Friday, December 8, 2023


Protect your RV’s dash from damaging sun

By Bob Difley

Dashboard coverSummer is here. As I write this, it is 90+ degrees and we are in for at least a week of hot weather. And if you haven’t thought about it, the rays of that bright sun burning in your RV’s front windows are wreaking havoc on the materials that cover your seats and dash. You likely have put seat covers on your seats, but have you protected your dash?

Action Awnings and Upholstery has recently introduced an expansive line of custom dash covers to prevent damage to this vulnerable part of your motorhome. But what does a dash cover actually do?

1) Provides sunlight protection: Since your dashboard is placed specifically under the windshield, it’s presented to an everyday assault of daylight and UV rays. But with a dash cover, your dashboard gets a solid shield against UV rays.

2) Reduces glare: A dash is generally quite shiny, and is also angled perfectly to reflect sunlight right into the eyes of the driver. The suede material will remove the glare, making it safer driving on a sunny day.

3) Prevents heat damage: The dash in your motorhome is not designed to sustain the UV rays and heat of the intense sun.

4) Blocks dirt, dust, and scratches: Dirt and dust particles can undoubtedly make little scratches that gradually dull your finish. By adding a dashboard cover, your dash keeps its looks.

5) Protects your dash from damages caused by cats’ and dogs’ nails cutting into the vinyl.

6) Reduces inside temperature: The dash is the part of your motorhome interior which is exposed to the greatest amount of sunlight. A specifically designed dashmat will absorb much of that heat and reduce the air temperature in the RV.

For more information, free samples, or to place an order visit the Action Awnings and Upholstery website.

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