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How likely are you to stay more than one night where there’s no Internet or cell service?

How long will you “camp” in a place where there is no Internet or cell phone access – no park WiFi, no cell phone service, no satellite or MiFi reception? In other words, it’s you and where you’re holed up, and no way to get a message to or from the outside world.

For example, there’s no place to post your pretty campsite photo on your Facebook page, or get the latest news from back home.

How likely are you to spend more than one night in such a place? Is it no big deal to go without phone or Internet service, or is it a really big deal if there’s no cyber umbilical cord to the outside world? The curious minds of would like to know.

After you respond to the poll, please leave a comment.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Jim Prideaux (@guest_140340)
2 years ago

Not a consideration. Electric service more important than internet or cell.

Frans Schouten (@guest_134228)
2 years ago

In Canada we have lots of provincial Parks,and all of them have no internet.What about the States Parks.? Most private campsites have internet!

julie (@guest_109833)
2 years ago

I would love being off the grid for a week at a time! I don’t post to FB. Facebook is a pock on the face of our country, am not on Facebook except to see pix of relatives.

Thomas D (@guest_103291)
3 years ago

I did just that 2weeks ago. Surprisingly, i survived. Man,where there the e mail’s piled up. Not one important.

Chris (@guest_73131)
3 years ago

I’ve lived most of my life without Internet and cell phones. I think both can be useful and a pain in the keister. So, if a place has nice amenities and things to do then I will stay for as long as I want.

Donn (@guest_66520)
3 years ago

Usually, I take my ham radio gear with me and I seldom use or rely on any sort of TV and internet connection. I do carry a cell phone, however.

Mary K Dyson (@guest_63549)
3 years ago

We are ‘camping’ in our fifth wheel 12 miles from internet and cell service. Go into town every few days to check email and make ph calls. A bit inconvenient but we love our RV camp. It’s in the anza borrego desert, called Leaping Lizards RV Ranch.
We are staying for 4 and a half months. It’s nice being a bit removed from cyber-space.

Ted (@guest_60476)
3 years ago

Stayed a week at Crater Lake National Park. Loved the peace and quiet. (Some cell phone reception up on the Crater rim road.)

Jerry (@guest_45429)
4 years ago

I can survive a few days without internet or phone service. We usually go to places that have interesting sites, things to do, etc. I do have a business, so eventually I need to be available. We’ve been to many places that had poor access to the internet. You can always go into town, find a Starbucks (they’re everywhere) and get your messages or find more friends on Facebook.

Suellen (@guest_44625)
4 years ago

We purchased a motor home so my disabled husband could travel and see the beauty in nature. His disability also necessitates connections with the closest hospital. So we do need at least cell availability. Happily we are getting out more and love traveling.

Bob (@guest_44531)
4 years ago

I don’t stay at a particular campground based solely on their internet capabilities, there are more important reasons. Other factors such as location, overall cleanliness, and other amenities such as a pool, shuttle service to nearby attractions are much more of a deal breaker than internet service.

Rhonda (@guest_44529)
4 years ago

Let’s face it: I’m totally addicted to the internet. Totally addicted. However, if I’ve found a beautiful location that has great opportunities for photography nearby, I will plan ahead to be without it. I’ll admit that the first day I have withdrawal, but after that, I’m fine. However, I can’t imagine being without it for more than three days–four tops but I’ve not “had that opportunity” yet!

-brent (@guest_44517)
4 years ago

We don’t have good cell service at our S&B, so camping without is not a problem. Just need to let the kids know where we’re going ahead of time.

Carol (@guest_44512)
4 years ago

We stream TV on our cell phone hot spot and bank on line. Not to mention, almost all of our other life’s business is conducted on line.

Patti Lounsbury (@guest_44507)
4 years ago

Having access to WiFi and cell comms is important to us at this point of our lives. We love to stay in contact with family and friends and being able to access Internet to do research for the railroad restoration we both love is part of what we do for relaxation. So, at the site where we spend 6 to 7 months each year, yeah, we want access…but it doesn’t mean it breaks our hearts to spend a few days on a lovely little lake or in the mountains with no access.

Tom (@guest_44505)
4 years ago

I pay almost all of my bills on line now so that I can travel.

Storm M (@guest_44487)
4 years ago

I can and have stayed lengths of time without internet. Access to a phone, be it cell or a landline was more of a requirement. Traveling alone means I relied on cell service for an emergency. However I recently purchased an ‘In Reach’. This has helped me immensely as I no longer need the cell service! I can send a quick message and location to my family and they can still reach me in an emergency. It uses satellites and I am happy to no longer concern myself about hiking and traveling alone. 🙂

Kim Christiansen (@guest_57372)
4 years ago
Reply to  Storm M

What a great tool! I didn’t even know these existed – and I’m a tech nerd!
Very handy for when you’re off grid.

Andrew Kapusta, Jr. (@guest_44480)
4 years ago

It doesn’t matter if the campground has wifi service or not. We go to visit and enjoy the outdoors, not to be on the computer. The only thing I would miss, is getting my RV Newsletter and that would be waiting for me when I get home.

Katalin Heymann (@guest_44477)
4 years ago

I wouldn’t stay because of medical conditions. I need to reach emergency services if necessary.

Vanessa Simmons (@guest_44476)
4 years ago

We (my sisters and I) use Life 360 so they can track me. If I find myself in a no service location I find a place with service and let them know that the place I am staying has no service and I’ll call them every other or every three days…if I don’t call they can have someone check on me since they know my last known location.

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