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For long-time RVers: Is being an RVer more or less challenging than 10 years ago?


If you’ve been RVing for a decade or two, you’ve likely seen many changes — advances in RV design and technology, the emergence of “glamping,” and the flooding of America with new RVs, being purchased at the rate of about 1,200 a day. The RVers are younger, too, as RVing has become cool, not just “Grandma and Grandpa’s Playhouse.”

Here’s what we’d like to know: Do you think it’s easier or harder today to be an RVer when everything is considered — finding places to get timely repairs, dealing with campground and RV park availability, restrictions of where you can park your RV, etc.?

So, overall, is it easier to be an RVer today than 10 years ago, about the same, or more difficult?

Your comments, of course, are invited.

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2 years ago

For us the harder challenge is campgrounds. We have driven large RV’s for 13 years now – so we are usually limited to private campgrounds. We used to be able to call for a campground about an hour before we wanted to stop, now we reserve an entire trip before we leave the house. Good repairs have actually become easier – both because of driving newer coaches and being fortunate to have a decent facility close to our house and a manufacturer offering factory repairs when we need them (rarely).

Hoss Smith
2 years ago

I long for the days when I could just look for a place to park at the end of a driving day and find an RV Park with open sites. Now I am reserving overnight parking because so many parks are filled with long term or permanent folks that now live in an RV instead of a more permanent structure.

The RV itself is much easier to manage account of the internet but not only are the destination places often maxed out so are the overnight stopping places. A park opened in a town near me and two weeks later it was filled with very long term stay RV’s and no the folks are not temporary workers. Perhaps there will be a resurgence in the park models.

2 years ago

I put about the same because some have gotten easier, other things harder.

Davie Brock
2 years ago

The internet and smart phones have made everything easyer. From researching a problem to finding your next spot its all easyer. The availability of options is also much greater and cheaper. Power awnings, big screen tvs inside and outside, electric hot water heaters, its all better.

2 years ago

Rving is easier for us than it was 10 years ago, despite our being in our mid 70’s now. Vastly improved internet coverage & Youtube videos for any rv maintenance issue make it much easier & cheaper to maintain our rv over the last 10 years of fulltiming. Also the new features on today’s rvs have made set-up, take-down & travel much easier. It’s so much easier to stay in touch with family members with all the smart phone features now. Getting product deliveries while travelling is much easier with services like Amazon prime which has forced most companies to also offer 2-3 day deliveries. Because we are set up for boondocking whenever we want or need to, we have not experienced the problems others complain about regarding campground reservation issues. For the last 10 years we have literally wandered at will, rarely making reservations. We are living a lifestyle most people dream of, but few actually accomplish. We feel extremely fortunate to be rving at this point in time with all the technology that has made it so easy & fun.

David Scheeler
2 years ago

It is somewhat more difficult to make your 1st choice reserve but modern technology has made the overall RV’ing experience easier, i.e., GPS devices that allow you to enter specifics for your RV, GPS devices in general, auto-leveling on rigs, rear view/back-up cameras, all of the modern amenities being installed in RV of all types and on-line reservations (although this may lead to making it more challenging) have made RV’ing easier.

2 years ago

It would interesting to know if RVs are having a hard time finding places available due to the size of RV today. I know many state and national parks can’t handle the larger RV so this may force them in to private parks which may not have the spaces available.

Steven Sims
2 years ago

It seems like every year it is becoming more difficult to find a decent place to camp. Too many RV parks are filled with semi-permanent residents’ clutter; spaces are too close together; there’s much less freedom to enjoy outdoors (campfires, etc.).
And it’s increasingly difficult to find honest, competent labor when needed. Further, the prices charged by dealers for routine maintenance and service are predatory.
We are planning a 6-week trip this spring and it’s challenging to line up all of the necessary campground (public and private) dates; it’s a matter of staying an extra day here, cutting off a day there…
2020 is the first year we had to outright cancel a trip due to unavailability of a place to park our Class A: We needed to be in Florida for a few weeks for medical treatment. Four months prior we tried, in vain, to find a place to camp but everything within 100+ miles was sold out, sometimes a year or more in advance. So we ended up in hotels for the duration.
This wouldn’t have been the case 10 years ago.

Jim Knoch
2 years ago

I’ve been RV’ing since the early 1980’s and I find it somewhat harder to reserve a site, and maneuver the larger rigs of today (30′ to 45′) than of yesteryear(15′ to 25′). Although technology has led the way to making it somewhat easier to overcome the difficulties presented by the increased RV’er population. The advanced technology also brings with it the increased problems of functionality and repairs … things were so simple back then, you could just show up at the campground on any given weekend , find a site and enjoy the outdoors with the family. The evening entertainment usually consisted of a marshmallow roast at the campfire, a few campfire songs played on the guitar and sung by all, then washing the marshmallow sticky off the kids and going to bed so we could get up early and start exploring more! Now-a-days, evenings are centered around the televison set and whatever is on. The kids (grandkids now) keep their noses buried in their digital devices in the RV’s air conditioned space and could care less about exploring the outdoors. So my big question is, “Where is all this heading?” Will it be another generation or two before we re-discover the wonders around us in the great outdoors?

Ed D.
2 years ago

I guess this can be looked at as two different points. A lot of people say they find it hard to make reservations unless they go out several months in advance. I don’t know if we are just lucky, or if we find hidden gems, but that has not been the case with us. So we have not found it any harder now than we did previously to find places to stay. We usually only book around a month ahead of time.

The second point is the ease of setting up at a Campground. I find with the Auto-leveling systems that are on a lot of rigs these days, it is not a bad process at all. Especially when comparing it to having to use Manual Jacks and Levels! This is a point that anyone can make easier when they are looking for their RV to purchase.

2 years ago

I guess the one problem is planning ahead. For instance we are in Mobile, AL right now. Here for the Mardi Gras parades and festivities. There are only a small number of Good RV Parks here. The one we are staying in (All About Relaxing RV Park) is a top notch park. Only problem is, we had this reservation for almost a year in advance.

Most of our Trips are planned around going to places where most people don’t want to go and not all those major Tourist Traps, where RVing will cost a small fortune.

It is just a matter of getting used to different ways of Camping!

2 years ago

Very stressful when trying to plan ahead. a family camping weekend is far less affordable and the campsites are either gone or filled

2 years ago

There’s a choice missing: the situation is not only “more” difficult, but “much more” difficult, and getting worse every year. The chances of an average working-class family loading the kids into the family wagon and going out for a weekend camping/fishing outing exists mostly as memories of days gone by: a family camping weekend is far less affordable and the campsites are either gone or filled.

Thelma Thomas
2 years ago

Online reservations has made it easier to camp. I remember the days of mostly first-come, first-served sites. Very stressful when trying to plan ahead. Automatic leveling jacks make set ups much easier too.

2 years ago

We’ve had the same rig for 12 years and have had very few problems with it. However, as reported in RV Travel-it’s become very hard to find competent people to work on it when necessary. I’m very glad to be a handy person and I can take care of most any issues myself however. The competition in finding camp spots and securing reservations is increasingly more difficult.

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