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Reader complains about foggy double-pane windows



From editor Chuck Woodbury
I received this email from reader Norman Powers about foggy double-pane windows in his RV. I am sharing it with you to see how many others have had the same experience. Please leave a comment if you have encountered this problem, and tell us what you did about it.

Dear Chuck,
This is a problem that I have not seen much about except when you search on bulletin boards … foggy thermopane-type windows.  Our front side windows were so cloudy that it was difficult to see the outside mirrors, and the rest were nearly as bad. We just spent a bunch of money getting our foggy windows removed, cleaned and resealed.  

After doing some online research, I found that there seems to be only two companies fixing these windows: Suncoast Designers Inc. in Hudson, Florida, and another company in Arizona. Since we live in Florida, it was an easy choice and I would recommend Suncoast for these repairs. They were quick, neat, and have hookups that allow you to stay in your RV while they work on it. They, unlike the RV manufacturer, offer a limited lifetime warranty.

You might think, “OK, an old RV with leaky windows.” But our Fleetwood Bounder is only five years old with 22,000 miles.  And Suncoast’s parking lot was packed with units large and small, new and old, with new customers coming and going for the three days we were there.

Why is no one complaining about this and why do the manufacturers continue to buy faulty windows from these vendors?

Maybe this is not such a big deal, but looking at all the rigs being repaired, it sure looks like someone should look into it.

Thanks for listening, and a great newsletter. —Norman Powers

READERS: Your comments are invited.


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5 years ago

I have a 2005 Fleetwood Providence , with fogged driver window and passenger windows, I live in North Carolina and can find no one that can fix my windows. Can anyone help ?

Tom moeller
5 years ago

I have a 2002 newmar Dutch star,and have yet to have a foggy window.I had a fleetwood and Winnebago both had foggy windows.

Richard F Kanatzar
5 years ago

We have a 2006 Fleetwood Southwind, and every window except two in the bedroom slide, have fogged up. I replaced the drivers window and passenger up front so I can see out while driving. When I called Fleetwood about this problem the parts Tech told me there is nothing they can do about it.!? I know of 6 other Southwind owners with the exact same problem. The replacement windows have not fogged up since replacement three years ago, and we have driven over 8000 ” from sea level.

Tracy Horn
5 years ago

If you’re all talking about dual Payne framed windows…great. what about hehr frameless? We have not found anyone who repairs those flush mount frame less like they put in high end fifth wheels…suggestions?

Joel Lefkowitz
5 years ago

My 2015 Born free coach has had one window replaced or repaired 3 times in the 3 years we have owned it, Born Free has been wonderful in helping us get the warranty work done but I always wondered why the window mfg didn’t care to find out why the same window failed 3 times.

Kate Perrie
5 years ago

We have now had three windows fog up at different times over the nine years we have owned our motor home. The worst was the driver’s side window fogging up so badly you could not see the side view mirror!! Fog Doctor came out to our RV park in Casa Grande, AZ and removed and replaced the windows. It is a quick easy and reasonably priced (about $100 for each window). We don’t look at this as a big problem as the maintenance problems on a home are generally much more costly.

Dave Frick
5 years ago

2004 Fleetwood Southwind- all windows are fogged. The worst is the front passenger window. when the sun hits it, the driver cannot see the side through to the side mirror,

5 years ago

Our Lazy Daze class C developed three fogged windows. We had them repaired at RV Glass Solutions in Phoenix, AZ last November and they are still doing well. Their main headquarters are in Coburg, OR. They also offer an option to replace with a solid piece of glass at the same cost. It was something we considered but we weren’t sure it matched our current window tint and they only cut the glass in Coburg.

We have two friends who had used Suncoast in Florida in the past year and both had problems with the work. In the most recent instance, they ended up having the work re-done by the shop in Phoenix. One rig was a DP motorhome and the other a gas Class C.

In retrospect, dual pane windows in an RV seem like a really bad idea.

Mike Haider
5 years ago

Fogging windows is not just a RV problem. I have had a number of the windows in the house fog up over 30 to 40 yrs. The problem with the RV window is you are driving your portable house down the road. Plus they are not true thermo panes. All the bumping and jumping down the road is tough on the seal. The change in altitude also contributes to the problem. The difference is the house windows are usually garanteed for up to 20 yrs.
I wa very pleased with the work done by RVFogDr in Seancy, AK.

doug rutz
5 years ago

My 2012 HR has foggy windows with 29,000 miles on it. I have checked with the company in Florida and it is an expensive time consuming process. I probably would prefer single pane windows with storms if they cannot perfect the dual pane windows.

5 years ago

The last comment stole my thunder. Our 2008 Fleetwood Providence has all of the windows fogged. On our trip this summer we will be stopping at the Fog Doctor in Searcy, AR to get them all changed out. Quoted price is definitely reasonable.

5 years ago

The fogging is, as stated, from broken seals. This is due to high elevation. This is evident when traveling from sea level to high elevations. I know a glass expert who educated me on this issue. They use some type of valve that allows escape under pressure. That was evident when we changed dual pane windows purchased from a big box store at sea level, and carrying to our cabin at 5600′ elevation. Same is true with Plasma TV’s! The reason they put in RV’s? well, for obvious reasons, including cost……. Go cheap, more profits on sales pitch. DOn’t know if there is a fix for our motorhomes, but maybe there is a glass expert who can educate you on this!

Ken johnston
5 years ago

We have 2010 carri-lite and half the windows are fogged up

5 years ago

Our unit is a 2003 5th wheel. Haven’t experienced this problem. Could see where it could be a problem.

Robert & Jean france
5 years ago

If you have to replace consider using plexiglass and eliminate the space.

5 years ago

Don’t forget RV Fog Doctor in Arkansas. They do excellent work at a reasonable price. Also, I think a lot of the equipment failures with RVs is due to the poor condition of our highways today.

5 years ago
Reply to  John

I certainly agree with that statement.

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