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Portable LED lantern separates into four individual lanterns


By Chuck Woodbury

Coleman has a hit in its Quad LED Lantern. Not only does it perform well as a powerful lantern, but it is easily separated into smaller, portable lights that can be carried wherever necessary.

Watch the video below for a demonstration

It’s great for RVing families and other group campers who need both an individual lantern as well as portable lights for walks to restrooms or other places in the night.

The Quad is equipped with four removable LED panels that hold 24 LED lights total. Users can remove any of the four panels and use them independently or they can keep all four attached to the lantern and produce 190 total lumens of light. As a result, the Quad is the perfect light for group camping trips and any other occasion where folks might splinter off into smaller groups during the night.

Each of the panels is a fully functioning light, with six 5mm white LEDs, a rechargeable NiMH battery, an independent on/off switch, and a top handle for carrying or hanging. The NiMH battery — which recharges when stored in the lantern base — provides up to 90 minutes of light on its own. The lantern base, meanwhile, requires eight D-cell batteries, which provide an approximate run time of 75 hours for the entire lantern. Other features include a main on/off switch located on top of the lantern, a light range of 26 feet, and a limited five-year warranty.

The lantern sells for about $50 on and is also available at most big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

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