Reader Poll: In a wind storm, have you ever worried your RV would blow over?


If you’ve been an RVer for long you have probably experienced a wind storm, maybe a hurricane or tornado (we hope not). It can be a downright scary experience! But was the storm ever so violent that you feared the wind would blow your RV onto its side?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Please vote in the survey below and tell us.

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Yes. Travelling West, began to be buffeted by bad wind. Fueled up, then wife had to walk at a 45 degree angle to the store. No room to park in between the big rigs to cut the wind. Parked so we were headed INTO the wind, with our truck partially breaking the the wind. Trailer shook, we slept head to the wind so if it tipped we would be on our feet. (no lie) Hard time going to bathroom in trailer also. Waked up in sunshine in morning. Stepped out, and saw all the windmills. Went in for coffee, counter girl said you were the ones out there all night? we said yes., She said that was the worst night of wind they had in a long time. The 18 wheelers had stopped even along the Interstate. Yes, we were feared a bit. That was back in about January 2000.

Bob Love

Re: wind storms. Twice I had worries. Near Tucumcari during a violent, mostly dry, thunder storm in 1975 I tied our tent camper to a kiosk to keep it upright. I actually slept out under a picnic table, and really enjoyed the night! Second time was at Rio Vista CA. Similar time, but just regular winds ~40 MPH. Tied to tree stumps left after others had cut them down for firewood!! Took 7 tiedowns. Survived after severe buffeting, ca 1982? Exciting times! Wouldn’t have missed them.


Only once, we pulled off the road and the wind was broadside. We rocked and rocked, and worried we’d tumble down the embankment. We weren’t alone, either, all the semi’s pulled over too. While we were parked in a campground, it’s never been a concern.

Lawrence Neely

I have had a lot of pushing on the side, the concern was more about being pushed to the side or into another vehicle driving by. I have had a co-worker who actually was blown over. In southern New Mexico on I-25. He does not remember any of it. Just what the police told him. Going thru one of the canyons, a side wind gust came up and picked up his trailer (5th wheel) and pickup and flipped it on the side of the road. All he remembers is waking up in the hospital.


Have a heavy 36-foot Carriage Cameo 5th-wheel. Have been in a few situations with strong straight-line winds over the years in TX, AZ, CA, and SD where we did worry about being blown over but experienced only scary rocking. As someone else mentioned, the surrounding trees were more of a concern to us. No damage that way either — yet.


Try I-80 in Wyoming,especially headed West.Make you think twice about Wyoming wind.


It depends on where in the country you RV the most. In the northeast there’s usually some sort of buffer such as trees to deflect wind. I suppose in the midwest and west the wind blows unfettered.

Jim Gregory

A tornado passed over us at an RV park in Texas. Our 16 ton coach was lifted off its wheels on one side twice.


On the day we purchased our new Class A and on the first night we had winds of over 70 mph at the campground. All I could think about was all the 50 or so giant oak trees that surrounded us.

Charles Carmichael

Only when I have been driving and had to pull over to the side of the road IE HW 50,


70 mph straight line wind in a rain storm, pushed in our slides in to the point that rain was coming in. Not much fun in Oklahoma that day.


Our Class A DP is 40K+ lbs and is low to the ground. We’ve experienced high winds but were very secure and comfortable.


I have been within a couple of blocks of a twister. I just pray that it either remains undamaged or becomes unrecognizable.


I worry more about limbs or debris hitting the TT.


West Coast. Never been in a wind storm of any magnitude. I voted no.