Propane tank level indicator very useful


This propane tank gauge is a must-have for those of us that run out of propane occasionally (me included). You do not want to run out when you are in the middle of a BBQ, especially when you may have a hungry family waiting for your culinary artistry.

Not only will this gauge help you stay more economical and save on your propane bill, it’ll also clue you in if your tank has developed a slow leak. The dial has three marked sections: “gas”, “low gas” and “replace”. This device is designed to plug into a type 1 regulator fitting.


  • Accurately keep track of how much propane you have left
  • Economical. Save money by using up as much propane as possible before switching tanks or refilling; this gauge will let you know just how much gas you can access
  • UL Certified for USA and Canada
  • Heavy duty commercial grade brass

You will find the propane level indicator on Amazon.

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