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When it comes to watching TV and movies on the road, how do you most often watch?

Okay, let’s see how old school you are! Kidding … well, sort of. When you watch a movie or a TV show in your RV, how do you most often do it?

Do you have a collection of DVDs that you bring with you on your travels? Or do you have a TV antenna on your RV to pick up whatever you can? Or do you stream your TV shows and movies on platforms such as Netflix? Maybe you don’t or hardly ever watch anything at all!

Tell us in the poll below, and please be patient if it takes a moment to load. Thank you!


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Dallas (@guest_256287)
2 months ago

We use direct tv on dish but OTA when can’t get Satellite.

XGarys (@guest_255980)
2 months ago

A couple of nights ago we enjoyed a few reruns on OTA. That’s the most TV we’ve watched since we left home in August.

Today we downloaded a few favorites from PlayOn Cloud in case we want to watch them in the next week or so on our way home.

Bob W (@guest_255929)
2 months ago

I’m double old school with one exception. I played a DVD of the movie “RV” on a trip six years ago.

Jay (@guest_255907)
2 months ago

Not enough choices. We have an HD sat dish on the roof with two receivers and use an antenna for local channels.

SherKen (@guest_255813)
2 months ago

But you didn’t ask how often or why???
We only watch when the weather is not allowing us out during daylight hours.
At night, we usually listen to our books on tape.
If we watch in the evening, it’s when we finished a book and take a break to watch on our DVD/VHS YEPPERS.
Lastly, we will do it if one of us or both are not feeling well.

Bill Byerly (@guest_255809)
2 months ago

I didn’t vote because you didn’t mention our option of using our portable satellite dish and picking shows or sports when we can or want…..

Marie Beschen (@guest_255801)
2 months ago

We actually do several things, we always carry DVDs, use our antenna when we have to, hook up to the campground’s cable when they have it or use our Firestick to stream, and when “nothing good is on”, we read!!

Gary G (@guest_255800)
2 months ago

Both stream (Starlink) and dvd, blu ray. Or just read.

Ron Cravey (@guest_255799)
2 months ago

Satellite Dish.

Bill Byerly (@guest_255810)
2 months ago
Reply to  Ron Cravey


Cancelproof (@guest_255795)
2 months ago

We split satellite and streaming about 50/50.

Google Earth and Bing maps come in handy for booking sites for southern sky exposure when satellite will be the order of the day/week/month. My best guess is satellite is still 50% of the RVer choice. Dropping every year though…..

Richard (@guest_255794)
2 months ago

FT – DirecTv and bat-wing for locals. DVD player.

Steve H (@guest_255793)
2 months ago

I use the antenna to pick up local news stations for the weather reports, although I also have weather apps on my cell. My wife downloads free movies from our home Xfinity cable and watches them on her laptop when we are on the road.

Anne Oelke (@guest_255791)
2 months ago

Rarely watch anything at home or in the rig. Use the antenna to get local TV for the news. Guess I’d rather live life than watch someone else’s life.

DAVE (@guest_255786)
2 months ago

Ya need one more option. How about never or almost never watch TV!

Dennis K (@guest_255783)
2 months ago

You left out satellite. I think you will find that it is the most popular.

T. Hudson (@guest_255779)
2 months ago

We do a mix of OTA and streaming. Mostly watch at night. We like to catch shows on the local PBS channels, when available.

Bob (@guest_255778)
2 months ago

I could not answer. How did you not have satellite as a answer.

Ron L. (@guest_255777)
2 months ago

Not sure why you left out satellite as when I walk around any rv park, the majority of RV’s have a satellite dish on top. Seems to me it is overwhelming the favorite method of watching TV. We have DISH with the receiver having two recording receivers; therefore, we record all our favorite movies (and other programs) so that we can watch them at our leisure without having to be subjected to all the obnoxious commercials.

Jim Johnson (@guest_255775)
2 months ago

All of the above?
We have a DVD player. We have our own (vs park’s) Wi-Fi and can stream live TV (and on-demand). And we will use our antenna within range to watch local stations (mostly news & weather). All that said, the TV is usually only on at night when we aren’t involved in other activities. Many of our fellow RVers regather seasonally and we have a fairly active social group.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr (@guest_255772)
2 months ago

Today’s Poll left out an option. I watch TV while hooked up to the cable provided at the campground. If no cable I go with whatever I can get with the antenna.
A few years ago I was staying at a campground just outside the gate to the Grand Tetons. I had to stay there almost a week, waiting for a site to open up at another campground outside Yellowstone. No cable and the antenna did not pick up one station. It was a relaxing week.

Brad (@guest_255773)
2 months ago

Cable should be one of the choices as should satellite (Direct TV & Dish). Today a growing number os Rv’ers are using Starlink to stream programing. I saw many Starlink dishes this last summer up in OR & WA.

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