Thursday, December 8, 2022


Are you better off financially today than 5 years ago?


How are your finances compared to five years ago? Are things better for you, or about the same, or are you worse off? Please take a moment to answer our poll.

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Einar Hansen
3 years ago

No! I am waiting to hear about my S.S. Disability claim. It stinks you pay into it all these years then you have to fight to get when you really need! Lucky my wife has her job.

3 years ago

Yes because now we have two social security incomes instead of one.

butch morgan
3 years ago

retired 32 year firefighter, moved to south Carolina to be close to the grand kids. cost to live here is 1043.00/a month piti .Living well with a big yard w/ a large pool, new truck and sold the bus.

Kaeleen Buckingham
3 years ago

Like others have mentioned. I retired which means a pay cut. But, yes, it is DEFINITELY worth it!

3 years ago

I took a huge pay cut to retire but it has been worth it! So in my mind I am better off. I may bring in less dollars but my current lifestyle cannot be beat!

Louise W Fierro
3 years ago

I am in about the same financial condition as last year at this time. The only difference is that the government gets a larger share of my income due to increased tax load and fewer deductions. My husband passed on to Heaven last year in June and I lost my health insurance but was able to replace the Medicare supplement for less than the very large policy amount needed to cover his health care needs (I am healthy and don’t have meds!). I lost income but not more than 12,000 a year. Everything is paid for and I am doing ok but seem to have a “hole” in my money bag as it keep decreasing every month due to the larger taxes on my “single” person income. I have been stationary as I deal with the aftermath of loosing a spouse and all that entails but I will become more “mobile” soon. I look forward to travel once again.

Wayne Caldwell
3 years ago

We have no house payment, no car payment, no truck payment, no rv payment. Our income is my wife’s GS12 paycheck, my AF retirement and my Social Security (I retired from the USAF 26 years ago and retired totally 5 years ago). We don’t buy new vehicles (and we tend to keep them for many years). We eat most of our meals at home. We don’t pinch pennies, but we’re not extravagant either. Unlike many people today, we are not envious of what someone else has or earns.
Yes, we are better off now than we were 5 or even 10 years ago.

3 years ago

Not really we are now both retired.and living on ss, so we don’t have the money we used too

3 years ago

Off obamacare and its $22,000 annual cost with its $8,000 annual deductible – and that was for a mid-line Silver Plan. Thank You President Trump!!! That is nearly $2,000 per month to save or spend as we please, without Big Brother’s meddling.

Steve C
3 years ago

Sold my S&B home three years ago so no more expenses there. Took the proceeds (equity) and after paying off all my debts, invested the remainder in the market. With no bills outstanding, I’m now a full-time traveler living basically on my income from social security and a stipend from the VA. My home for half the year is a truck camper while exploring the States. Actually, my expenses are less while I travel to other countries for the other half of the year. So, I’d say I am way better off now than I was five years ago. Retirement is way under-rated.

Billy Bob Thorton
3 years ago

I’m rolling in it. Inflation is the lowest in decades. Loan rates on RV is at or near all time lows. If your a bit stretched you can pick up a P.T. job to cover the gaps. Gasoline is plentiful and cheap for us gas guzzling RVers. We live in the most prosperous country on the face of the earth, in a time of plenty.

If you have investments, the stock market is up huge in the last 2 1/2 years. Real wage growth is up for the first time in over a decade. Yes, I understand it’s an individual thing, but let’s not look what’s in front of us. God Bless this Great Nation, and may she continue to be guided so well.

3 years ago

BBT, lucky you. as a Canadian we can’t be outside our frosty borders for more than 1/2 the year without risking those coveted pension & medical benefits. Socialist’s solidly in the wheelhouse of this ship with its red and white flag really have we Canucks by the shorts believe me. There’s a huge price to be paid for “everything is free”!
America at your peril DON”T take note!
3 years ago

There are many prosperous countries in the world and all of them have much less debt than the U.S. Remember, the U.S. has added an additional 8 trillion in debt over the last couple of years. The current U.S. debt is 22 trillion. It reminds me of a neighbor I once had. He had it all, a real big shot. Turns out it was all borrowed money and he eventually lost it all. Food for thought.

Gene Bjerke
3 years ago

I answered about the same. Actually, I feel I am a little worse off, but not seriously. It’s close though.

3 years ago

My husband has not received a raise in the past 5 years while the cost of living has continued to increase. So no, we aren’t doing better.

3 years ago

These results may be a bit skewed based on the age of this readership. Most likely this is a older crowd who are retired with fixed incomes. A booming economy mostly impacts the working class and by all measurements, this economy is on fire. However, lower fuel prices and lower taxes (for those who don’t live in CA/NY) do help us seniors. Now, if we can just convince car manufacturers to stop charging $70,000 for a dang pickup.

Steven Browning
3 years ago

Not near as well off as I was 5 years ago, but then I was working at a great job with fantastic pay then. Not that we’re not okay now, but just not as flush as 5 years ago.

3 years ago

5 years ago we had two houses and an RV, the main house cost was a $1000 a month, the TX retirement home cost less than $500 a month, the Keystone 5th wheel repairs cost $1000 yearly. Today we’re living in our TX retirement home, sold the main home 4 years ago, and now own a Grand Design 5th wheel with little or no maintenance costs. Yes we are better off than 5 years ago. Now we have a problem of what do with all the extra cash we have each month.

Billy Bob Thorton
3 years ago
Reply to  SwedenTexas

Ah, about what to do with that xtra cash each month, see hand out palms turned up!. Just kidding, GOOD for YOU.

3 years ago

Lets see, still full-timing, still got enough money for the next stop and our next meal, so yeah, I think we’re doing better

3 years ago
Reply to  Dave

I could be convinced to accept some of it. ?

Mary Ann
3 years ago

In 2014 we owned a successful business. We sold it at its peak performance in 2016. We retired. Our finances are in good shape. However, I am very concerned about the future. If we slip into a recession, the RV will be the first to go. RV maintenance on top of travel expenses are a financial drain. I am not willing to go back to work to support the RV.

Billy Bob Thorton
3 years ago
Reply to  Mary Ann

We are in the longest economic run in the history of our nation. Yes, of course I share your concerns. But, this must be done in the very near future ( starting in 16 months). Put those wise people in positions of authority to start control of Government debt. If we can get wise representatives in place, there is no telling what we can achieve.

Oh, and scrape going to Mars, big waist of money, when we need infrastructure.

3 years ago

Yes, the booming stock market has done us well. Of course, having an old fashioned defined benefit pension covers everything on a daily basis.

Pete Almasi
3 years ago

Well actually for me six years ago,I had a $12.00 and hour job that barely let me eat after rent for a boss that was a major pain in the neck and back.
Today I am practically my own boss on the honor system for three times the money and four weeks vacation the first year I was hired.
A paid for van and expense account monthly.
I’d say I’m doing way better.

Billy Bob Thorton
3 years ago
Reply to  Pete Almasi

Good for you Pete.