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Have you begun trip-planning for 2021 yet?

Ah, 2021… the year we can travel again! Perhaps that exclamation mark should be a question mark…

Last week Nanci Dixon wrote about “COVID fatigue.” Her article says, “Plan your next RV trip! According to a 2014 study conducted by Cornell University, planning a trip makes you just as happy as actually going on the trip. So heck, get to planning! Even if the dates are a bit fuzzy the destination doesn’t need to be. Dream of a time after the pandemic. Start now to get the campsites you want. “

Have you started to plan trips for 2021 yet? Have you planned them out in your head or have you actually booked them? If not, when will you start planning? Soon? Or will you wait a while until things with the pandemic start to calm down?

Please tell us in the poll below. Leave a comment too!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Julian Palmer (@guest_106623)
2 years ago

Started with reservations at FMCA Rally in March in Perry, GA. My Keystone camper has been in the shop since August waiting for sheet metal from Keystone. Still no ETA on parts as of December17th. Beginning to doubt whether we will get parts from Keystone in time to attend March Rally.

Bill N Stacey (@guest_106564)
2 years ago

Irv, You stated.. “We’re assuming that travel restrictions will be eased in the NE for those that have been vaccinated.”… What about for those who choose NOT to get the Vaccine?? Do you wish us to be “Restricted”?

Bobkat (@guest_106377)
2 years ago

I just moved 2020 plans ahead one year. Covid cancelled our 2020 plans.

Cathi S (@guest_106362)
2 years ago

I really enjoy planning our travels. For 2021 I have multiple trips for some of the same time frames so that if, for instance, we can’t get into Canada, we can take plan B. Or if Glacier is not open when planned, then trip C. I have a trip D, which might actually be preplanning for 2022. I only have a few bookings, mainly for Jan and Feb and the park outside Glacier. We hope to attend some rallies beginning in May. Only time will tell which, if any, of these trips will actually be made. 

MrDisaster (@guest_106300)
2 years ago

Plan A is to go chase icebergs in Newfoundland. Plan is to leave as soon as grandsons graduation happens (hoping for a virtual one!). Really want to be in the area by memorial day(ish). Plan B is to head back to the UP. Wisconsin, Ohio and NY. Here’s to hope that the border will open in the spring!

Livan_Life (@guest_106285)
2 years ago

Talking about whether we will travel this year because of all the unknowns. From COVID to too many RVs on the road to possible rise in diesel and taxes of new administration. For now, we’re waiting. Also, started talking about selling RV and calling it quits because it’s taking time to plan in advance rather than being spontaneous like it use to be.

Last edited 2 years ago by Livan_Life
Tom (@guest_106282)
2 years ago

Not planning but am dreaming about it 😊

jillie (@guest_106279)
2 years ago

All of our trips are planned and all the campgrounds booked except for one because we have to wait 6 months out. Otherwise really looking forward to next summer. Anything but looking at the four walls of my house.

GeorgeB (@guest_106159)
2 years ago

Same issues as Mr. Wright’s comments below. Our primary purpose for having a motorhome is to travel freely, stop when and where we want and never worry about finding a RV park wherever we decided to stay. This is no longer the case, so we will sell our rig this winter while prices are high. We also anticipate very high fuel prices in the coming years. I think most readers can figure out why.

Livan_Life (@guest_106286)
2 years ago
Reply to  GeorgeB

We’re talking about doing the same, for the same reason. We love being on the road but hate having to spend so much time planning. Miss the good ole days.

pursuits712 (@guest_106157)
2 years ago

Three months camp hosting at a state park near family in Va., 3 months volunteering at a national park in Wisconsin. Free camp site, no reservation hassles, days off to explore the area. Have done this every year except 2020, when national parks closed visitor centers.

As retirees, we would be volunteering somewhere anyway — why not combine it with our love of camping!?

Bob Perata (@guest_106154)
2 years ago

Am doing the start of next years travel now, with a coupla months in SE AZ and than on to the Southern tip of Texas. I should have reservations but never make them. It’s like traveling internationally and on one way trips; you find a nice spot and you can stay longer without havin to leave because of the next reservation. Happy Holidays to you all. BOB P

John (@guest_106148)
2 years ago

Grandson graduates in June. Already planned and set for travel from AZ to NC and back. Covid may interfere but not stop a grampa from being there.

Donald N Wright (@guest_106143)
2 years ago

Yes, the AOC national rally was canceled again, but several of us are going anyway for a non-rally.I have already made reservations for places to stay on the way home.

Sharan Harrison (@guest_106625)
2 years ago

What’s AOC stand for?

Patti Panuccio (@guest_106142)
2 years ago

Just waiting for the vaccine

Douglas C Rutz (@guest_106118)
2 years ago

We are planning a trip to central Florida to purchase a house or condo. We have had our RV for 9 years and it is getting to be too much work to plan a trip. When we started RVing we did not make reservations, we just went. We didn’t even know until a couple of weeks before we left if we were going out West or down South. Pretty hard to do anymore. We will keep our RV for when the mood hits. Looking forward to our new adventure.

Sarah Shong (@guest_106114)
2 years ago

We’d planned on a return trip to Alaska in 2020 and, since that was canceled, we’ll try for 2021, if the Canadian border reopens. We’ll be coming from our home in deep south Texas, leaving mid-May. Our Plan B is to tentatively to go to RV rallies (FMCA, Escapees, and possibly Winnebago’s) instead but we shall see.

Irv (@guest_106108)
2 years ago

Assuming that we’ll get the vaccine in Feb or March, we’re making reservations starting in May. We have reservations for New York and Rhode Island which currently won’t let out of state visitors into parks without a two week quarantine.

We’re assuming that travel restrictions will be eased in the NE for those that have been vaccinated.

We travel partly to eat regional specialities. Until we’re vaccinated we won’t eat in restaurants and have only had takeout once since Feb. Although evidence is starting to accumulate that take-out is safe and that most transmission is through the eyes and nose.

Bill N Stacey (@guest_106629)
2 years ago
Reply to  Irv

Irv, You stated.. “We’re assuming that travel restrictions will be eased in the NE for those that have been vaccinated.”… What about for those who choose NOT to get the Vaccine?? Do you wish us to be “Restricted”?

Marty (@guest_106098)
2 years ago

We made our reservations in March 2020 at AZ state parks. We were visiting right before everything shut down and drove through Picacho Peak and Kartchner SP choosing a site and booking it online as we sat parked in front of it. We are leaving northern Michigan Jan 25th and camping till 2nd week of March.

Tom (@guest_106079)
2 years ago

Rallies are scheduled, reservations for some are made. Others are winging it. Life must go on.
“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Winston Churchhill

Michael (@guest_106375)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tom

The quote is from FDR (1933). But Churchill did say, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”

TIMOTHY W STITZEL (@guest_106068)
2 years ago

Our first trip begins in May 2021 and ends October 2021. Most are PA state parks with an anniversary week in Virginia. October to be decided in March.

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