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How comfortable are you at the wheel driving or towing your RV?

If you were driving or towing your RV today, how comfortable would you say you are driving it? Very? Comfortable, but a little stressed? Very stressed but it’s something you have to deal with? Or are you extremely nervous and uncomfortable?

We get it. Driving an RV, especially if you’re new to it, can be a difficult task – and especially if it’s a monster of a rig.

Please tell us in the poll below and then leave a comment and give us a few details – have you been driving RVs for many years or are you a newbie RVer? We want to know! Thanks for voting, and remember, the poll may take a moment to load.


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2 years ago

42 votes of very uncomfortable, that’s scary !!!!

2 years ago

Being a retired semi driver hauling the camper doesn’t bother me but the general public gets my attention. People need in front of the camper at all cost. Lol. I drove coast to coast for 23yrs and never was cut off, fussed at, and seen such wild hand gestures till I started hauling my camper. But life is good and camping is my new job

Austin Crehan
2 years ago

I have no angst nor am I nervous pulling our 35’ 5th wheel with our F350 SuperDuty DRW. We drive 55-60. Period.
I’m very often saddened at/with the driving ‘ability’ of the public. I flirt w adding a fog horn on the truck but as of yet I have not done so.
While we are not full time I do love pulling the 4,000 – 5,000 miles each year.

2 years ago

I am comfortable driving our 30′ gasser. When we travel, I am a much better navigator. I don’t like the right lane because of entering cars. I like to give my husband plenty of notice as to what lane to get in and what exit to take. You don’t want to go the wrong way. Even when it is just 30′ with toad = close to 50′.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

I’ve driven so many different vehicles that I can adjust quickly to just about anything and feel at ease behind the wheel.
However, I do have my limits.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bob Weinfurt
Grant Graves
2 years ago

Driver training made all the difference driving my 45 foot 50,000 lb motorhome while pulling a toad. Awareness and paying attention are critical but the stress is gone and I’m confident in my skill.

2 years ago

Very comfortable driving our motorhome, ax others have said I just wish people would understand how pulling in front of a RV of any kind when slowing down for stopped traffic is a danger to their life.

Thomas Wenzler
2 years ago

There is some underlying stress and should be. When you drive or pull an RV it is far more risky by nature and you should take extra care when on the road, it’s not the same as driving a car. Extra care is needed in every aspect of driving, parking and on the occasional idiot driver that can cause you a little extra stress. I feel the same when I drive my motorcycle.

paul sanchez
2 years ago

I totally agree with jeb try to stop my 36 foot class a when they jerk in front of you and slam on brakes some idiots on the hiway

Gordy B
2 years ago

I put on 220,000 miles towing rigs of all sizes in 27 months. Never towed over 62 mph. Based in Michigan, we delivered from Baltimore to L A, Sandpoint Idaho to Brownsville Texas in 42 of the lower states. I turned down Alaska 3 times (no profit, or Canadian driver license permit), I should tell you I am a retired trucker (72 yrs old when I started) and my wife went on all trips. At 62 mph you can relax, I did.

Beverley Fitch
2 years ago

I am comfortable driving my 40 ft MH. I do not tow any thing.

Susan Banks
2 years ago

I am comfortable, I feel I should not tow if I am not comfortable. I am aware of where I am going, turn radio off, stay distraction free. If tired I pull over take a little nap.

Gordy B
2 years ago
Reply to  Susan Banks

Exactly Susan, stay in your comfort range and stop for a nap when any drowsiness rears its ugly head. Most all of the time anyone is uncomfortable, they are going too fast.

Gary G
2 years ago

My “underlying stress” is from two things, other drivers, and I have a 2005 truck with 316,000 miles. I have kept the truck maintenance up extremely well, but still it is an older truck. Why do other drivers want to either cut in front or stop short in front of all RV’s? I do LOVE RV travel!

2 years ago

I am like Roy Davis — THE IDIOTS — cause me some underling stress… Other than that I enjoy towing my 5er…..Stay safe out there….

Brian Holmes
2 years ago
Reply to  travilenman

underlying stress….you can’t get past this today.

My story… Went out and bought a 3791 Rear Den a few weeks ago. What a beast. After a few trips and a few hundred miles I realized the front adjusting brakes just wasn’t going to stop this thing when the lovely young female that wants to get off at the next exit decides to come out of the fast lane into mine and slams on her brakes to make the exit ( this did happen ), just inches to collision and she flipped me off when I laid on the horn comment image ). With that in mind on our last trip I decided to not to put up with crappy brakes anymore. I installed disk brakes….I’m ready for her now….. yes underlying stress that disk brakes won`t even help with the next pinhead.

Gordy B
2 years ago
Reply to  Brian Holmes

Brian, what really gets to those drivers who flip you off is to lean forward so they can see your big toothy smile and wave frantically with all five fingers extended and toot the horn like they are a long lost friend.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Gordy B

Hi, Gordy. That reminds me of when someone flipped off my sister on the freeway. In return, she held up the hand peace sign. I’m sure that confused them. 😆 —Diane at

Roy Davis
2 years ago

I have been RVing for over 60 years, starting out with my dad, and I am fairly comfortable driving our RV with a trailer behind. However I chose the one with underlying stress because of the stupidity of other drivers. Just yesterday I had a women drift into my lane and I blasted the air horns. She was messing with her phone and driving. I also leave room between me and the vehicle in front of me because I am over 70k lbs. but invariably cars are always pulling into the space. Why I have a dash cam.

James Verhaeren
2 years ago

I have been RVing for just over 5 years having put 88,000 miles on a F-350 diesel, 34,000 miles while pulling a 5th wheel and put 41,000 miles so far on a Synergy TT24 motorhome. during the above mentioned 75,000 total miles of RVing miles I have visited (stayed in) 49 states and 8 provinces with little or no stress while driving. In fact, the most stressful moments were less stressful than when I worked. Of course, no guard rails going down mountains and drivers going from the far left lane to the off ramp on the right side in front of me is always interesting.

2 years ago

Comfortable only exception is major cities. Heavy traffic with numerous intersecting roads and construction can be tiring and frustrating.

2 years ago

I’m very comfortable when driving our 39′ DP. I actually enjoy the visibility when operating and rarely go over the speed limit. Vehicles entering a highway are my biggest concern. A lot of drivers don’t realize how long the motorhome-towed car combo is and some run out of merge lane before they duck behind us.
My wife is content to be a passenger.

Diane Mc
2 years ago

We are pretty comfortable, but getting noticeably more anxious as we get older. We take turns. I can do most roadways, except I will not drive thru or around major cities or the bypasses. Hate merging cars/trucks, exit only lanes. Trip to FL from CA husband will do San Antonio & Houston. We have made notes regarding the bypasses. Which lane to be in to make the exit to get onto bypass & what lanes to be in to avoid ‘exit only” lanes. Those are my greatest fears, as drivers aren’t always friendly to let you in when trying to move over, no matter how long you have been signaling them you need to get over! I can pull into and out of truck stops/RV parks/rest areas. Still have a hard time remembering front wheels are behind me…lol. But, so far, fingers crossed, I haven’t hit anything. My husband naps when I drive. Says he trusts me. Oh, seems when ever it’s my turn, there is construction. Eyes straight ahead, breathe. 39ft DP towing a Mini Cooper or Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

I’m comfortable but yes, with some underlying stress. Mostly because of other bad drivers. Like the ones who drift into your lane while they’re talking or texting on their phones. I always drive defensively and considerately, watching what’s behind me and what’s ahead of me. I will always find a pull-out spot if I’m holding up more than 3 cars as a rule. And I always keep a keen eye for motorcycles!

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