RVer wants buying advice. Isn’t it obvious this RV is bad news?


By Chuck Woodbury

I came across this posting on the Facebook group Full Time RV Living (a good group you may wish to join). Why, I wonder, would someone even ask whether it was wise to buy this RV (see photo below)? And the RV dealer just passes off the damage as “common in most 5th wheels due to weakness and pressure/weight from the slide.” 

Of the nearly 500 comments on the post, about 95% said, “Don’t buy.”

Here’s the post:
I have a question but here’s the back story. Found a camper I liked at an RV dealer and got my appraisal report (great and very valuable info). While trying to work out logistics to go look at it I found the exact same year make and model of the camper only 5 hours away versus 12 hours so I hopped in the car and went to look.

I put a deposit down with the condition that it would have to pass the RV inspection at a local RV dealership. They sent me the picture below of this huge crack and said that it is common in most 5th wheels due to weakness and pressure/weight from the slide around this year and that they have since changed the design. Is this accurate and true information?

The RV dealer told me they recommend just putting heavy duty roof tape on it and not to even mess with getting it fiberglass repaired.

I need advice. Everything else checked out in great condition. Tomorrow they will check all the bearings, wheel wells, tires, etc. The tech said he checked the area where the crack was and said it was solid and not soft as far as he could tell. What advice do y’all have for this somewhat of a newbie?

What info would you ask the seller specifically about this crack? If it makes a difference it’s a 2014 Heartland Cyclone 4100, asking price of $33,000. Have to make a decision tomorrow or Thursday.

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Rory R

Obviously the dealer, in this case, seems to think you’re stupid. If that is his attitude, I would take the alternative, especially since it has already passed a professional inspection. If you take this unit professionally repaired or not, it sounds like this dealer is not in your corner. In plain english, I would not trust him as far as my 2 month old grandson could throw him. NO, do not buy this unit…

sharon B

RU out of your mind?? RUN


It looks like the slide isn’t closed all the way and therefore isn’t sealed against rain/air/dew/condensation from the A/C, which can enter around the slide and also enter through the crack, leading to moisture problems (rot and mold) which are more serious problems than the appearance. Before repairing the fiberglass itself, the underlying structure needs to be checked for rot and mold, the slide alignment corrected, and the top of the sidewall under the slide may need to be reshaped so the slide doesn’t grab it on the way out, which is likely what caused the crack. Slide alignment is likely to become a regular maintenance issue. Take your roll of tape and walk away.

Hardy Jackson

Since you are willing to spend thirty three grand and if the rest of the coach checks out, I would offer the dealer twenty five grand and have it professionally repaired. If the dealer balks at the offer, tell him that he thinks that you are an idiot accepting his statement, therefore he should be stupid enough to accept your offer.

Debbie Jenson

No way~ plus we avoided slides with our purchase and advice friends the same…with a good floor plan you don’t need one.


If you like everything else about this particular unit, offer $10k and get it repaired by a pro. Other wise, step away from this and all other units of this make and model.


RUN RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good old Heartland. We had the exact same problem – crack at the bedroom slide. Told it was normal. It occured after 10 months of purchase. We were still under warranty. We made them repair it and it cost them $8,000. RUN !!

Charles Ketchum

Nope, this fissure is obviously a stress fracture. There is an underlying structural problem and it would likely take a lot of time and/or money to correct it. I say move on and find something else.

James LaGasse

Why would you consider buying anything for that kind of money with this kind of damage? The reason they are telling you to just put tape over it and forget fixing it is because it is not repairable. The problem will never go away and will only get worse, it is a defective trailer and it should be a criminal offense to sell it without a permanent fix.

Bob p

This is a question from a garden resident, a blooming idiot, so the only way it would learn would be the hard way, so yes buy the trailer and then you will learn an important lesson about stupidity. I believe this is a fabrication because I don’t believe anyone could be this stupid. STUPID CAN’T BE FIXED!

Troy Clevenger

Yeah there are to many rvs out there without huge looming cracks, just take your time and find the perfect one for you. Also dont trust anyone that says its ok in anyway shape or form. Good luck hunting!

Tom Smothbrother

Don’t bother with it at all. Way to much damage.

Michael Roach

Just put some duct tape on it, it will be fine, says the rv stealership.

Michael Roach