Friday, December 9, 2022


Were you affected by frigid temperatures or power outages last week?


It was a challenging week for many North Americans, with record cold temperatures across the country, and in some areas – Texas, in particular – power was out to millions of homes for days.

For some of those people, just surviving was a battle against time and nature.

How about you? Were you affected by the frigid temperatures and/or power outages? If you are a full-timer, were you able to keep your RV warm and your water flowing? If you were in a traditional home, did your RV prove a sanctuary with its generator for power, and propane for heat?

Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

And if you are still in a difficult situation, we wish you good luck!

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Scott Taylor
1 year ago

We’re in NH – been frozen in since last fall… TX is not prepared for that kind of cold!

Jim Knoch
1 year ago

Last Tuesday was Mardi Gras down here in SE Louisiana. It has allways been said that they wouldn’t cancel Mardi Gras until hell froze over. Well, CoVid caused the cancellation and New Orleans froze over … it was 22 deg. F and the coldest Mardi Gras on record. So much for global warming … now they want to call it climate change! Welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum! I sure hope it isn’t a sign of a new “Ice Age”! If it is, we may be clamoring for more carbon dioxide to save whatever heat we can get from the sun.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Knoch

Global Warming is about taxation , fees -carbon credits what a joke – more freedom robbing legislation. Now because they look like the Globalists they are, they have changed the scam to climate change. Yes it is Grand Solar Minimum = coming mini ice age, unless the poles do waver more

Richard Hughes
1 year ago

Don’t know yet because we just heard that Tucson’s gas bill was exponentially affected by the freeze in Texas. It could possibly be passed on to us peons.

Tony Grigg
1 year ago

We arrived in our 5ver in Rockport TX last Saturday. Sunday afternoon the town killed all water and later that evening we lost all power. We didn’t see either again until late Wednesday. With lows in the teens, each day was spent trying to find propane and standing in line to get it. Also driving town to town looking for working electricity that would allow gas stations to operate and fill our gas can so our generator could keep us going. It was dicey, but we made it.

1 year ago

In Baton Rouge, LA. Temperatures in the teens but in our sticks and bricks we have a whole home generator, however we never lost power! We were nice and toasty.

BILLY Bob Thronton
1 year ago

Hey, this just in, this freeze is due to “climate change”. I have to hand to em, they got this one covered by applying it both ways.

Here’s the best part, the mandated rolling blackouts in TX, to insure the power grid integrity, caused blackouts at the Nat. Gas generation stations in the Permian basin area of West Texas, that were trying to supply the Texas grid because the bird choppers were frozen. That in turn, caused loss of residual heat as a byproduct of generation, causing the valves to freeze, thus shutting down, and making it worse.

So, the moral here is; don’t do that again. The gas didn’t freeze, it was system operator error. But will the truth be told. I suspect not in any other place but TEXAS.

1 year ago

Plus Biden throttled back all the coal power plants. The Chinese now control our power grid thanks to Hidin Biden

1 year ago

We have been in south Florida for 6 of the last 10 years full time on RV( north and high each summer from Western to eastern North America every year) and 4 of the previous 5 years on a boat full time after selling house in STL county 15 years ago and that works well for us. Sincerely sorry for those who suffer the terrible weather any year. The great thing about a boat or RV is mobility and we always continue to find if you plan 6- 12 months ahead reservations are no problem- if you do not good luck.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

We were in Houston for almost eight months for medical reasons, camped in a really nice RV Park. We left about three weeks ago. Talk about “just in time!” However, we always keep our onboard water filled when staying anywhere. Nevertheless, this would have been a ‘trying time’ even though we think we’re prepared for stuff like this, but not this long . . .

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Glad to hear you got outta town just in time, Tommy! Whew! That was a close one. Onward and upward, eh? Take care. 😀 —Diane at

Neal Davis
1 year ago

Forecast weather for our home last week precluded working outside — too much precipitation — so we went to a Tennessee state park about 2 hours away. I failed to check the weather forecast ahead of our arrival and we were greeted by ice and heavy fog our first morning and snow our second morning. Temperatures were as high as 34 F and as low as 12 F. Thankfully on departure day the temperatures reached 36 and it was sunny. All the snow and much of the ice melted, so we were able to get home. That night a winter storm rolled through that area, but we were safe at home. 🙂

1 year ago

Why can’t the Polls function on cellular data, why only WiFi?

J Van Wyk
1 year ago

We were in Coastal Texas. No power or water for 2 days and when we had water, it was frozen. A fitting cracked up behind the sink, requiring sink removal to fix. Lucky we had propane and could keep the furnace running by recharging our battery from our truck. We were warm! Now it’s 70º

1 year ago

This disastrous storm covering much of the country has made us realize even more than usual how fortunate we are to live in south central Florida where, while so many were freezing, our uniform of the day was shorts and a T-shirt! Prayers for the many who are adversely affected!

Margaret Dinkel
1 year ago

We are in south TX (Corpus Christi area). We were lucky in that we didn’t lose power in the RV park, but parts of the town were out, including the pumps that supplied the city with water. We were without water from Monday until Thursday. I will say that we weren’t too smart in that we didn’t have our fresh water tank filled. So while we were able to keep warm, we had no water. We (2 adults and 2 dogs) subsisted on 1 gallon of water we had in a jug for over 3 days. We used the water we had in the outside pails for the dogs to flush the toilet (it got flushed once a day–yuck!!) Meanwhile, the dishes piled up. Almost used every one. So happy when I was able to get a shower on Thursday! Even happy to be able to wash dishes (and I hate washing dishes-lol). As of today, things are so much improved, but we are still under a boil water advisory. I can live with that. At least we have water.

1 year ago

We were staying in an rv park south of Galveston, Tx. We lost power,water and sewer for 3 days. We ran out of propane day 2. Fortunately the two days it was 19 we had heat but day 3 and 4. we were only able to keep the trailer temperature at 42 degrees. We moved on Friday and are in New Orleans, 55 feels like a heat wave.

1 year ago

I am in the DFW area of Texas . We have had snow since last Sunday. We have had record breaking temperatures, one day a -2°. Yesterday we ended a 139 hour stretch of below freezing temperatures. I am in my total electric sticks and brick and fortunately I didn’t lose power or water. A lot of my friends did. We were lucky but also prepared with a generator and alternative methods of cooking. If all else failed we could have cranked up the RV and “camped in the back yard “.

1 year ago

2019 Verona VRB
We had rolling blackouts for days , but never totally without power thanks to our generator. We maintained good heat with two ceramic heaters, and using about 40% of our on board propane from furnace.
We disconnected city water as soon as freezes announced. Sometime last Sunday our inside water pump ceased functioning. Then flushing and water usage limited to jug of water. Today everything has thawed. Water pump working again, don’t know about that either. We can only assume had a interior freeze? We checked inside, outside, and underneath and have found no visible water leaks, on either water pump or city water.
There is no dairy, meat, or bottled water available anywhere in this area, likely the whole state is without.
Trying to get in a store today was far worse than the initial Covid days.

Greg & Delores Stooksberry
1 year ago

Our first trip as Fulltimers to Texas has been interesting, to say the least. We are on North Padre Island just outside Corpus Christi. While Sunday night and Monday were pretty intense, we count ourselves lucky, We had Propane issues that had me outside in the dark early morning hours, 25-35mph winds for days, temps in the teens, wind chills around zero, and water issue in the area that resulted in a water boil advisory for most of the week, By mid-week we were above freezing for most of the day and looking forward to the 60’s predicted for the weekend. While cold weather isn’t our norm, we learned a few things and thanks to previous boondocking experience we were able to adapt and conserve the resources we had. Overall we feel blessed and feel for those further inland in the frigid tundra. Safe travels to all our fellow RV’ers and sunny days ahead.

Beverley Fitch
1 year ago

I had to go to hotel. Water froze and run out of propane. Propane could not be delivered due to heavy snow.. Home on Sat. but water remains frozen.

1 year ago

We are in our S&B just NE of Ft Worth. Lost power Monday morn and pipe to outside water softener froze and burst. Thankfully our Motorhome was parked in the driveway winterized. I used the generator to run a hair dryer to thaw the pipes so I could fix them. Spent the next 2 subfreezing days fixing it. Also used the RV genny run the house gas furnace and the fridge. House temp bounced between 48 and 63 with genny. Power came back on Tuesday evening and stayed on. Now I’m just waiting to see if anything drips out of the motorhome engine/radiator or any of the water lines. Fingers crossed. It was 55 today! We are coming out of this quickly.

Mike LaMagdeleine
1 year ago

No change, we live in Alaska