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Have you ever lived continuously a year or more in an RV?

Do you now live in, or have you ever lived in, an RV for a year or more? We’re talking about continuous living – not a few months here and there.

A lot of people are living full-time in RVs these days and it’s causing a lot of congestion in RV parks. Modern-day RVs are so darn comfy that it’s as easy to live in one as any sticks-and-bricks home.

It make take a few seconds for the survey to load, so stand by.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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PL Packer (@guest_130701)
2 years ago

Am currently living in my 30′ motorhome with 2 slides. I’ve been in it for over a year, I only have power as a hook up. I have to fill with water every ten days, have the tanks pumped every 10 days at considerable expense. I have 2 large German Shepherds and a cat with no yard or place for them to exercise. I live on the side of a hill and have fallen several times, one time breaking ribs and dislocating my shoulder. I have a lot of stored items packed inside so have no room to sit anywhere except one seat at the table. I had just sold my farm when covid hit, I was able to buy this RV and my new home, but the county building permit process closed down and I haven’t been able to get permits to complete my home so I can move in. Now that everything is opening again, I am “in line” after the backlog of permits that were in place a year ago when everything shut down! The original plan was to stay in the RV for a month or two until work was complete.

PaulFL (@guest_131833)
2 years ago
Reply to  PL Packer

Dumping your tanks can be expensive. My wife and I just started our 7th year of full time living. 6 months of the year we are at a mobil home park where they have RV parking with full hookups (20-30-50). The other 6 months we travel the country extensively. We spend 1-3 months at a location that offers power (shore power) and water but no dumping facilities. At first we would call a company out to empty our tanks but it got too expensive. First year $50 per dump; by the 3rd year it was up to $100. I threw in the towel and said no more! I found a county landfill that has dumping facilities for $10 per dump. Now you’re talking. So my suggestion is to take a look and see if there is a county landfill near you. It’ll put money back in your pocket. P.S. I have to travel 34 miles round trip to dump but I figure that the total cost per dump is approximately $35 including gas. Only downside is breaking down the rig and setting it back up upon return. It’s worth it!

Phillip Allen (@guest_125516)
2 years ago

We have lived in a 5th wheel since the summer of 2016 and plan to continue on.

CynSan (@guest_118269)
2 years ago

We just passed the 17 year mark of living in this trailer.

livingboondockingmexico (@guest_234702)
6 months ago
Reply to  CynSan

Are you on the road or stationary? It would be interesting to hear your story.

Irving Rommel (@guest_115067)
2 years ago

We have lived full time for 11 years and love it.

Cindy (@guest_113497)
2 years ago

We are 1 year now in ours. Not able to travel last year due to Covid and not looking likely this year due to finances.

Bob Dwyer (@guest_107689)
2 years ago

Lived in my 30’ motorhome for 10 years. Loved it. Being alone I never felt crowded and met plenty of people on the road to combat loneliness. Had many interesting experiences and never missed brick and mortar house.

Jen (@guest_106608)
2 years ago

Yes, starting our 6th year this summer. Of course we’ve been stationary for six months now, but hope to travel again in the summer. Really miss the road.

Bob Harrelson (@guest_101177)
3 years ago

We have been full time for almost 6 years now.We are a two RV family. One stays on a spot in the Rio Grande Valley. The other we pull around all summer. The summer trailer is 21′ this allows us to go just about anywhere we like.

Carol A Sheffield (@guest_99972)
3 years ago

I lived full time in 5th wheel toyhaulers (2) and Class A’s (2) for a total of 14 years following early retirement in 2006. It was wonderful, exciting, and an experience I would not change! I loved seeing and camping in all four corners of the country (Florida/Maine/Southern California/Alaska) and everything in between. Meeting so many people from all over this country, and occasionally from overseas even, was wonderful. During that time I occasionally had a partner with whom to travel, but in the past few years I was alone and no longer felt comfortable traveling distances as a senior single female. I still enjoy the newsletter and also some of the singles groups that have developed online. I miss the lifestyle.

Doug Cashmore (@guest_99163)
3 years ago

We have been full-timing for over 8 years and counting. We have over 120,000 miles on our 2010 Itasca Ellipse and love every hour we spend traveling and living in our coach. If Covid would go away we could put a lot more miles before we decide to slow down.

Barbara O’Brien (@guest_94255)
3 years ago

We have lived in our RV for 5 years, traveling half the year and wintering in AZ. We have had wonderful adventures and have seen quite a bit of our world (we have RVed in Europe as well). We are older now and down sizing our RV next year. We own a lot in an RV community so we will put a single wide mobile home on it but still hope to travel a few months each year – just closer to home.

Leon and Patti Schneider (@guest_92264)
3 years ago

We have lived in ours for two years, but we have never stayed longer than a month in one spot. We love to travel!

Steve (@guest_88352)
3 years ago

No – 6 months when we relocated and not retired yet. Don’t see true full time in our future, We will always have S&B as a home base near grands!

Larry H Lee (@guest_84496)
3 years ago

Bought my first travel trailer in 1972 after my dad kicked me out of the house. At $1.60/hr minimum wage I couldn’t afford an apartment so bought a 20′ TT and parked it in a mobile home park. Lived in it while going to college and then another 5 years in the 1990’s while my wife and I built our loghouse in Tennessee. Finally got a larger, 24′, TT with amenities and floor plan more suited to married life! Camped a lot while working full time. Kept the original 1971 TrailBlazer until my brother & I stripped it and made a fine utility trailer with siderails. Last year I stripped that bare, primed and painted it, then built a 10′ tall box on it to use as a storage unit. Just finished adding 2 solar panels so I can have lights & a fan inside. It’s up on jacks now and probably will never hit the road again. Last trip was 1000 miles from Richmond VA to Naples FL. Carry on.

EDWARD WARE (@guest_84397)
3 years ago

As a traveling IBEW Electrician for years I have rented apartments and houses for long term jobs. When the necessity to travel to places where the job term may not be long term, I purchased a used 5th wheel from a friend and the travels began. A year in AZ, Phoenix and Tucson, then a couple in CA, several locations. Upgraded 5er to a larger newer one as my stays became longer. Full circle back to a rental house for my last few years in the CA Bay area.

John Koenig (@guest_84040)
3 years ago

I sold my “stick & brick in May, 2018. Before that, I was an extended time RVer for eight years. The ONLY things I miss from my house are the whirlpool tub and deluxe shower. Retired life in a nice RV is GREAT!

John Griffith (@guest_80772)
3 years ago

We lived in our Alfa Motor home for 12 years. Finally it was too much to keep up as we had health issues that prevented us from traveling anymore. But I say to people thinking about it, Don’t Wait! life has a way of preventing your dreams if you procrastinate.

Rory R (@guest_74445)
3 years ago

I responded No to the poll although we spend a total of 9 mos or so in our RV, it is not contiguous…

Jan (@guest_74306)
3 years ago

18 years and counting.

Robert (@guest_74271)
3 years ago

Lived in a 30′ Wilderness travel trailer in the mid 80’s for about 13 months while working remotely.

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