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Reader seeks help with Keystone trailer problems



From editor Chuck Woodbury
I received this email from reader Peter Morgenstern about several unresolved issues with his Keystone Cougar travel trailer and lack of acceptable response from Keystone. I am sharing it with you to see how many others have had the same experience. Please leave a comment if you have encountered similar defects in your Keystone trailer. How did Keystone respond? Do you have any suggestions for Peter?

Dear Chuck,
I am a subscriber of RV Travel and enjoy your articles and accounts of your travels, and I need help.

I bought a 2016 (Keystone) Cougar 30RLI and I am having trouble resolving issues with the camper. I have a big soft spot in the floor which they maintain is caused by the location of the gray and black tanks, slide issues which they say are normal, screws poking up under roof edge which they say do not compromise the integrity of the roof. I was told by one of their retail advisers that I couldn’t even talk to their supervisor or their service department to try to resolve these problems, which I believe are manufacturing and structural defects.

I am not asking for you to personally take on my fight with Keystone, but to help me find people or organizations that can and will help me. —Peter Morgenstern

READERS: Your comments are invited.


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Bill W
5 years ago

Bought a new Keystone Sprinter a couple of years back ,it had problems with tires wearing badly on the outside. I took it back to Camping World where I bought it, they checked it and sent pictures and measurements to Keystone. Keystone said my warranty was void because I had a bicycle rack on the rear bumper. I called Keystone and asked the rep if they really thought that 2 bicycles could bend the frame or the axles ? The response was ” IT COULD OF”. It turned out I had bent axles, which I had fixed at my expense. As a result I will never own another Keystone or Thor product. I now have a Forest River Cardinal and am very happy with it

Ronald J Schulz
5 years ago

Write to Mr. Matt Zimmerman, CEO of Thor Industries. Explain what’s going on with your RV and what you want done. See the following links:
(Sorry, don’t know how to hot link them.)

Also, send him this link to a facebook page about Keystone RV’s. Maybe he’ll get the hint that his companies are making unreliable products and some managers should get fired. No CEO likes bad publicity.

Warren Gress
5 years ago

We purchased a Keystone Cougar 21RBS about 1 1/2 years ago. Had to take it back to the dealer 3 times for quite a number of issues that should have been caught at the factory. Since I only used it about 6 months before the season was over, I detailed all of the problems we had and submitted it to Keystone with a request that the warranty be extended an extra year. They politely declined. From what I’ve read, this problem is not isolated just to Keystone.

bob aikman
5 years ago

This is typical of what is coming out of the RV industry just throw together and get it out the door been to many factories and they all build JUNK good luck you SUCKERS

Sam Ferguson
5 years ago

We bought a 2012 Zinger at a camping show and have had nothing but trouble with it since. When we picked up the camper I told the service manager one of the axles was bent. He swore up and down it was okay. After 3000 miles on a trip the inside of the tire was worn slick. It took 2 months to get and replace the new axle. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the problems we have had. I have no use what so ever for any RV from crossroads or any thing to do with Camping world.

Mike Sherman
5 years ago

I have concluded the best option is to go to an independent shop and just pay for the repairs (unless it is a high-dollar warranty issue). You’ll usually get quality work in a timely fashion and be back on the road, which is the ultimate goal, and saves a lot of stress. The dealer’s maintenance shops can’t give good service. Establish a good relationship with an independent shop and spare no expense on preventative maintenance.

5 years ago

We sold our Keystone Montana after 6 years of full timing. We have so many stories of shoddy workmanship, poor customer service, faulty appliances, lying dealers, that we could bestow.

We voted to sell and buy something else. We recommend anyone who has had dealings with Keystone to do the same. Let your dollar be your vote.

5 years ago

2014 Keystone Sprinter…I have actually been told by Keystone Customer Service– about problems– “TOO BAD”….What does that tell anyone about Keystone???? I have a BIGGG back window that I use for advertising about Keystone and Camping World—-SUCK….

hank hoyt
5 years ago

Peter Morganstern, Howdy;

Here’s a link to a forum (NOT Keystone sponsored), where you can join others that share your experience and some have actually gotten favorable results.

Look forward to seeing you there and hope someone can help you find a reasonable solution to your questions .


5 years ago

It is so awful RV’S nowadays are so poorly put together. It seems more often than not a new owner has horror stories of lengthy shop time. We purchased another manufacturer but are going through the same thing. When I was shocked that parts were taking more than 3 weeks to come in, the warranty rep told me that’s nothing – that she has people who have been waiting months. Where is consumer protection in all of this? How are these companies permitted to operate this way? They do not disclose how difficult it is to get good/reasonable repair work done or how much time you have to spend on the phone to ensure follow-up happens. It is outrageous. It seems like the only way to get things taken care of is to find the right person who can work some magic on your behalf. There needs to be some class action to revamp this industry to bring back quality in product and quality in service.

5 years ago

I bought a new 2015 keystone hideout 28bhc. I’ve had it in for repairs since before delivery. I bought the toe behind trailer at a show and there were issues from kids and adults pulling and tugging things that shouldn’t be pulled on lol. When I went back a week later not one repair was fixed and was told I had to tow it home then tow it to there shop the next day. Which I did. They’re about an hour and half away pulling the trailer one way. Well after about 4 weeks it was ready for pickup. Get there and they still hadn’t fixed 2 of the items and told me to take it home and we made appt for them to fix those items in about 6 wks. We finally went camping and found out the tv and stereo didn’t work as well as a few other small items. Well I wad told I could take my trailer to any keystone repair shop for warranty work. Well I have a place only 10 min away but because I didn’t but my trailer from them they have a waiting list of about 4-5 weeks longer than those that bought directly from them so I had to drive it to my dealership. After finally getting trailer back almost 8 wks of being in the shop we went out and again tv stereo didn’t work. Luckily the service writer worked with me and I pulled stereo system it he got new one and I installed it after I had to drive to dealership to exchange, but aft least I was in my car and not pulling trailer. Anyways my trailer is in shop now, again, and I’ve had a panel in bedroom fixed (supposedly) 3 times but remember each time I have you wait to get trailer in shop then wait for it to get fixed. We’ve owned trailer now for 2 yrs as of June 24th and its been in the shop over 14 months we’ve owned it. Lice the trailer but hate dealing with shops and repairs. I now have to take trailer from repair shop early since wrong parts came in and we have a trip planed for the weekend of the 8th of July. Then I have to take trailer back after we return as parts aren’t expected to be in until the 7th. So frustrating and I’m thankful I bought extended warranty but I hate that trailer is in shop so long I almost feel line that’s how they waste the warranty period so it will expire before your warranty items actually fail. Dealing with keystone on items is always referred to the warranty company. Ill never buy from them again. I’ve owned trailers and rv’s before and never had issues Like this. Buyer beware buy extended warranty no matter how much they try and charge you. You can negotiate warranty price so don’t accept there price asst face value.

Mojo Pare
5 years ago
Reply to  Upset

Camper World make a good profit selling extended warranties to cover items they should fix under manufacturer warranty – but don’t.
Not my kind of dealer.

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