Thursday, December 1, 2022


Which of these social media platforms do you participate in at least weekly?


Are you as social media crazed as many other people? It seems like we’re always hearing about people posting on Facebook or Tweeting this or that. How about you? Are you an active participant in social media, or do you wish the whole thing had never been created in the first place?

Curious minds want to know. We invite your comments.

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John T
2 years ago

I opened a facebook account when I set out on the road, because my family and friends wanted to follow my travels. I resent Zuckerberg spying on my every move, and I’ll close the account as soon as I stop traveling. I don’t have a tv – don’t want one – so I use youtube to watch the news, and it has thousands of excellent documentaries.

3 years ago

YouTube only

Sharon B
3 years ago

Prefer You Tube for things I need to learn
Not a posting FB fan.

George OBriain
3 years ago

I use RVillage as that’s the media that I’m interested in.

rick louderbough
3 years ago

Forgot youtube, a wealth of info on how to do that specific job with explanations and video. Great resource.

rick louderbough
3 years ago

I don’t twitter but I do use facebook for all my auto/rv/van groups daily. Especially since yahoo dumped all their groups. I’m into vans, fieros, chinooks, local history, traveling, and more.. No politics except for when I need to tell a certain pol just how off he/she is.

Forrest McClure
3 years ago

I only have a facebook account because it’s an easy way to stay in touch with my extended family. They are located anywhere from Alaska to Missouri and inbetween. In fact, I only found out about some of my half brothers and half sisters via social media accounts. If there is someone who is continually upsetting me with their posts, then I simply unfriend them.

3 years ago

The RV related sites were not included (irv2,, etc.)

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
3 years ago
Reply to  Drew

Thanks for the comment, Drew. But we’re asking about the “platforms” (e.g., Facebook, etc.), not the specific sites on them (e.g., 😉 ). —Diane at

3 years ago

What ever happened to conversation whether face to face or by telephone? I have not and will not use any of the platforms listed in the survey!

Marianne Fisher
3 years ago

I use Facebook not just to be social but to also be a part of a group such as the KZ/Venture RV Owners Group North America,since we own a 2018 KZ Sportsmen LE . The only problem since subscribing to this FB group is that the admins recently changed the rules on posting. Everyone can post to their hearts content about any positive situation they’ve encountered involving the specific KZ RV that they operate BUT don’t bring up any flaws in workmanship or bad encounters with any KZ dealer or warranty issues…the admins will delete your messages posted to their KZ FB group !!! So no personal horror stories are allowed relating to your ownership of any KZ model of RVs…if you sound just a little bit peeved at any particular KZ dealer…BAM…your post is deleted. If you post something that prompts a lot of replies,the admins will shut-off continued responses to your post. And if a member gets a little vocal with an admin…they will shut you off too !!!

3 years ago

Wow, guess I’d have to distance himself from that site!

Dietrich R
3 years ago

Sounds like a group administered by the company.

3 years ago

You could always for another group like “The good bad and Ugly of KZ/Venture RV Owners” and publish rules that invite honesty in issues and tips.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

I really like YouTube. It’s where I go to find out how to do – well – almost anything! I even have a channel of my own for passing on videos to friends. I have to admit though, I can get caught up watching videos for an hour because there’s always ‘stuff’ showing up along the right border that I didn’t know I was interested in – UNTIL I SAW IT THERE.

Matt Colie
3 years ago

I think that the RV specific communities like RVillage and type specific forums might have been included.

3 years ago

Twitter is unbelievable for keeping up with the weather. Simply subscribe to your nearest NWS feed and you’ll get twice a day forecasts plus notices of pending bad weather. I subscribe to all the NWS regional offices when we’re on the road so I can get an up to the minute picture of travel conditions. I also sub to the state patrol in the states I travel. Works great! Stay away from the drama fees, though!

Bob p
3 years ago

Recently signed up on FB market place as we are going to sell our motor home and settle in for a warmer climate for our winter residence.

Mary Ann Englert
3 years ago

I do not post on Facebook. When the kids post pictures, of course, I will log on to have a look. The is usually weekly. On those occasions when I want to send a picture or note directly to someone, I use text messages.

Joe Bulger
3 years ago

I do not subscribe to any of the networks, however I did give Facebook a try for 1 year and found that it was more of a sounding board for hate and misinformation. There may be some good that comes out of the use of social society, however I believe that in the long term it is greatly contributing to the downfall of society as a whole.

Randy B
3 years ago

Hummm, What about Snapchat? One vote for me.

Captn John
3 years ago

I had a FB account for a while. Found it invaded my time to do more productive things. I really don’t care someone’s grandmother passed gas at the table.

Thomas Burns
3 years ago

Facebook, is checked daily and posting as often as we have dogs available to be adopted. I should say was have a dog rescue (45/-), which also limits our RV usage. You can search Pet Resource Network on Facebook to fine what we have ready for homes (some would work well for RVing too). We do stay up on the ‘kids’ and their kids too this way. Even found our granddaughter married her Sailor man when he got back to port: kind of an elope wedding.

Gary Broughton
3 years ago

But use Email and the phone a lot. Some I call weekly to checkup.

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