

No, wish I was. No bond between sibling. Was better as a lone wolf. Having to deal with the younger that could do no wrong ha. So those that didn’t have a sibling count your blessings because in the end you might be better off.

Barbara Janeway (@guest_254825)
2 months ago

I’m the middle child of 5. I’m glad to be born in the 50s – before the pressures of having so many things my parents wouldn’t have been able to afford. And today I’m happy to have all my siblings and their families. We get together as much as possible.

Diane Mc (@guest_254823)
2 months ago

One of 11, 2 of which passed way at 1 and 6 months. 8 of us still here. 57 to 83. Oldest sister passed away 20 yrs ago.

Mary (@guest_254821)
2 months ago

I am the second of 6 but my older brother has passed. I only have one myself. Would have liked more but it wasn’t to be. My 4 remaining siblings and I are all close.

Marie Beschen (@guest_254820)
2 months ago

I used to say I was an only child in a family of 4 children because all my siblings are so much older than myself! My oldest sister is 12 years older (other one is 10 yrs older) and she raised me more than my own mother did. We’ve always been close, but not like what I think “typical” siblings must be like growing up, playing with each other, etc.

Shir (@guest_254817)
2 months ago

I was a happy only child till I was 6. Then my mother was surprised to have identical twin girls. (Long before ultrasound!) I wasn’t thrilled with having 2 sisters but was told both of my parents wanted a girl so they each got one. Then my mother’s surprise pregnancy when I was 16 gave me another sister. All 4 of us live nearby and are very close.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_254813)
2 months ago

I’m an only child. When I was growing up I was darned glad to be ‘the one’. Now that I’m old(er) I kinda wish I had a brother or sister.

Bob P (@guest_254808)
2 months ago

I was for 5 years then my sister showed up, 4 years later my brother appeared so my family is very spread out. Now we live several hundred miles apart so we seldom see each other.

Tom (@guest_254819)
2 months ago
Reply to  Bob P

I am # 8 of 11, 3 have passed, so only 8 of us left. We try to get together at least once a year. Wife is one of two, we have two sons, and a daughter ( adults) and two grand and three great grandchildren.

Sven Yohnson (@guest_254807)
2 months ago

I am the only child of ten (the rest are adults). LOL!
Actually #3 of 10 (5 boys, 5 girls). From a large farm family (cheap labor).
We are blessed to a close-knit family (we fight like cats and dogs), and all still living (ages 48 – 69). We all live within a 100 mile radius, and still get together frequently.
Wife is the youngest of 9. We have 3 children, and 11 grands (no onlys).
The local event hall owners know our families well!

Cancelproof (@guest_254809)
2 months ago
Reply to  Sven Yohnson

LOL at your answer Sven. Very funny and congrats on that huge, healthy and loving family. I’m guessing potlucks at family picnics.

Heather (@guest_254805)
2 months ago

I am an only child and always wanted siblings. My husband had 3 brothers and 4 sisters but they have all passed on now. We had 2 daughters and now have 3 grandchildren,, 2 girls and a boy and they are great kids.

Gary A G (@guest_254804)
2 months ago

4 of 4, or as our father would say “who ever the hell you are let’s go”.

Didn’t matter who he was taking to he named the other three and said the above.

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_254801)
2 months ago

I’m number two out of seven. My brother and (probably) two sisters have died. I know little, if anything, about my other sisters or their families. You all here on probably know more about me than my surviving siblings do. Like Judy G said, it’s a blessing and a curse.

Gayle V. (@guest_254800)
2 months ago

I’m one of six.

Bob W (@guest_254796)
2 months ago

After 62 years, I discovered that I have a half sister. Quite a revelation.

Jason Powell (@guest_254795)
2 months ago

I’m an only child and yes, from time to time wish I had siblings. This is especially true now that my parents are older. I have 6 kids myself!

Kat (@guest_254794)
2 months ago

I am one of 10 and my husband is one of 2.

Tom (@guest_254791)
2 months ago

One of three. Popular number during the period that we were born in. Only one child. No grandchildren. Much to my regret.

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