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Do you carry a 30-amp or 50-amp extension cord in your RV?

Did you hear about the guy who got arrested for eating batteries? He’ll be charged by morning.

OK, all jokes aside, we’d like to know: When you travel in your RV do you carry a 30-amp or 50-amp extension cord with you? Yes? No? Both?

Here’s an article from Publisher Chuck Woodbury about why carrying one of these with you might just save your day. Check it out.

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Paul S Goldberg
20 days ago

Had a 30 amp extension from my years in a 30 amp coach. Added a 15 foot 50 amp extension when we moved to a 50 amp coach. I also carry all the necessary adapters. Seldom need any of that stuff, but when I do it is really nice to reach into the bin and pull out just what I need. I think I used all of it in the past year. Escapade in Wyoming needed 50 amp extension to reach the outlet way behind the coach.

Jim Prideaux
1 month ago

Over the years I can recall only one instance where an extension would have been useful. However, even in that instance I managed to park the rig so the power cord fit. Don’t see the need.

1 month ago

I am curious in the response to this question. How many people actually read the word “Extension” in your question? It is easy to answer, yes, of course I do until I read again and saw the word ‘Extension.” So again, I ask, how many people answered not seeing or reading the word “Extension Cord?” I carry a 50 foot, 30 amp extension cord plus a dog bone for 50-30 amps.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

My rig is set up for 30 amp but I carry a 100′ 12 gauge 120 volt extension cord that’ll carry 20 amps as I don’t use much electric.

Stuart Spillman
1 month ago

My rv’s 25 ft cord was damaged at the 15 foot point when I bought it used. So I cut the cord and added new connectors so I have a choice of adding the 10 ft or my 25 ft extensions cords. I also carry a 25 ft 12 gauge cord that is rated for 20 amps. With adapters this can also be used but I have to watch my amp usage.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

We carry a 30-foot 50-amp extension cord. Thus, our effective distance between the RV and power pedestal is 55 (60?) feet. We also carry a 50-to-30-amp (30-to-50?) dogbone to allow us to use 30-amp service if 50-amp service is unavailable, or unneeded and cheaper.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

Like everyone else, I have dogbone adapters for 10A and 30A to my 50A power cable, but so far I’ve had no need for a 50A extension cord. The 20ft hardwired cable that goes into my Watchdog EPS has been fine for 12 years of RV’ing. I do have a 20ft extension cable that I got for when I finally park my RV at home, and put in a 50A plug in my garage.Or, I may put in a whole pedestal, depends on where my sewer line is and if I place a dump connector.

Don N
1 month ago

The question was EXTENSION cord. That means a separate from the hard wired or a plugin as some RV’s have.
depending where I go, I carry one extra or 2 if i have not been to the park previously. Some parks have double hookups which may be a little more than you fixed cord will reach.

1 month ago

I carry 2-15′ 50amp cords, plus adapters for every situation. Seldom need the 30′ of a full length cord, plus don’t need the resistance of unneeded cord.

Gary G
1 month ago

I carry a 15 foot 50 amp extension and 30 amp adapters.

Diane Mc
1 month ago

Hardwired with 50AMP. Carry a 30AMP adapter.

Last edited 1 month ago by Diane Mc
Matt Colie
1 month ago

There is a small problem with the question. Our coach was made with a 30foot power cable attached. While I do have an extension for the 50 amp cable. I rarely carry it because it is rare that it is needed.
Maybe you should ask how long the cable supplied with the RV is, and how often is it adequate to the purpose?

1 month ago

Mine is part of the rig. 30’. I do carry a 30 to 50 and a 15 to 20 adapter.

Scott & Beth B - Altoona PA
1 month ago

I do have a 30Amp ext-cord but only carry it when going to a location I am unfamiliar with. No sense carrying extra weight if I don’t have to as I don’t have a full size truck. I’m pulling with an SUV, I am under the max weight safely but don’t want to get used to taking stuff un-necessarily.

1 month ago

I carry both 30 & 50 amp cords plus several adapters. Have needed both once in awhile and have also loaned out to fellow campers.

1 month ago

We carry extensions for the 30 amp power cord, the fresh water hose, coax cable, and the stinky slinky. We have had several trips where we meticulously set up our rig and ended up exactly 12” short of the standard hose/ cable hook up.

1 month ago
Reply to  Scooter

I carry the same. I have needed all of them at one time or other.

John V
1 month ago

Since I went from 30A to 50A with the new 5er, I kept the old 30A extension and bought the appropriate connector. At least I have one and would be able to run one A/C…

Mick Lindley
1 month ago

I use the extra cord to reach our generator in the bed of our truck.

1 month ago

Actually, I carry three extensions: A 25 ft 50a for those full-hook up sites where the pedestal is just in the wrong place, a 50ft 30a for really challenging spots, and a 100′ 20a for places that just weren’t intended for camping, but there’s a handy wall outlet that can save running Genny and disturbing the peace. I have the appropriate dog-bones for each, and I’ve used them all!

1 month ago

I always carry the adapter as well as an extension cord.

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