Have you ever lived continuously a year or more in an RV?


Do you now live in, or have you ever lived in, an RV for a year or more? We’re talking about continuous living – not a few months here and there.

A lot of people are living full-time in RVs these days and it’s causing a lot of congestion in RV parks. Modern-day RVs are so darn comfy that it’s as easy to live in one as any sticks-and-bricks home.

It make take a few seconds for the survey to load, so stand by.

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Larry H Lee
11 days ago

Bought my first travel trailer in 1972 after my dad kicked me out of the house. At $1.60/hr minimum wage I couldn’t afford an apartment so bought a 20′ TT and parked it in a mobile home park. Lived in it while going to college and then another 5 years in the 1990’s while my wife and I built our loghouse in Tennessee. Finally got a larger, 24′, TT with amenities and floor plan more suited to married life! Camped a lot while working full time. Kept the original 1971 TrailBlazer until my brother & I stripped it and made a fine utility trailer with siderails. Last year I stripped that bare, primed and painted it, then built a 10′ tall box on it to use as a storage unit. Just finished adding 2 solar panels so I can have lights & a fan inside. It’s up on jacks now and probably will never hit the road again. Last trip was 1000 miles from Richmond VA to Naples FL. Carry on.

11 days ago

As a traveling IBEW Electrician for years I have rented apartments and houses for long term jobs. When the necessity to travel to places where the job term may not be long term, I purchased a used 5th wheel from a friend and the travels began. A year in AZ, Phoenix and Tucson, then a couple in CA, several locations. Upgraded 5er to a larger newer one as my stays became longer. Full circle back to a rental house for my last few years in the CA Bay area.

John Koenig
13 days ago

I sold my “stick & brick in May, 2018. Before that, I was an extended time RVer for eight years. The ONLY things I miss from my house are the whirlpool tub and deluxe shower. Retired life in a nice RV is GREAT!

John Griffith
1 month ago

We lived in our Alfa Motor home for 12 years. Finally it was too much to keep up as we had health issues that prevented us from traveling anymore. But I say to people thinking about it, Don’t Wait! life has a way of preventing your dreams if you procrastinate.

Rory R
2 months ago

I responded No to the poll although we spend a total of 9 mos or so in our RV, it is not contiguous…

2 months ago

18 years and counting.

2 months ago

Lived in a 30′ Wilderness travel trailer in the mid 80’s for about 13 months while working remotely.

2 months ago

we have now lived in our class A for 4 yrs now and plan on doing it for another 10 yrs this having to stay in place right now is just a bump in the road AL

kevin lake
3 months ago

yes we are full time

4 months ago

Full time for many years, never in one spot for one year.

5 months ago

My wife and I have lived in our 38′ Itasca Suncrusier for just a couple of months over two years while sightseeing here in the good ol’ USA.

Joseph N Schermetzler
5 months ago

Been living in our 2016 Bighorn for 3 years. We stay in Wisconsin all year. The winters can be brutal next to Lake Michigan, but we put skirting around the bottom and we enjoy running water all year long. You have to adapt to the conditions. Wintertime can make for some beautiful scenery. We have 2 cats that live with us.

R Knox
6 months ago

Lived over two years in our 24′ Nash 4M. Just bought into a Co-op park and purchased a 36 foot fifth wheel for our home base. The park has space to store the Nash. We will always Winter in the park and we will live there full time when our wandering days are over.

Laura Kimmel
6 months ago

Our dream (after I retired) was to travel the U.S. for a couple of years. We started traveling from Oregon Sept 2018 and still on the road 15 months later. We plan on being back in Oregon approx May 2020. We have seen so much and traveled a lot. Right now we are spending the winter in Tucson AZ. We plan on living in our RV while seeing everyone in Oregon. Not sure right now what is going to happen after that. We are flexible. For sure we want to travel some more.

1 year ago

Been living in ours for 15 years. We started out Workamping but due to husband’s health have been parked the last 6 years. Can’t afford an apartment. Our MH is paid for so our only set housing bill is lot rent – which is going up every year due to ‘supply and demand’.

John R Crawford
1 year ago

My wife and I owned a small horse farm in the Atlanta area for 25 years. My wife had a few accidents on the horses within a short period of time. We felt that God was telling us that after 45 years of riding horses it was time to downsize. I convinced my wife to trying full-time traveling before we got a new house. We sold everything and put a lot in storage. I built a website http://www.urkeytoheaven.org and put it on the back of a new Hartland 5th wheel along with the words “Heaven Or Hell it’s your choice “. That was three and a half years ago and we are still traveling. After the first year we upgraded to a Thor Motor Coach.

Chuck Taylor (boatcat1)
1 year ago

After 21 years on a sailboat that was sold before Katrina in ’05, we moved into 24′ fiver. After evacuating, we kept going for 8 years, 4 winters in mainland Mexico, and all over the US. Bought double wide in 2012, but still get away for summers as AZ gets hot.

1 year ago

We consider ourselves full-timers; we have no “base camp,” no sticks-and-bricks house, either. We DO have two lease sites at private membership RV parks. The comments around the question seem to suggest that anyone who lives in an RV all year is taking up space in an RV park. We prefer to call those folks “permanent RV park residents,” or “long-term residents” rather than travelers…. “Full-timing” is, as you say, a rather vague description.

1 year ago

14 years in a 32ft HR on Galveston Island in TCG o Galveston. Owned the lot.

1 year ago

My husband and I rented out our Orange County, CA home for two years from 2007-2009. We visited 37 states and 5 Canadian Provinces from the Pacific to the Atlantic. A year after we returned, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s/ Levy Body Dementia/ Multiple System Atrophy. He died last July. Memories of our wonderful adventure kept us both as joyful and grateful as we could be under the circumstances. If you dream it, do it! We regret what we don’t do far more than we regret what we do…

John D Pauley
5 months ago
Reply to  Kathleen

I sincerely offer my condolences for your loss.