Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Is your RV 30 feet or longer?

How big is the RV you currently own? Is it a small Class B van? A converted short school bus? A medium-sized Class C? Or a big ol’ Class A? Whatever it is, we want to know if it’s 30 feet or longer. Is it?

After you vote in the poll below, please leave a comment and tell us exactly how long your RV is. We’d also like to know if you think it’s too long, too short, or just right! Thanks!


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arvid bergman
4 days ago

35’ 5th wheel; cocktails for six, dinner for 4, sleeps 2! Usually no problems finding a site.

Herb & Kathy Baldwin
6 days ago

We live full time (5 years now) in our 36′ diesel motorhome and find that maybe a Class C or travel trailer is in our future. We haven’t been locked out of anywhere yet due to our size, but also realize that bigger isn’t always better.

Kimberly Wolfe
8 days ago

25′ travel trailer that I pull with a Ford F-150.
1 slide-out.
A little small, not because of size of living area. But because there’s not enough room to add a couple things in. I.e., washer/dryer, larger refrigerator or more of a pantry.
However, I would still enjoy a second slide out for when I’m parked for a while.

Penny J Sabath
8 days ago

46′ with 4 slides. We live in it full-time. It’s a DRV Mobile Suites and though it is supposed to be a top line RV, we feel the quality of our RV is definitely not there! How it got through Quality Control is beyond us!! Luckily my husband worked at Country Coach an knows how to do many of the repairs!

Ronald rollins
8 days ago

We have a 43 foot 5th wheel. Rear bedroom front living room. 5 slide outs. We love it. had this one almost 3 years. Been full time rv living for 7 years.

Penny J Sabath
8 days ago
Reply to  Ronald rollins

Hi Ronald, what brand do you have?

Connie Busby
8 days ago

40 ft and just right.

Drew Vactor
8 days ago

43’ – just right because it has a second toilet accessible with slides in AND a fireplace PLUS my wife loves her huge closet and W & D. Requires a toad to get around but very comfortable when home. AND my wife loves driving it on comfortable roads – and I love driving in the mountains. 2020 Newmar Ventana. About 1/2 time.

8 days ago

40 ft

8 days ago

Just the right size for the 2 of us. But sometimes hard to park unless it’s a pull through.

9 days ago

35 ft

Laurie Fitch
9 days ago

30 ft is perfect for us. Able to access the campsites we want, and able to navigate the loops on the water in a favorite DEC Adirondack park. 30 ft provides wonderful accommodations for just the two of us, or when our children join us.

9 days ago

Our Grand Design Imagine XLS 17MKE is 22 feet long and perfect for us. Has a slide and Murphy bed and the longest kitchen counter in it’s class.

Last edited 9 days ago by Richard
9 days ago

45ft Newmar Ventana Is our “apartment on wheels!” Plus we tow a RAM 3500, sometimes with a motorcycle or two 🙂 !! And we LOVE it!
Great for boon docking but not so great in some National Parks. But we manage and are flexible when traveling around the country!
In past days We’ve experienced tents, pop-ups, and trailers, plus Vans & smaller Motorcoach’s.
And yes! That 3500 RAM is handy to have when you have a tendency for off-roading and wander too far off the road well travelled!

Bill Lefler
9 days ago

My 5th wheel is 42’ long. Makes it difficult at times to find a spot, but we haul our Harley in the garage.

K. Heymann
10 days ago

We have a 20 foot Rpod 179. It tows well and we can get it into almost any campsite. It’s a bit small for extended trips and we don’t like the wet bath. We will be upgrading soon to a 25 foot trailer, which will not only be longer, but wider.

Marylin Wiseman
10 days ago

Our 5th wheel is 36′. It is perfect length.
We have had larger and smaller. We are very happy with the floor plan

David Bellows
10 days ago

336tsik chaparral 36ft

Eric Thomas Hall
14 days ago

315BHT sandpiper by forest river 5th wheel… seems good size… Poor quality on structure… aluminum studs have pretty much all came apart at welds…and filon has unattached all over…just a few years old but looks decades old…floors sag… constantly has new bends and wrinkles in it Everytime I take it on the road… Which is about every 3 months average… It was too overpriced for the substandard quality of what you get for your buck… Constant repairs going on …weekly projects that sprout new weekly projects…not as efficient or durable as was told at time of purchase… And the manufacture who should have had recalls for repairs will not be held responsible for their factory defective welds or the damages those defects have caused… Never again will I ever buy this camper brand or line.

14 days ago

30′ Skoolie
Self-Converted 2005 Freightliner FS65 School Bus
The perfect size for our family of 4 and we have all we need, and want. By building it ourselves, we know where and how everything was installed in case we need to repair or redesign. And for a fraction of any RV cost. Best decision ever.

Brad Hanson
14 days ago

41′ of luxury. Love it.

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