Do you believe an economic recession is coming within a year?


Is the American economy about to decline after a record number of years of riding high? RV sales have declined in the last year, and often that’s an indicator for tougher times ahead. What do you think?

This survey is just for fun. No personal information is gathered. We don’t even know who voted, where they’re from … nothing.

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Hmmm…. the economy is soaring yet we have more than a half-million people in the US who are homeless (we’ve seen more than one article in this newsletter about homelessness and RVs…). Though the trend for the last twenty years has generally been downward in the number of homeless people, it increased 0.3 percent 2017-2018. (

Add to that an estimated 30 million people unemployed or — more importantly — UNDER-employed (working part-time, or several part-time jobs instead of having full-time employment) ( and you get the idea that things aren’t quite as rosy as it might appear on the surface.

Seems to me some folks here might be forgetting that the last recession wasn’t caused by who happened to be president or any particular policy, but banks overreaching, over-extending credit, an other financial issues that caused the housing market to collapse which started the other dominoes falling. Banks are once again handing out easy loans… real estate prices are through the roof….

Something is going on, that’s for sure.


This whole talk of an imminent recession is all just a bunch of bull talk postered by the liberal arms of the mainstream media. We all recall James Carville’s “It’s the economy stupid” quote during the Clinton election. Well, now that the U.S. has the hottest economy in the world with virtually full employment, more jobs available for the number of available workers to fill (which should start an escalation in wages) coupled with absolute hate of the person responsible for a lot of this incredible economic action, Donald Trump, saying that a recession is coming is all they have in left in their dirty bag of tricks.


The bubble in the stock market is pretty big. I think a realignment is necessary. But not recession. FedRes has been very conservative. In any case, we live on fixed income retirement payments. Recession improves our buying power.

Joel and Betty

I wont mind losing some money if it gets rid of TRump


Ever since Trump was elected all I hear is he is going to cause a recession. I highly doubt it since unemployment is at an all time low. So now to recession. As for an RVer? I am one and like to live out of it since I am finding home ownership a bother since no one at my house likes to clean up after themselves and the house is a mess. RV? A small space needs no cleaning except to sweep out and do a few dishes. Now that is the life.


A recession is defined as two quarters where the national growth rate is negative. So far, during the Trump admin, the growth rate has been high often higher than predicted by economists. The unemployment rate has hit historic lows and the number of people working has been at historic highs. Wages have been increasing and the inflation rate has been low. Energy production has hit new highs and the US is energy independent of the middle east again. Trump has companies moving back to the US from foreign locations and has been forcing China to be a good trade partner again. He has signed a number of new trade agreements with foreign countries that are to our benefit.

The economy has been booming.

Where do you see any sign of a recession in that. The democrats NEED a recession to have any hope of winning in 2020 so their dogs the national press has been trying to conjure up one.

Remember the 20-20-20 stagflation years of the Carter admin or the economic disaster of the Obama years?

Rory R

Way too political a topic to bother to weigh in on. Out come the members of the far right bashing the left and out come the far left flinging “stuff” at the far right. Wonder if this is a correct topic for this newsletter since you request that comments that are political NOT be posted, and are sometimes taken down!


Totally , the economy moves in cycles and we have entered the slow part of it (it doesnt have to be a real bad one ) .we are lucky oil production has more than double in the past 10 years , otherwise it would have been another terrible one , but most else is not doing that well . There are several indicators that point in that direction and the RV sales has been one that has coincide with a slow down in the economy . Other one will be Vegas where i live and since last year things started to shift downward ,CE (caesar’s entertainment) our second largest employer was under bankruptcy and let go a few hundreds of positions + lower hours for the rest , then MGM our largest employer shed off 2000 as a part of a protection plan they created , most others have follow suit .
Spending per room has gone down after 10 years of growth and they are sensing it , they are the masters but those that work in the industry are seeing what we saw 12 years ago .

John Harris

Why did you change from the previous way of listing the RV news from just one click to access it to what ever this new deal is? I can’t even find it except one liners telling to topics!!!!!☹️


Humans have a Herd Mentality.

They follow the “Herd” and repeat what they have “Heard” with no idea of what they are following or saying has any truth in fact or is just fiction because it’s what they think and want to believe!

Politicians, Candidates, Reporters, News Outlets and smart business know this very well and understand how to use this fact to their advantage. It’s surprising how few people you need to convince in today’s instant media world to start a movement.

People are LAZY! It’s not that they are unable to think for themselves it’s that they unwilling to think for themselves by taking the the time to find the real facts of any issue or problem.

It’s a whole easier just to BITCH and COMPLAIN about it than do something about it!

Don Kostyal

I just drove from Wyoming to FL and took the long way via Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and the Mexican boarder. I did not see and evidence of a recession coming. In fact I saw all sorts of help wanted signs and places working short staffed. A new fas station has opened along I 10 called Bucces or Buckeys (sp?). These will put many other fuel stops out of business. They are mega stores with over 60 fuel pumps that are easy to pull up to even with a 40 foot rv pulling a toad. The stores are packed with all sorts of food, and gifts (makes Cracker Barrel’s store looks like a little gift shop) and the bathrooms are huge and spotless (not one or two stalls–25 or more!!!) They had to have at least 50 people working in the place and every pump had a sign on it saying they were hiring–40 hour work weeks starting at $14 minimum with health benefits and 401k’s. They are slicing and chopping brisket and pulled pork sandwiches as fast as travels can remove them from the counter. They have all sorts of meats and jerky to take fresh or frozen by the pound. The only thing that will stall this economy is a change in the next election–there isn’t a candidate offering anything that is going to fuel the economy’s engine.

Patrick Granahan

What does an “economic recession” have to do with RVing…or camping ?

I posted a ten line response to this question…it is awaiting “moderation”
Sounds like censorship……please define moderation.
This topic is way too political for RV Travel…is has nothing to do with camping or touring
in a RV.

Patrick Granahan

We currently are enjoying the best economic conditions in history….low unemployment numbers….more jobs available than there are workers to fill them.
The Democrats and the liberal media are trying to convince uninformed voters that doom iS around the corner…..they can’t win an election with the Great economy we are enjoying under President Trumps economic polices.
A reader poll like this one is aimed at the uninformed voters…..informed voters know our
Economy is in fantastic condition.
Check the facts…become an informed citizen/voter…don’t buy into the “Fake News” being
Printed by the progressive socialist media.
I hope this makes it past censorship by liberal Democrats.

Joe T

Only of dems gain the white housd

Dennis Kreuzenstein

To all those who think an economic recession is coming soon…. It’s those type of thoughts and actions that help create a recession helped by the media posting only those thoughts.

William Newhall

Only if the Media drives it that way. People believe every thing they read or see in the media.
Most of it is BS

James E O'Briant

One of the historical precursors of economic recessions has been a decline in RV sales, both motorized and towable RVs. RV sales have been down sharply in 2019.

Captn John

Not going to happen until long after Trump is re-elected. Will not be as bad as the last one.

Cynthia Fuller

I think if they succeed in impeaching the President, we may have a recession. Otherwise no. These are scare tactics of the left to try and make President Trump look bad. Talking it up gets people scared and they will create a recession by their actions.


I believe the likelihood of a recession will depend upon the next Presidential election. If we go the socialist route, then we will definitely have a recession.