Friday, December 2, 2022


On a daily basis, how many people do you live with in “self-isolation?”


Most of us are holing up in our homes or RVs, working from home or just passing the time until better times return. If that’s you, how many people are you spending your time with? We’re not talking about the grocery clerk you see every week or so.

We’re talking about the people you see day in and day out, all staying out of public as best as possible — the people you live with.

Curious minds would like to know.

But remember, the poll may take a few seconds, so hold your horses, partner!

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2 years ago

Just the 2 of us. Not sure why people aren’t isolating.

J Gartner
2 years ago

Its just Darwin (my dog) and I.

Captn John
2 years ago

“self-isolation?” I’ve cut back some activity and some activities have cut back. Not being a hermit though.

2 years ago

My hubby, my handicapped son, me and 9 animals

2 years ago

the survey assumes everyone is self isolation – as I am,
but such is not so so the survey needs to have an option for those not self isolating at all

2 years ago

The survey wrongfully assumes everyone is in self isolation, as am I.
why not ask if any one is not practicing self isolation at all

Jim Schrankel
2 years ago

Luckily, after 53 years together, self isolating in our 320 sq ft fifth wheel home is not a problem.

Dick and Sandy still on vacation in Florida
2 years ago

Plus the cat who presides over all disagreements. And guess who feeds the cat, not me.

Kaeleen Buckingham
2 years ago

Plus the puppy mutt and kitty cat.

Jim Collins
2 years ago

Me ,wife , and Sister in law + 1 rescue dog.

Bob Perata
2 years ago

Been on the road since 17 Feb 20 and Will be still on the road until the end of April.

2 years ago

While we spend a lot of days together, it is starting to get hard by not being able to go out. First thing I want to do is see my 90 yo mother and take her to lunch.

2 years ago
Reply to  Denise

I’m with you Denise. My 85 yo mother is nearly 3 hrs away so I’m use to phone time, but now I find that I want to be there with her. Luckily, I have a sister that is doing her shopping, cleaning everything, and dropping the packages off. First thing I’m going to do is make a drive south for a visit.

John Wilkins
2 years ago

Of course add our two Labs. They want to get back on the road again.

2 years ago

And 4 demanding rescue cats.

Jeannie Ryan
2 years ago

2 if you don’t count our 3 rescue pups!

Judy G
2 years ago

One if you don’t count my 4-legged best bud….

2 years ago
Reply to  Judy G

Your best buddy counts, more than we really know. Stay safe.

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