Thursday, December 8, 2022


How concerned are you about catching the coronavirus?


The news is everywhere about people contracting and sometimes dying from the fast-spreading coronavirus. It began in China, but is currently spreading to all parts of the world.

For the media, drumming a little fear among the public is good for boosting circulation, so maybe you’re already fearful. Or maybe you’re not worried at all. Haven’t we been through this before — the bird flu and swine flu to name two?

The coronavirus, which is thought to have started in a seafood market in Wuhan, China, is the latest scare. Whether it ends up the next pandemic or little more than our normal seasonal flu is yet to be seen.

But, for now, are you worried about catching it? Curious RVer minds want to know.

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Cynthia Keith
2 years ago

Is anyone travelling in their RV during the coronavirus outbreak?

2 years ago

I expected some of these comments; racist, political, conspiracy theories about how the Chinese are trying to take us down. At the end of the day, we are human beings and we are the same species all capable of getting sick or even dying from a severe virus. Global plagues still exist and some weren’t very long ago. Study your history and love thy neighbor as thyself.

2 years ago

Currently I am not concerned. Wash hands frequently limit hand contact during cold n flu season.

2 years ago

Didn’t think much of it until last Monday when I was entering a hotel elevator near Palm Springs, CA. As the door was closing a man stop it and entered with two young ladies. All Chinese and all wearing masks. The next morning I went to get breakfast and the room was filled with Chinese … nobody else. I didn’t eat and checked out.

2 years ago
Reply to  GeorgeB

Wearing masks is part of the Asian culture from what I’ve seen, at least for Chinese heritage. A guy I worked beside from Taiwan wore a mask every winter. Altogether not a bad idea.

2 years ago

China’s new population control. Go figure!

Patrick Granahan
2 years ago

Because I do not trust the government in China I must ask about the source of this virus.
I can’t put it past the Chinese government to be busy creating viruses with the goal of total
World domination (that is their goal after all).
The corona virus was active and spreading for over a month before the Chinese government
Made any announcement as it its existence. The declared death totals released are low numbers. Don’t expect honesty from the red communist government.
Also consider the fact that China has rejected help from the CDC (three offers were made and rejected)….what are they hiding???…Germ warfare perhaps ???

We live in interesting times.

2 years ago

Worry more about the flu virus. It is killing many more people.

2 years ago

Corona virus? Must be different from the 12 oz. bottle I sometimes enjoy…

Ronald Duncan
2 years ago

Isn’t it a bit suspicious that the “germ” is spreading so fast in China but nowhere else ? And so many have died there and nowhere else ? I wonder if it mainly an excuse for the “reds” to crack down even farther on their central provinces ?

Sandra Lingard
2 years ago

I’m not concerned at all, just curious how long it will take a big pharma company to create an expensive vaccine that gets pushed on us all to get. Made up hysteria to create profit and get the lemmings to inject more unknown, untested chemicals and foreign DNA into themselves.

2 years ago

More hysteria from the media. They seem to enjoy the hype they create.

Paul S Goldberg
2 years ago

I am more concerned about the current Flu in the US. I have taken the injection for older folks and try to avoid contact with others showing symptoms in our RV Park. The major worry about the Coronavirus is that there is no vaccine or any treatment other than support during cure. So far Flu kills far more people in the US.

Two Buck Chuck
2 years ago

As a full timer I find myself bored sometimes. This year we are wintering in Tucson and I am volunteering at a popular tourist destination We interact with people all day. Many of them come through coughing and sneezing so I do worry about the coronavirus because of the intense interactions with people. I have taken to carrying hand sanitizer in my pocket for those times when I shake hands with folks. I may be over reacting but better safe than sorry.

Bluebird Bob
2 years ago
Reply to  Two Buck Chuck

Good idea. And when someone coughs in your face, just put some of the sanitizer up your nose! Har..har!

John Koenig
2 years ago

I believe that there’s more then authorities DON’t know re the corona virus then they DO know. If I am correct in that supposition, then a LOT will depend on whether this virus occurred / mutated naturally OR, was created in a Chinese lab as a Bio-Weapon (one that possibly “got loose”).

There are a LOT of people across the globe who hate America and Americans. Some of these people WOULD use such a Bio-Weapon if they could get their hands on it. News reports state that the corona virus is “dormant” from time of initial exposure to about 14 days before symptoms appear. 14 days is more than enough time for a “carrier” to reach ANY part of the globe, exposing others all along the way. The widespread use (misuse?) of “antibacterial” liquids, soaps etc has actually reduced many peoples’ resistance to what HAD been simple pathogens. When they are inevitably exposed, their bodies are unable to fight off what should have been easy to overcome “nasties”. It will be very interesting to see just how this plays out.

2 years ago

Very worried, I live in California, nuff said.

Steve Kurylak
2 years ago

I put myself in the worried to very concerned. Here is the latest video from Chris Martenson. He is a non practicing medical doctor by training. I definitely got a better understanding of the ability of a virus to spread, or the Ro. I am not sure if I can put a link in this comment section but I will try. I have neither an affiliation nor a membership to his site. I do subscribe to his weekly newsletter.

2 years ago
Reply to  Steve Kurylak

Here it is, March 19th and Chris Martenson was right on target almost 2 months ago.

Thanks for the link Steve. Finally the administration is acknowledging the virus rather than acting dismissive. They are very late to the party!

Stay safe.

2 years ago

I’m not worried enough to stop traveling.
With a perfectly functioning kidney transplant, I do worry about viruses. I wash my hands and do what I can to stay away from sick folks & the hospital. Add to that, we travel all over North America in our RV, so we’re exposed to lots of different people and places.
Watch how this develops, seems to be moving pretty fast.

2 years ago

I’m more worried about being broadsided by a texting driver.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Fox

That’s for sure, Fox! Same here. 😯 —Diane at

2 years ago
Reply to  Fox

I’m sure you’ve changed your cavalier uninformed attitude by now.

2 years ago

In all my years and all the Flu’s that have come out of China, I have never witnessed them close down entire cities and fast build new hospitals for this virus, so yes, I am very concerned. That alone is telling me something is not right this time. I am older with a compromised system so I think I will stay home and stay in this year.

Bob p
2 years ago

Not very concerned, I don travel out of the US, don’t know anyone who does, and don’t associate with people who might leave the country, sorry if I’m stepping on toes, but I’m very one sided on the idea that I have to travel outside our borders to see a beautiful site.