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How long is your RV?

We wish Dr. Seuss would write a book about RVs. We can only imagine how hilarious it would be to read out loud “…Some are big, some are small, some go fast while others fall! Some you drive, some you tow, some ride high and some ride low!” Oh, the places you’ll drive…

RVs come in all shapes and sizes. Some want mansions on wheels, others want beach shacks on wheels. It all depends on the person and how you want to use your RV. How long is the RV you currently own? Do you wish it was longer? Shorter? Taller? Smaller?

Please vote in the poll below. If you’d like to leave a comment, we always enjoy reading them.

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Steve Barnes, Kamloops rural, BC
2 years ago

Our 2015 Grand Design Reflection 337 is 36.08 feet long.
In about 2018, that model mysteriously shrunk to 35 1/2 feet. GD eliminated the rear bumper, 6+ inches long I guess.

2 years ago

At the beginning of last season we were lucky and found a 2018 Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite, that is 35′ quite an up-grade from our 20′ Travel Star Hybrid.

2 years ago

I have yet to see an actual poll on this website. Where is the poll??

2 years ago
Reply to  CSayre

There’s one just above these comments as of 1/25/21. There’s one posted frequently, perhaps daily.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob_B

Thanks Bob. I’m on Chrome on a Win 10 PC, and I even turned off all ad and pop-up blockers, and there is absolutely nothing. In fact, I have attempted to look at multiple polls over the last few months on RV Travel. Never saw an actual poll yet. I certainly can’t be the only one…

2 years ago

Our RV is also a 24′ Safari Trek. Impressive machine in many ways. Count ourselves richly blessed to have it, couldn’t see anything larger matching our lifestyle.

2 years ago

Our RV is a Safari Trek. 24 feet long outside but 34 feet long inside. Check one out

Jeff Craig
2 years ago

35ft Forest River Georgetown with triple slides. Thinking of taking a road trip if we ever get vaccinated and go to Yosemite or maybe out across the Dakotas to Michigan. Just need to get away!!

2 years ago

Our Newell is 45’8” long….

Sean Kennedy
2 years ago

It’s ‘Seuss’. Not ‘Seuss’.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Sean Kennedy

Thanks, Sean! When I looked at it last night, my brain saw it the correct way! Sheesh! I even have a Dr. Seuss quote above my computer to remind me of my 18 acres of mountain property waiting for me: “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” —Dr. Seuss
It’s been fixed. Have a good night. 🙂 —Diane (aka Mountain Mama) at

Joe Sullivan
2 years ago

28′; 31 ‘ counting A frame.

Bruce McDonald
2 years ago

I answered 25 or less because we just purchased a Class B at 21 ft. But we still own 30 ft. 5th wheel. We expect to use both: the short one for short trips, the longer one for long trips – when we feel that we can do long trips again.

Norm Burgess
2 years ago

33′ Super C International Nexus

Robert N. Cordy
2 years ago

Our trailer was 30 ft long when new but every year older I get, it gets 2 ft longer!

2 years ago

Evidently not too many Class B owners out there.

tim palmer
2 years ago

Had a 25′ TT and sold it. Bought a 40′ fiver to live in while I build our house. After I finish I think I will sell the 40′ fiver and settle down with a fiver about 34′.

2 years ago

We upgraded to an Evergreen Everlite Select 27FKS after I retired. It was 30 feet long and just ideal for the two of us. Momma loved that long counter in the kitchen. Then Momma died a year ago and it’s just me and the dog, so I no longer need to run two vehicles. Last summer I traded the 30 foot rig for a 21 foot Bullet Crossfire 1700BH. When the lease is up next December I plan to sell the pickup and lease a new Subaru Ascent rated to tow 5000#, several hundred more than the Bullet’s GVWR. Plenty of room for one. It is also much easier to maneuver when towing.

Roy Davis
2 years ago

We have a 45 Ft. diesel pusher but we’re thinking about buying another used RV. It would be a smaller Class C that we’d be taking to Alaska and back. I am not planning on driving the Alcan but taking the ferry. We may sell it when getting back or give it to our son.

David Hagen
2 years ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

You will never forgive yourself if you don’t take the Alaska (Alcan) hiway. And it is much cheaper than the cost of the ferry and back.

2 years ago
Reply to  David Hagen

So true! I drove the Alcan, alone, in spring 1992 and again at the end of that summer. An unforgettable experience.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kathryn

Forgot to say, I was in a Honda Civic.

suzi angel
2 years ago

We went from a 12′ Playmor to a 34′ Avenger. Hubby, who does all the driving, say the big trailer is easier to drive and backin park. I miss the bed (dinette conversion) but love everything about our Avenger. It’s the gathering place for friends and family when we camp.

Jay Jeffress
2 years ago
Reply to  suzi angel

We have owned 36′ Diplomat, 40′ Dutch Star and enjoyed many trips. In our late 70s we decided to down size to a 25′ Winnebago View. Love the ease of parking, the twin beds, averaging 15+ mpg, even towing CRV. Miss some things from earlier coaches,but we are very satisfied with our View. Heck of a lot easier to wash and wax!

Lynn Davis
2 years ago

We have a 40ft Renegade Super C. And we love it. We did a lot of research for over two years. Was ready to order a Newmar Class A. Then I just happened to see a Renegade in a magazine. Took a trip to Florida to check one out and we were sold.

2 years ago

We have a 22′ trailer. I wish it was 6″ longer with the extra space in the bathroom. When I sit on the toilet, my toes stick out under the door.

Otherwise it’s the perfect size for us. We’ve done trips as long as 6 weeks but most are a week. We don’t spend much time in it during the day so extra living space isn’t important.

2 years ago
Reply to  Irv

I had to laugh at your comment! I feel your pain LOL. We have a 21 foot trailer and it has everything we need. But, we are looking for a bigger one only because we can’t stand that tiny little corner bathroom.

2 years ago

39’+ class a. when reserving i describe it as a 40′.

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