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2 years ago

We have four on our Monaco compared to only one on our former Holiday Rambler. What a wonderful difference!

2 years ago

2008 Southwind 2 Slides
Had a few problems a first.
Took it to the Factory in Coburg, Ore. $ hrs later all works fine.

Mary Ann
2 years ago

We tried one night camping without extending our 3 slide outs on our 2005 Winnabago Voyage. So cramped and uncomfortable for us and our dog.

Dan C
2 years ago

Three slides on our Dutchstar. No issues……so far.

Jack Gilliam
2 years ago

NONE. One less thing to cause problems..

J French
2 years ago

I have 2 on a Jayco 32RLDS but 1 is strictly an outdoor kitchen.
Since we are only 2 plus a Yorkie, & the Jayco is used 1 week a month average the amount of room is sufficient but would have liked another slide making a larger bedroom.

2 years ago

None. But I wish I had one for extra room. Although I like it the way it is.

2 years ago

I have 3 slides that has not given me any trouble. I have a 40 ft 2014 Big Horn.

2 years ago

We have six slides on our Montata fifth wheel. Finally everything has a place.

2 years ago

We have a 37′ Fleetwood with 3 slide out. We just completed our summer fling of 6730 miles and no major issues. We bought the 2006 rig used and love everything about it.

Edward Carl Knack
2 years ago

None and I want to keep it that way!

2 years ago

1999 National RV 37′ Tradewinds with one slide (galley and couch on driver’s side). We purchased an older Class A in 2015 to avoid having a bedroom slide. Also didn’t want any slides on the passenger side. Got exactly what we want and have been very happy with it.

2 years ago

Current motor home has 2 slide outs

2 years ago

Current motorhome that we are trying to sell has no slides, our new one will have two slides

2 years ago

Went from a Class A to a Class C. With opposing slides up front plus a bedroom slide, our smaller Smaller C feels like a Class A when parked, but has the nimble feel when on the road.
Happy with Jayco quality & had zero problems with slides.

2 years ago

The three slides in our old 03 Dutchstar have not skipped a beat since day one. Have seen a few nightmares parked next to us though.

2 years ago

My first trailer, 23′ with no slides because I didn’t want the complexity…

Current trailer, 35′ with two super-slides on the same side, which together are almost full-length. Deployed, this trailer is just slightly bigger than my first apartment, and a lot nicer.

Billy Whitley
2 years ago

Just had a bolt to break on the bedroom slide. Took it to Tom Johnson Camping World where I bought it two years ago. Repair was $900. Took less than three hours to fix, but had to leave it four days. Parts were $155 for two new cables and bolts. Service desk very non courteous. Things should last longer than two years. Warranty had just expired.

Judy G
2 years ago

I had a fifth wheel with 3 slides, all of which leaked and rotted out the floors. Now I have a Class C with NO slides.

2 years ago
Reply to  Judy G

I had the same experience, Judy. I now have a Class C with NO slides and wouldn’t want it any other way.

bob aikmAN
2 years ago

The worst slideout ever invented is the nighmare called Swhwinn bu Lipperrt waht a piese of junk never works right and they wont stand behind it atall