Did you sleep in your RV last night? If so, where?


If you’re in your RV now and not sitting at home before your next trip, would you please tell us where you spent last night. We’re talking about types of locations, as you will see in the list of responses.

If you did not sleep in your RV last night, please do not respond.



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We stayed in our 5th wheel on our summer lot in Baie De Vin, New Brunswick, Canada.


This is a pretty meaningless survey. It is just a one days snapshot. Tomorrow we could be at a Walmart, or a State Park, rest stop, boondocking some where. However it is very unlikely we will be at a RV Park.

Cynthia Walker

Muncho Lake, British Columbia. On our way to Alaska!

Angela in The Foxes Den ?

BLM San Island Campground on the San Juan River in Bluff, Utah.

John Koenig

Hamvention closed today (Sunday, May 19th, 2019). Many RVers who attend Hamvention stay at the Dayton KOA (which is actually in Brookville, OH). The crowd here is WAY down since Hamvention moved from the Hara Arena to the Greene County Fairground in 2017, some of the “old crowd” still return to this KOA and drive the extra 20 ~ 30 minutes to get to the new venue.

Bob Wolf

Stayed in a Charleston County campground, James Island County Park and Campground near Charleston historic district. Great place to stay in this area. This is our last stop before home on a month long trip to Florida Keys and other great destinations.

Franklin Forrey

Stayed in a member owned RV Resort where we own a membership


Wabeno, WI fairgrounds not normally open for camping. Work weekend for up coming Ride for Research dualsport motorcycle charity ride supporting a lab at the Carbonne Comprehensive Cancer Center, UW, Madison.


In a military campground – not really public, and not any of the other choices.

Bill Klaes

At a way-out-of-the-way AirBnB in New Hope, KY, along the Bourbon Trail. Our guest travelers stayed in the house. Wife & I stayed in the coach.


Panacea RV park I Panacea FL

Tony King

Elks Lodge

Tim L

“Freedom” Camped in Coromandel, New Zealand. (Tucson Based) I have spend almost 2 months in New Zealand. Oh how I wish the USA was set up for freedom (Free) camping like it is here.

Ed Thomas

Military campground


Military MWR campground


A city-owned parking lot in a small Montana town 🙂 Even slept through the trains announcing their arrival on the two tracks next to us!

Captn John

Williamsburg VA. We leave for home Friday and will put the 5er to bed until September.

Karen Olsen K4IRS

We stayed at a FamCamp at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Very nice, and quiet.

Vanessa Simmons

A small member owned RV park in Pahrump NV. It is both public and private since anyone can stay here just have to pay more.

Jon Meyer

Other, unfortunately not camping this weekend.