Thursday, December 8, 2022


RV boo-boos – No pickup to pull fifth wheel? No problem!


By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Got an RV to pull but don’t have the needed equipment? Improvise! This fellow evidently didn’t have a pickup to pull his fifth wheel. Lacking in equipment, he made up for it with imagination.

We wondered if this might be a candidate for the Darwin Awards. Our thanks to George Bliss for sharing this image. And remember, boys and girls, never try this one at home!

Even if you don’t have a pickup to pull it off,  if you’ve seen, witnessed, or had your own “RV boo-boo” moment and have a photo to share with others, let us know. Fill out the form below, and put “boo-boo” on the subject line. Be sure to link your photo with the attachment tool on the form.

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RV boo-boos – Really high-centered 5er
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Donald N Wright
10 months ago

I always admired the VW bug with the fifth wheeler hitch on the roof.

Robin Pack
10 months ago
Jesse Crouse
10 months ago

Can’t fix STUPID, only what STUPID does.

Bob p
10 months ago

This is an accident waiting to happen, also in most states it is illegal. A “triple tow may be allowed but the first trailer must be attached to the tow vehicle with a 5th wheel hitch which this not. The second towed vehicle can be attached using a ball hitch, this is just the opposite.

Tommy Molnar
10 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

In NV, we towed two trailers for years. We had a 25′ travel trailer and hooked our two-unit ATV trailer behind it. Never had an issue. Not sure I would do what this guy in the picture is doing though. It just looks funky. There used to be an outfit that made ‘bumper pull’ hitches that you could attach a 5’er to and pull it. It looked well made, but I haven’t seen the ads in a long time.