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Rockslide smashes through RV park in British Columbia

On Monday, January 16, residents of Eagle RV Park in Keremeos, British Columbia, were rudely awakened when a nearby rockslide came pummeling through their park. The rockslide began around 6:30 a.m., originating from a hillside across Highway 3. Luckily, no one was injured during the slide, but significant damage occurred, leaving one resident without a home.

Rockslide crosses over highway, leaving a path of destruction

A similar slope in Keremeos, B.C. to the one that caused the rockslide

The Keremeos rockslide began on a hill adjacent to Highway 3, where multiple boulders broke off early in the morning. The rocks came barreling down, crossing the highway, and breaking through the concrete barrier that lined the other side of the road. Two boulders then descended upon Eagle RV Park, inhabited by at least 20 motorhomes and trailers at the time.

Although no one was physically injured on the highway or in the RV park, one individual’s fifth wheel and another structure on site were destroyed. Large 120-pound propane tanks were narrowly missed.

RV park resident recounts the event

Kyler Heller, a resident of Eagle RV Park, was present when the rockslide occurred. According to Global News, Heller remarked on the seriousness of the situation, saying, “It was pretty scary when it was coming down.” Every unit was shaking, and the thudding sounds of the boulders bouncing could be heard around the park.

Heller saw one boulder, about the size of a fridge, coming straight for his trailer. He grabbed his dogs and brought them inside, taking refuge in the bedroom at the back of the trailer. The boulder narrowly missed his unit, but collided with his neighbor’s, severely damaging the front end and leaving a gaping hole.

The response

Immediately following the slide, road officials closed Highway 3 to heavy traffic. Rockslide mitigation efforts began taking place, and only light vehicles were allowed to pass. Commuters and commercial vehicles were instructed to take the marked alternate route.

Monday evening, all residents of Eagle RV Park were forced to evacuate in case additional rockslides occurred. According to Heller, they were initially told that it would be just one day. They were then informed that evacuation could be as long as 30 days. The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) opened an emergency shelter in Keremeos for residents who did not have an alternative place to stay.

Highway 3 was reopened the following day after geotechnical surveys determined the rockslide was stabilized. As of Wednesday evening, the evacuation order was still in place for Eagle RV Park residents. Residents were encouraged to monitor RDOS’s social media pages for updates as engineers work to determine the safety of the residential area.

Complete pictures of the event can be found here.



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Ival Secrest
11 days ago

I have stayed in that park multiple times enjoying the many fruit and vegetable stands in Keremeos. Scary.

Diane Tricomi
12 days ago

The Pictures tell it all, I hope everyone can rebound from this,

12 days ago

The real story is in the link with pictures. What a nightmare for these people.

Bob p
12 days ago

My thoughts about taking shelter in the bedroom of the RV in the middle of a rock slide, I guess he thought that would be a suitable coffin if a boulder crushed the RV.

Don B
12 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

LOL I thought the same thing, I would’ve got the hell out of there!

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