Have you ever lived continuously a year or more in an RV?


Do you now live in, or have you ever lived in, an RV for a year or more? We’re talking about continuous living – not a few months here and there.

A lot of people are living full-time in RVs these days and it’s causing a lot of congestion in RV parks. Modern-day RVs are so darn comfy that it’s as easy to live in one as any sticks-and-bricks home.

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  1. Been living in ours for 15 years. We started out Workamping but due to husband’s health have been parked the last 6 years. Can’t afford an apartment. Our MH is paid for so our only set housing bill is lot rent – which is going up every year due to ‘supply and demand’.

  2. My wife and I owned a small horse farm in the Atlanta area for 25 years. My wife had a few accidents on the horses within a short period of time. We felt that God was telling us that after 45 years of riding horses it was time to downsize. I convinced my wife to trying full-time traveling before we got a new house. We sold everything and put a lot in storage. I built a website http://www.urkeytoheaven.org and put it on the back of a new Hartland 5th wheel along with the words “Heaven Or Hell it’s your choice “. That was three and a half years ago and we are still traveling. After the first year we upgraded to a Thor Motor Coach.

  3. After 21 years on a sailboat that was sold before Katrina in ’05, we moved into 24′ fiver. After evacuating, we kept going for 8 years, 4 winters in mainland Mexico, and all over the US. Bought double wide in 2012, but still get away for summers as AZ gets hot.

  4. We consider ourselves full-timers; we have no “base camp,” no sticks-and-bricks house, either. We DO have two lease sites at private membership RV parks. The comments around the question seem to suggest that anyone who lives in an RV all year is taking up space in an RV park. We prefer to call those folks “permanent RV park residents,” or “long-term residents” rather than travelers…. “Full-timing” is, as you say, a rather vague description.

  5. My husband and I rented out our Orange County, CA home for two years from 2007-2009. We visited 37 states and 5 Canadian Provinces from the Pacific to the Atlantic. A year after we returned, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s/ Levy Body Dementia/ Multiple System Atrophy. He died last July. Memories of our wonderful adventure kept us both as joyful and grateful as we could be under the circumstances. If you dream it, do it! We regret what we don’t do far more than we regret what we do…

  6. We full timed for 6 years (2000-’06), went back to a stick and brick and now, just sold it and back in another coach for more full time adventure!

  7. Not yet but might be before 20 Oct if my house isn’t finished. That is as long as flying to one son’s house for a week at Thanksgiving, a week at the other sons house for Christmas and three weeks at my sisters in GA before and between Perry 2019 and RVillage 2.0 (could have driveway mooched since I was parked there anyway but liked the change).

  8. i was going through a divorce, hotels were expensive. pulled my RV into nice campground by my home and I was like OMG 8 washers and dryers meant not listening to complaining about my laundry, so five loads done at once and a few beers. couldn’t figure why I listened to the complaining so long. ONe step I brush teeth, three steps I’m on the can, two steps a shower, then AC for cheap, TV no utilities. it didn’t make sense to rent a place. then I went cross country for 9 months and worked and lived. it was a pleasure cruise!

  9. Full-Time RVer’s for 14+ years hitting most of the lower 48 states plus three trips to Alaska to spend the summer with my sons and grandchildren. Due to go back to Alaska again. Get there early in May and leave late September just before the first snow falls. Now we are Part-Timers with winter months in Florida at our winter house and the rest of the time on the road in our coach.

  10. After living in Hawaii for 19 years I came back in 2007. I lived “normally” until 2012. Now beginning my 8th year in my Nuwa 5th, no huge hurdles…..yet….beyond my awning blowing away and destroying itself, and small plumbing leaks, replaced a toilet and installed a window (5000btu) AC unit…I’m not sure what I would do with all of the room in a sticks and mortar structure anymore

  11. After 9-11, I re-thought things in my life. We sold our farm in Maryland and hit the road in 2005 for a new life adventure. We never looked back. We bought a 2005 Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel and slowly traveled our beautiful country. In the fall of 2016 we purchased an Arctic Fox Truck Camper. We love a truck campers versatility and we love going off road by ourselves. For 9 months of the year we are in “Our Foxes Den” traveling. The 3 months during the winter we switch out RV’s and stay in the 5th Wheel on a ranch in Tombstone, Arizona. I can’t imagine living in a sticks and bricks again.

  12. Since 1992, after I had sold my last house, I have lived continuously in an RV (two motor homes and a fifth-wheel), even while I was still working full time. Since then, I just can’t bring myself to be tied down in sticks and bricks again. When I first started this lifestyle, it wasn’t nearly so common as it is now and there was never a problem finding a place to live or to park short-term while traveling. Those were the good old days. :>)

  13. FT for 10 years. Have been to all 49 continental States and 9 Canadian Provinces…….still waiting for the bridge to Hawaii but have been there also. What a great, big, beautiful country!

  14. Should have posted here. Left Anchorage Nov 3,1971 for Haines. Ferry to Prince Rupert, 1000 more mi. Thru Prince George to Seattle. Added A/C Lucus lights, tank gauges and Thermosan, a waste destruct sys. Continued around the US for almost 2 yrs pulling a 72 Dstsun. (I was one of the very 1st to tow car.) If pic goes thru, Calif article says a lot.

  15. In September we will have been full timing for two years. We still have about a year to go before our daughter is school age. Then we will still probably be in our RV, but mostly in one place while our daughter goes to school.

  16. Been FT, and a traveler, since 2000. Purchased my current fiver in 2005 and Workamper every year until now – due to fracturing my shoulder at work last summer. Taking the year off to heal, but still living in my house on wheels. It’s my happy place. Been solo again since 2011, when my travel companion passed away. I’m in my early 70’s and have wonderful mobile RV mechanics who check that everything is working properly, once or twice a year. Same with my 2004 Dodge Ram diesel 250. Spent my third winter in brutal Michigan temperatures – no issues, I know how to modify things to use my space efficiently and safely. Looking forward to traveling again soon – am comfortable traveling on my own and hooking and unhooking all systems. Cannot imagine living in an S and B again – I can only be in one room at a time!

  17. Back in ’87, my ex told me she wanted a divorce. Being a young enlisted guy, I couldn’t even afford an unfurnished apartment so I talked with my on-base credit union and purchased a new 26′ Nomad Weekender for $200 a month (much less than half the cost for an apartment). Being fully furnished made it even better. It was a perfect efficiency apartment on 4 wheels.

  18. 10 years of fulltiming & counting. We can’t imagine any other life style now. We’ve been to every state at least once, including Alaska twice. We do quite a bit of dry camping, which seems to provide the most memorable experiences.


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