Monday, December 5, 2022


Charge your cell phone with a campfire


By Chuck Woodbury

I suspect that headline grabbed you. It sounds ridiculous! But it’s true. It’s about a device called the Power Pot, which for gadget freaks like me is just about the coolest camping accessory to appear in a long time.

The Power Pot uses hot water to generate power — essentially acting as a mini thermoelectric generator. This means it converts heat directly into power to charge USB handheld devices. The Power Pot is simple: just add water and then place over a heat source, like a campfire as noted in the headline. Plug it into the flame-resistant charging cable and watch it charge as fast as with a wall outlet. It takes a mere 10 to 60 seconds to start charging an electronic device after placing the pot on its heat source.

The Power Pot works great with many other heat sources besides campfires. Use a backpacking stove, wood stove, propane/butane heater, natural gas home range, your fireplace — even a hot spring! Got Sterno? That works. If your power’s out at home or in your RV, light a stovetop burner, fill the Power Pot with water, and then plug in your cell phone or other device. On days when the sun doesn’t shine (or at night) or when a windmill doesn’t spin, you can still generate power.

And while you’re boiling that water for power, drop in some carrots or peas.

Granted, an RVer will likely not have many occasions to use a Power Pot, but the fact is, this is one very cool gadget that could conceivably come in handy one day. And it does more than just charge your iPhone. Use it to charge most other smartphones, GPS devices, GoPros, digital cameras, lights, headlamps, radios and ham radios, water purifiers, etc.

The device weighs only 12 ounces, has an indefinite shelf life, no moving parts, and it’s water and fire resistant. And it comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking for an incredibly cool gift for a geeky RVer friend or family member, this is it. Heck, get one for yourself. Put it on your campfire at the RV park. When someone comes by and asks “What ya’ cookin’?” you can say, “I’m not cookin’; I’m chargin’!”

The Power Pot sells for $149 at Learn more at the Power Pot website.

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