How is the federal government handling the coronavirus pandemic?


Life in America, and the world, is far different than it was even a month ago. The coronavirus pandemic is seemingly out of control. Nobody knows how long it will be before our lives return to normal.

Our question today is how do you think our federal government is responding to this crisis? We welcome your comments but, be warned, we will delete any that are mean-spirited or ignorant. This is a tough time. We’re all in this together. Let’s be courteous to our fellow man and woman.

NOTE FROM LATE SUNDAY MORNING: We have closed comments on this due to the anger it is creating. What a shame. 

The poll may take a moment to load, so please stand by.

Now, go wash your hands!!

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I am now unsubscribing from everything RV Travel related.

You jumped the shark on this one. So many times in the past posting divisisive polls and articles, and now this one. At this time! In the midst of a national crisis!!

Sowing divisision, encouraging hate filled posts. RVers attacking RVers.

Are you proud of what you have done??

I am unsubscribing – not that you will care since I have called you out.


Guess not many folks read the comments above the poll: “We welcome your comments but, be warned, we will delete any that are mean-spirited or ignorant. This is a tough time. We’re all in this together. Let’s be courteous to our fellow man and woman.”

God bless America and all of the many, many doctors, nurses, and scientists trying to stop this virus. God bless all of the individuals and companies who are trying to offer help in any way they can (even children are emptying their piggy banks!). The stories on TV are uplifting and demonstrate just how wonderful Americans can be.


Unfortunately, some who believed the lie that this was a “hoax” or would “miraculously go away” are not taking this seriously and may not be around to vote in November. Does DT not realize those are his voters? Everyone…please be safe by following the CDC guidelines (the “Presidents guidelines”, if you prefer). I hope all of us are here in November, regardless of how you vote.


These are simple truths…..

I remember a man who said. “We need to secure our borders.”
I remember a man who said. “We need to bring business back to America.”
I remember a man who said. “We need to be less dependent on other countries to survive.”
I remember a man who said. “We need to take care of America first.”
Now I know why he said these things.

Sink Jaxon

I guess you didn’t read the lead-in paragraph to this poll, did ya…

Two Buck Chuck

I marked doing a poor job. Test kits are still in short supply, medical supplies are still in short supply, you can’t find paper goods in the store because people are being complete idiots and are hoarding things. Stores are just now starting to limit the number of items a shopper can purchase. Something that should have happened in the beginning. However, I think we are seeing some of these things changing.


And so it goes. It might be a good thing to ask people to list exactly HOW the “government” is doing a good job. Facts not vagaries, opinions, or FOX quotes. There isn’t one fact pointing to how the government is doing a good job. Trump fired the Pandemic Response Team in 2018. Why? Who knows. He was aware of the crisis coming to this country in mid-January – and did nothing but lie. “Nothing to worry about. We’ll be down to zero cases before you know it.” And now state governors are stepping up to do the job the Federal gov’t should have started MONTHS ago. No, the gov’t isn’t doing a good job.

Joe Allen

I marked the government is doing an excellent job, but when it comes to shutting down RV parks, state parks and city parks, not sure what they are thinking. We are full time in our coach and need these places to stay open, as well as others out there. Some how, people have left us off the list! We need a voice to stop this insanity! Help!


This pandemic clearly shows the lack of competent leadership at the highest levels.

D Dorell

GOV’T doing good. It is the media that is spreading fear and over exaggerating the situation.


Who could have guessed that this poll would incite division and political bias and hatred?????? Well done RV Travel!!

Just create more problems instead of becoming part of the solution!!

Remove this article and poll!!!!!


Here we go again. RV TRavel just cannot help but incite political hate speech.

Who could have guessed that this poll would incite division and hatred??????


What’s the point of this? Fox News watchers will say excellent. People who get their news from more fact Based sources know that it’s a s***show. So you’re basically just asking people what their political bias is.

Michael Roach

So many people out running around as if they are bulletproof, for example spring breakers on the Florida beaches. You can’t fix stupid.


Surprised this is the poll. Pretty “loaded” question and given the demographic of who RV’ers mostly are, the result is predetermined.


I want RV owners to remember, after this is over, the RV parks that treated us in an ethical fashion with cancellations and returning deposits. I also want RV owners to remember those parks that could care less and only cared about the money. On my list so far are:

BILTMORE RV Park, Savannah, GA
Winter Garden RV, Winter Garden, FL


The Intelligence agencies briefed the administration about this in Jan and early Feb. Intelligence committee Senators were also briefed. Yet at that time the President repeatedly called the virus a hoax. And several Senators sold their stocks while publically maintaining the virus was nothing more than a flu. As a direct result of the months lost when we could have been actively testing to contain the outbreak many Americans will die. Trump only began taking the outbrak seriously a week ago Friday, the same day a British study was published with estimates of the devastation the virus could cause. Trump still pushes false info at the coronavirus briefings each day, placing more people at risk.


the president tells the states that they are on their own as far as getting supplies. the states are trying to get the supplies but first they have to bid on supplies. the president { who is in charge of the federal govt] is outbidding the states so that they cant get the supplies. now is this right. and why do we have to bid. thepresident should set the price. bidiing means the govt gets all the supplies and the states get none. the president doesnt care about anything except himself.


The President is limited in what he can do personally, and I believe he’s doing as well as can be expected considering his opposition utilizing every opportunity to fight him and denigrate him. The President is not a dictator, nor is he one who should be required to hold our hands. He is taking the necessary steps as far as he is authorized by law to do so. The Federal Government has been telling citizens to prepare themselves for disaster and national emergency for decades. While it’s difficult to know whats coming, those who weren’t even the least bit prepared have no one but themselves to blame.

Congress could certainly do better. I’d like to see less partisan squabbling and more bi-partisanship in this. We need to get away from China and get U.S. industry manufacturing and supplying necessary medical supplies now, rather than having to go begging for supplies from nations with their own problems. This problem was a long time coming, and many have been concerned, and voiced warning. It’s a shame congress has chosen for decades to manage by crisis, rather than work to prevent crisis. Also, they should act quickly in helping citizens. We need to get medical and financial help to concerned citizens now in order to alleviate some of the worry. Congress: Get it done!

One thing is certain. EVERY developed nation with the capability to do so is looking for an effective treatment and cure for this. It will come. Our Federal government needs to get out of the way and streamline EVERY possible avenue for such treatment and cure to be found, and made available, as quickly as possible.

Einar Hansen

They knew about it months ago and did nothing! They should have started shelter at home in all states weeks ago! Now you have many more people at risk,because more people are out unknowingly
spreading it around more & more.