Sunday, October 2, 2022


President to trade Air Force One for an RV?

What’s in the future for President Donald Trump? If his offhand remarks made at a press conference mean anything, you might see him at the wheel of a motorhome. On Friday, June 5, the president was waxing eloquently about the economy at a White House Rose Garden press conference. Feeling good, the president, according to the Boston Globe, remarked: “I’m going to have to buy one of those things and drive around town. Maybe I’ll drive back to New York with the first lady in a trailer. What do they call that?”

“An RV,” Vice President Mike Pence responded.

The vice-president should know about these things, having previously been Indiana’s governor. As the center of RV manufacturing for the country, the Hoosier State may be on President Trump’s travel itinerary. He could tour factories and get a first-hand look at how his potential future rig is built.

He might also get a handle on the differences between motorhomes and towable units. If Trump wants to “drive back to New York” at the wheel of a motorhome, it does present quite a mental picture – “with the first lady in a trailer.”

Please keep your comments civil. We’re obviously just aiming for a little lightheartedness in the midst of all the gloom-and-doom.



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