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Are RVers friendlier than the general public?

What do you think, are RVers friendlier than the general public as a whole?

We hear it all the time from our readers — “Oh, RVers are so friendly. You make so many friends.” The RV Industry promotes this idea, too, in its advertising and public relations.

We’re curious what you think and welcome your comments.


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Paul Mooter
1 year ago

I started to say that nah, people are people, and respond to how you treat them…but then I started recalling all the times, out of the blue, another fellow RVer, totally unsolicited, has helped even when we didn’t look like we needed help.

We were on a secondary road somewhere in NC and were looking at the map, and out of my drivers window I saw someone waving at me. I looked over, slid open my window and waved back.

These two folks in a pickup truck asked if we needed any help? I said, no, just looking at the map. They said, “oh, okay, we’re RVers too and wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Wow…that was totally amazing. Completely out of the blue they were wanting to help.

Another instance: In Florida there was a couple who heard that we were heading back to Spokane offered their RV site in Hilton Head, NC for a week for free! And has given me very much needed advice on our new to us DP we just bought.

So yeah..I’d say YES, RVers are very kind and friendly!

2 years ago

Have found so many wonderful friendly people. Just smile and it opens up a conversation

2 years ago

Traded Class C for Class A & no diff in way treated, cept for 1 incident…

Went coast to coast & find NEARLY all RVers r friendly/helpful so we behave same – DH saw guy having difficulty backing, so ran over to help; couple very appreciative.

Covid gettin bad last Mar,
had 2 evacuate frm a State Park Only few hrs to lv, 1 slide decides not 2 close! Pushing w/all our mite, 3 gents run over & help; NO WAY 2 of us could have gotten that slide “in!”

Will admit tho, older/retired folks r friendliest/most helpful; (we’re 60, retired @ 55) perhaps cuz they r relaxed/no sched 2 adhere 2?!

On last trip, young couple w/nice Class A pulled in site next to us. I waved & said, “Welcome to neighborhood!”
Gal in doorway, turns around & walks back into rig! Shocked, (never happened b4!), so I said in louder voice, “Or not, I guess?!”

We LOVE RVing, will prob go full time! All in all, we feel RVers are much friendlier than gen public.

2 years ago

I’ve camped and hiked for forty years and its ever been thus, RV’ers are open for discussions, talks gatherings, campfire chats, musical entertainment….we don’t discuss the politics and religions much at all.

2 years ago

One of the things I’d hoped for when we started our full time RV living six years ago was to make some lasting new friends. Folks from all over the country, friends we could visit occasionally or even travel with. And Yes RV’ers are friendly but as far as making any lasting friendships, that hasn’t happened.

Gary Urbantke
2 years ago

In my experience older RVers definitely are, the newer ones not as much.

Phil Johnson
2 years ago

I find most extremely friendly and helpful, now the one thing I will add is… you meet a lot of one time friends!!!

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

While I’ve found most other RVers to be helpful and socially friendly, it seems like when I’m in an RV park next to a newer class A with my old class C, they’re not so inclined to be. A few have even been snobby.

Leon and Patti Schneider
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob Weinfurt

Years ago I felt the same way Bob, but now we have a Class A and are full-timers. We’re the most friendly in the park sometimes. My thoughts are used to be only the rich, elite people could afford the Class A’s and yes some were very snobbish! Now a days the retired/full -timers are buying the big rigs because its our home. Hope to meet you on the road someday so we can prove to you we aren’t snobs and share a cold beer with ya!!

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

That would be cool. Just staying close to home (northeast NY) until this Covid epidemic has passed. I took several short boondocking trips and really got to enjoy the local environment.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob Weinfurt

Yes we’ve found the same thing. We have a smaller yet very nice Class C but those big rig owners, with 4-5 slides and an expensive tow vehicle won’t even give us the time of day – yes very snooty. Younger RV’ers certainly don’t want much to do with us old folks, but then I don’t want to be around any little kids either. My hubby and I treasure our RV living, we feel very fortunate to be able to live this life and some snotty Class A owner certainly isn’t going to lessen our enjoyment. We make the most of our time and just laugh at people who can’t even smile at someone, boy they must be really unhappy.

Rory R
3 years ago

I answered somewhat friendlier to your poll question, because I averaged it out. But I do find that RV’ers are much more likely to lend a helping hand, even without being asked.

Bill F.
3 years ago

RVers appear friendlier, as we encounter one another more intimately than when we are out in the general public. As RVers, we already have a commonality to share, stories to share and an environment that fosters community and desire to care for each other. In the general public, we have no idea why the other people are there, what their intentions are, if there is any shared interests or if there is some nefarious intent. We tend to not engage strangers in the general public, and even if we acknowledge someone, we often get little or no response as the encounter is often ‘just in passing’. As RVers, we likely will not be in a rush, will likely encounter each other during our visit and may well need their advice, suggestions, or assistance, or perhaps we will be able to offer the same to them. Camping fosters greater opportunity to practice civility in an environment of less stress. You may find the letter the apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians, offers good suggestions. God Bless!

2 years ago
Reply to  Bill F.

Very well stated; thank you!

3 years ago

Much of the friendly level depends on the type RV, the north vs the south, and your level of friendyness.
I lived on a sailboat for many years and found the sail people then to be type B’s and the powerboaters type A’s. I think in many cases it’s the same for the Rv’s.

3 years ago

I find that retired RV’ers can fall one of two ways off the friendly fence:
Either they’re relaxed and happy to be retired, or
They’ve become jaded, and cranky.
Generally though … much friendlier than generations behind us.
(But isn’t that normal….?)
I look forward to BEING one of the relaxed and happy group.

Rick Oerman
3 years ago

Not friendlier, just out and around their camp site and campground a lot more.

3 years ago

In general most people are friendly anytime. Could it be a combination of, close quarters, less secure accommodations and generally being more relaxed that contributes to the “friendliness” of RVers?

3 years ago

For the most part I find RVs friendly and easy to talk with. You never know what anyone has gone thru over the day so we are all entitled to a bad day or two.

3 years ago

I generally find RVers to be pretty friendly, but I have had many good exchanges with folks in store lines, parking lots, or at doors. It’s been my experience if you are open and friendly with others, they’ll reciprocate in kind. A smile and eye contact go a long way.

gerald buscemi
3 years ago

about friendlier rv’ers, you need to be more specific. couples (older-younger, with/without kids), singles (male/female). being a single male, I’ve found the friendliness a lot less than others.

2 years ago
Reply to  gerald buscemi

Hi Gerald – Sometimes YOU have 2 make the 1st move (“Hi, how u doin?” or maybe, “Need help w/anything?”); it’s hard 4 me as well, & I’m married!

As far as “groups” go, I can’t speak for others, but we find retired couples w/NO kids (or grandkids in tow, 2 worry about entertaining or running off!) 2 b the friendliest, most helpful & most fun!

3 years ago

We spent the summer in the upper midwest. We found the RVers friendly. The folks in towns and shopping areas seemed friendly also. We all live in contentious times but we are more the same that we are different. People seem as friendly as you are, if you are wary they are, if outgoing (or even a smile) most will smile back and engage in conversation.

3 years ago

Probably nicer while rv’g. Same as people are nicer in church until they drive out of the parking lot.

Sink Jaxon
3 years ago
Reply to  Brian

sad but true…

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
3 years ago

As RVers we have been around the lower 48 states twice, traveled much of Canada a few times and to Alaska once. That is a lot of different campgrounds all over North America.

To draw a comparison, walking down a strange street in many of the cities we have visited we would say hello to strangers. Half the time we would get a hello back and half the time we would not get a response. Walking around any campground we have attended at any time of day or night and saying hello to total strangers would get a hello back every time.

That is our experience. I am sure there are other situations. However we believe RVers are much more friendlier.

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