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Do you plan on selling your RV or buying an RV in 2021?

In the year 2021, do you plan on selling your current RV or do you plan on buying a new RV? Both? In our weekly column, Campground Crowding, we have heard from many of you who say you’re “hanging up the keys” and selling your RV – “camping” just isn’t what it used to be! We want to know exactly how many of you feel that way. But, of course, we also want to hear from those still excited about camping – are you buying an RV this year?

Please tell us in the poll below and leave a comment, too, explaining your situation (why are you selling or why are you buying?). Thanks!

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Ronald Hamann
2 years ago

I am selling my RV. When we starting out 10 years ago it was fun. Now it is a pain in the neck. We were planning to stay in Motels or hotels but where do you eat?

Glen Cowgill
2 years ago

No matter how you look at it, I am 79 and the wife, well you can guess. We both are getting old but we still have some places we want to visit. Our 36′ Class A is in perfect shape so we don’t mind traveling with her but we do think sometimes about downsizing. We tried that once before and it did not turn out well. If only I could find a Class B or B+ that gave me the illusion of space then I would consider selling and buying a new one.
If I can’t spend an hour in it relaxing then how am I going to spend 2 or 3 days of rain in it.

Bob P
2 years ago

Sold the class A and seriously thinking of buying a small travel trailer for short trips near home. No mor 6 month snowbird trips.

Cheryl Johnson
2 years ago

We are nearing retirement and sold our travel trailer last year and ordered a new Airstream with plans of traveling more in a couple years!!!

Grant Graves
2 years ago

We are just enjoying the life full-timing. We have no interest in making any changes now.

2 years ago

We travel between a summer location and winter location in our RV. Don’t own a home, just land only. Fulltime since 2016 when we travelled N. America. Learned to dislike campgrounds during that time, found it best to own our own remote properties where we are not packed in like sardines. Slowing the travel down saves $$$ and we can even pickup side gigs since we stay in the areas longer.

Dosinda L Linden
2 years ago

Have had our 2017 Heartland Elkridge for 3.5 years now and love it. Thought of trading it in for a shorter one, but prices of new offerings in 35 foot range, are much too high. Our 5th wheel is 41.5 feet long, so travels must be planned months ahead of time! We added lots of extras and improvements that make our travels a lot more enjoyable, although the bunkhouse/den is no longer used as much since the grandkids are older and don’t want to travel with us on long trips. We have converted the extra closets as pantry space and a reading room, with an extra TV, in case Hubby wants to see Law & Order marathons in the living room.

Bluebird Bob
2 years ago

Have our 1984 Bluebird Wanderdodge now for 17 years. Looked long and hard for an rv that would last! Tough to find. Took me 1 1/2 years to find this one. Most of the rvs we see out there are poorly put together and don’t last for the long haul. We will keep living and traveling fulltime in ours until I can’t drive safely anymore.

2 years ago

Sold 30′ Puma bunk model 5th wheel months ago and ordered 2021 Lance 850 truck camper. Hoping for mid January delivery in time to hit the road.

2 years ago

thinking of selling. if we do we will not buy another…

Michael McCracken
2 years ago

Seriously considering selling my class A this year. Wife and I have been fulltiming for 8 years. Tired of living in a RV and the current overpopulated RV’ers causing travel problems.

Paul Cecil
2 years ago

Yes I might. Will it be this year? If I can find what I want. I am being very picky and I am willing to take my time to get what I want.

Gary G
2 years ago

Might, might being key word, update pick up truck. Ram 3500 2005 with 335,000 miles. Could be time. Maybe?

Kevin and Lori B.
2 years ago

We still love our 2004 Winnebago Adventurer and are too scared to buy something newer because of all the poor workmanship out there!

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

We have a 10-year-old Class B. By now we have fixed the few problems we had and have it set up just the way we like it. We intend to keep using it for as long as we are physically able.

Neal Davis
2 years ago

If we buy, then we will also sell. Although neither is “planned,” I am carefully lobbying my wife to begin considering downsizing our motorhome from 43′ to 36′. The Newmar New Aire strongly appeals to my growing bent toward self-indulgence. However, I am resigned to buying a used or a deeply discounted previous-model-year one. Hence my choice of “might buy” in answer to this survey.

2 years ago

Sold our Class C RV a few days ago and am now looking for a used Class B. I, however, doubt I will purchase one this year as I feel that they are priced too high and I would not be able to use it as much as I would like to this year. Would buy one if the right model at a good price came available.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

Actually bought the Airstream , trying to sell the Aliner.

Tom H.
2 years ago

Just paid off our 2016, 29′ Jayco 5th whl. Just the right size for us. Hope to keep it for many years!

2 years ago

Still not seeing the polls, but have no intention of buying a new RV or selling the one we have. If we see a used one we like better than the current one we may go for it.

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