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Roof vent fan helps keep RV air fresh


Musty odors can accumulate when recreational vehicles are closed up. The MaxxFan Standard model ventilation fans from MaxxAir Ventilation Solutions, with reversible fan option, efficiently draw in fresh air and also remove hot, stale air.

vent-738MaxxFan Standard fans are available in remote control or manual lid opening models. Sturdy and durable twin lid-lifting arms ensure smooth and safe operation with no lid fluttering during high winds or when the RV is traveling.

A powerful, fuse-protected 12V DC ball-bearing motor with built-in thermal protection operates a 12″, 10-blade fan to circulate over

900 cu. ft. of air per minute. An easy-to-clean ceiling keypad lets users choose any one of 10 fan speeds, as well as control thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions.

The flush-mounted fan fits any standard 14″ x 14″ roof opening, and closes securely for a low-profile appearance. When the lid is closed, the MaxxFan also operates as a ceiling fan, a MaxxFan exclusive. The interior insect screen removes by rotating the four retaining knobs, so no tools are required for cleaning.

MaxxFan Standard Model 4000K features a white manual open lid. Model 4500K features a smoke-colored electric opening lid and comes with a hand-held remote control with easy-to-read LCD screen. The fan answers commands pressed on the remote by emitting an audible beep. All MaxxFan remote control models also include backup keypad controls at the ceiling, another MaxxFan exclusive.

The 4500K model comes equipped with a handy rain sensor that automatically closes the lid within seconds of detecting rain. The rain sensor’s sloped mounting prevents false triggers and helps water wick away faster.

Each MaxxFan Standard model comes with all necessary mounting hardware. Waterproof molded mounting holes facilitate installation of compatible MaxxAir fan covers.

MaxxAir offers a two-year warranty on each unit, with a lifetime warranty on the lid. Available from Amazon.

Information obtained from press release.

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