Did you sleep in your RV last night? If so, where?


If you’re in your RV now and not sitting at home before your next trip, would you please tell us where you spent last night. We’re talking about types of locations, as you will see in the list of responses.

If you did not sleep in your RV last night, please do not respond.



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We stayed in our 5th wheel on our summer lot in Baie De Vin, New Brunswick, Canada.


This is a pretty meaningless survey. It is just a one days snapshot. Tomorrow we could be at a Walmart, or a State Park, rest stop, boondocking some where. However it is very unlikely we will be at a RV Park.

Cynthia Walker

Muncho Lake, British Columbia. On our way to Alaska!

Angela in The Foxes Den ?

BLM San Island Campground on the San Juan River in Bluff, Utah.

John Koenig

Hamvention closed today (Sunday, May 19th, 2019). Many RVers who attend Hamvention stay at the Dayton KOA (which is actually in Brookville, OH). The crowd here is WAY down since Hamvention moved from the Hara Arena to the Greene County Fairground in 2017, some of the “old crowd” still return to this KOA and drive the extra 20 ~ 30 minutes to get to the new venue.

Bob Wolf

Stayed in a Charleston County campground, James Island County Park and Campground near Charleston historic district. Great place to stay in this area. This is our last stop before home on a month long trip to Florida Keys and other great destinations.

Franklin Forrey

Stayed in a member owned RV Resort where we own a membership


Wabeno, WI fairgrounds not normally open for camping. Work weekend for up coming Ride for Research dualsport motorcycle charity ride supporting a lab at the Carbonne Comprehensive Cancer Center, UW, Madison.


In a military campground – not really public, and not any of the other choices.

Bill Klaes

At a way-out-of-the-way AirBnB in New Hope, KY, along the Bourbon Trail. Our guest travelers stayed in the house. Wife & I stayed in the coach.


Panacea RV park I Panacea FL

Tony King

Elks Lodge

Tim L

“Freedom” Camped in Coromandel, New Zealand. (Tucson Based) I have spend almost 2 months in New Zealand. Oh how I wish the USA was set up for freedom (Free) camping like it is here.

Ed Thomas

Military campground


Military MWR campground


A city-owned parking lot in a small Montana town 🙂 Even slept through the trains announcing their arrival on the two tracks next to us!

Captn John

Williamsburg VA. We leave for home Friday and will put the 5er to bed until September.

Karen Olsen K4IRS

We stayed at a FamCamp at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Very nice, and quiet.

Vanessa Simmons

A small member owned RV park in Pahrump NV. It is both public and private since anyone can stay here just have to pay more.

Jon Meyer

Other, unfortunately not camping this weekend.

Paul Sansaver

Daughter’s 162 acre hobby ranch in NE MT.

Dave Green

I didn’t sleep in my RV last night but like to know the outcome of the poll. Is there a way to do that?

RV Staff

Thanks for asking, Dave. Yes, if you look below the options to click on, there’s a bar with a “View Results” option on the left side. Just click on that and it’ll show you the results. Have a great day. 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com


Our first long weekend in Canada.our forth time out .

John Rapp

We have been spending nights at a marina on Prince Edward Island while preparing our sailboat for the season. We use our toy hauler as a base camp wherever we left the boat at the end of last season.


We, also, like “Wolfe,” are on our property/home base (with house), but sleeping in our RV.

John Terhorst

We are camp hosts at a Washington State Park Equestrian campground in Eastern Washington. We love it here and are back for our third Summer!

Vanessa Simmons

Sounds wonderful. Where is it? I have property at Rimrock Meadows and spend time in their campground in Ephrata…where are you?


Spending the weekend at WillowWind Rv park in Hurricane, Utah with our Good Sam Chapter


I’m an “other” although “private property” also fits — mine! My trailer acts as a fully bonifide extension of the house — a movable “wing” in 9 month fulltime usage. The rear bunkroom completely converts into a mobile office (lower bunk removes, upper bunk folds into the wall, cleared floor then takes a desk and worktable). My “U” dinette can be inverted by replacing the table with a central chair on a pole and surrounding workspaces mount over what are otherwise the benches. If I’m tired, I have no hesitation sleeping in the quiet trailer (no kids or snoring wife!).… Read more »

Capt. Jim

Week 5 of a 6 week swing through the Southwest. WA to TX now in Lake Havasu, AZ. Next stop Vegas.

Steve- in Alaska

Spent last few nights in Kamloops B. C.Headed to Williams Lake B. C. today then on towards home in Palmer, Alaska over the next several weeks All this in our “new-to-us” 2004 American Tradition 40’ coach! Gotta love th camping life! Then on out in the Hoo Doo Mtns for a couple weeks!

Jerry Riggins

Had guest for the week. My dog and I slept in the RV. Like it better than sleeping in the house. Its parked in our back yard.


I’ve done that too! My guests seem to think it’s odd that my sons or myself will give their beds to guests and sleep in the trailer. I offer the trailer to competent guests as well, but so far none take that up either. My house is just too small for more than one extra bed when family visits — trailer sleeps 8, house only sleeps 5-6 (4 taken).


We’re fulltime in our motorhome, presently in Gavel Falls RV Park, owned by Lawler Auctions in Shreveport, LA.

Bob and Charlotte Champlin

We sleep in our 5th wheel every night. We are full-timers who are presently workamping at Conestoga Campground in White Sulphur Springs, Montana.


We own 3 acres and live in our RV fulltime. When not traveling, we keep our coach in a 30×50 insulated metal building (complete with electricity and skylights) so the coach is protected from hail and thunderstorms. Home, sweet home!

Prospector 1950

Nope. We didn’t sleep in our teardrop last night. But, I am in the process of getting it ready to go camping in for this year. It’s almost ready, but I still have to renew the license and registration for this year yet. Just purchased a new portable two burner propane camp stove to replace our two 60 year old antique Coleman white gas camp stoves, of which still work fine, but I’m just tired of having to keep taking out the leather bellows on the hand pumps and re-oiling them once a year, along with having to keep re-pumping… Read more »

Ken Knutson

We are living full time in our motorhome on our driveway as we sell our house. Been doing this for a year now


I did that at one point as well — it’s SO much easier to keep the house show-presentable if you aren’t “actively” living in it, and nice to have a secure area strangers are NOT walking through.

Herb Baldwin

We are camp hosts at an Army Corp of Engineers park at Ft Peck Montana (where its 34 and snowing)

Vanessa Simmons

LOL That is Montana for you . I lived in Great Falls for 20 years (still have house son and family live in) and I’m headed back there in a week or so to play with my granddaughter. First year there blizzard and 14″ of snow on Memorial Day.

Steve England

We are spending 4 nights at Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park in Kenosha Wisconsin. We are traveling full-time for 3 more months.


We full time and have spent the last 2 weeks at the USAFA FAMCAMP. We look for military spots when it’s time to do a full charge, dump, laundry or shop.

Bob p

No we’re at home.

Phil Hodge

Spent the past week in my Showhauler visiting a cousin on her farm in Illinois.

Karen Pattist

Parked overnight in LL Bean’s motorhome parking area, in Freeport Maine. The main store is open 24 hours a day!


Slept well in our MH at the Westfield/Lake Erie KOA as work kampers. Spring may have finally arrived as we have had only a few dry and warm days since the middle of April. Looking forward to summertime on the shore of Lake Erie.


Full time in our 5th wheel on our land waiting on house to be built

Vanessa Simmons

Used to be able to do that in NV but now you can’t so I’m at a local membership campground until the paperwork is signed and I’ll leave for a month or so until they are ready to break ground.


Spent night in a hotel with grandkids and wife cause we got one grandchild graduating and one niece marring. Aaauuuggg! To beautiful a weather to not be camping??. Will be headed to J P Coleman state park on Pickwick Lake on Ms-Tenn state line.soon as possible?? got to support dem yuonguns first???❤️


Last night I slept at a private campground, tomorrow night I’ll be at a truck stop. Then 4 nights at a private campground then 3 nights at truck stops.

Diane McGovern

Indianapolis KOA. First night after trek from home in CA. Here for INDY 500. Will dry camp at the track, across from entrance, for 4 days starting Thursday. Only hiccup was a blown (completely shredded to wheel) tire on Mini Cooper 50 miles outside Kearney NE, on I80. Thank you person who flagged us, Trooper Brandt, Flatwater Towing (Bobby & Adam), Kearney Park RV owners, Kearney Cab & Big O tires. Happened at 4pm. On our way next day at 10:30AM. Love NE folks. Thank you AAA. No thank you to Good Sam Roadside Service Platinum level. Worthless for tow… Read more »


Hey! You finally got an RV?? As for [not so] Good Sam, similar experience — couple years of service came with my last trailer (I’m embarrassed to say I bought from Complete Waste). After three hours dangerously sitting roadside waiting for GS roadside service to show up, I called my tow-vehicle’s insurance just to have them help coordinate another tow service — and was surprised to learn their road service covered not only my truck but anything I towed behind it, including my 35′ TT from the frame downward. I had to pay for the new wheel rubber, but I… Read more »

RV Staff

Ha! Different Diane McGovern, Wolfe. Nope, I don’t have one yet. 🙁 —Diane at RVtravel.com

Jerome Sanders

Pointes West Military Famcamp


Slept in an all seasonal campground in Central Wisconsin


Grassy Pond GA


— Did you sleep in your RV last night? If so, where? —

In the RV’s bed. 🙂


My hubby sleeps on the RV couch…has a bad back and can’t sleep in bed.

Vanessa Simmons

I had that same comment as my first thought 🙂


Great minds think alike.?. 🙂

RV Staff

Buncha Smart Alecks … or is it Smart Alvins? 😀 —Diane at Rvtravel.com