RV diesel fuel discounter gets bigger savings, more retailers


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Everybody loves to save money – and folks who burn diesel are surely among them. A few months back we told you about a discount program, TSD Fuel Card, that is a genuine money saver. It’s not uncommon for users to report getting HUGE discounts – 50 cents or better per gallon – by using the TSD card at participating truck stops. Learn more about the program here.

TSD has been working the crowd, as it were, to get bigger discounts and more participating fuel stops. We’re told that one of the program’s regulars, TA/Petro, has discount rates that may make them the lowest-priced fuel stop in the network. TSD has also been working on signing up new retailers to provide a broader choice of stops, and now Kwik Trip and Kwik Star have joined the fleet. This really “pumps up” the number of discount locations for users when cruising through Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Here’s a list of participating fuel discounters in the TSD network:

Road Ranger
SAAP Brothers
Kwik Trip/Kwik Star

In addition to looking for new fuel card users, TSD also asks for help from current users. It seems some card users, when having questions about use of the fuel card or have gripes – instead of just picking up the phone and calling TSD for help – have tried to deal with fuel vendors on a direct basis. That’s created an issue for some of these sellers, and for TSD.

Remember, TSD is your direct contact for problem resolution – not the fuel retailer. The company warns if they get wind that an individual card user has skipped their help and gone directly to a retailer, they will cancel that card member’s card. Bye-bye discount!

Really, contacting TSD by phone is going to be a whole lot easier than trying to deal with a fuel desk clerk who may not have the vaguest idea about the program. Save time and frustration, just call TSD at 800-275-5089.


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Kim P.

We absolutely love the TSD card. We have always saved tons of money on diesel fuel. Looking forward to TSD adding even more truck stops. We have never had a need to file a complaint with anyone.

Please please please, if you do have a problem, contact TSD directly. Do not screw this up for us.

Bill & Judy

We received a discount card when we bought our RV. Problem is the places you list have inflated prices to begin with and using the card only brings the price down to what you could normally get at another place, without a discount. In fact, I have found Loves, TA/Petro have prices that average 30 to 50 cents per gallon higher than another station just down the street (Racetrak, Raceway, Walmart). That being said, with the discount, you still pay more than at other fuel stops. Let the buyer beware, discounts aren’t always what they seem to be. Shop around, we have saved significantly by doing so.

William Johnson

The problem with the card is that you can get a better price just down the street

Jeff Arthur

I was under the impression that a MAJOR player opted out for RVers? Now back in ? I don’t recall the company that said no to RVers but got the information here!

Sam Sprott

Not to hijack, but where is everybody going to get roadside assistance if they are leaving Good Sams?


Got the fuel card before we left Ft. Myer Fl to Detroit, card worked great, saved average of 1.10 from Loves, got home May 3rd

Lisa Jordan

We have been using TSD since we read about it here. As a travel nurse fuel is a priority for our tow rig….we are always amazed at the fuel cost. We never have had any problem with TSD.👏👏

Carl J

I won’t be fueling up out back with the big boys. Tried that twice and both times got blocked in. Apparently its big trucker SOP that once they get filled up they pull ahead just far enough to clear the pumps then disappear into the store for a 30 minute shower, a sit down meal or binge watch some show in the lounge. At that point, they make their way back to the truck to move it out of the way.

Dan Coffey

This is one great deal! Even if no discount, use it. Do not have to travel with a lot of cash to get a cash discount.


it’s a terrific program….let’s not be messing it up, please!!! Problems?…don’t complain to the truck- stop people, PLEASE. Call TSD. It is just way too good to jeopardize things in any way!!!


Reminder. No discount of gasoline sales, only diesel. With Loves, the discount is in the truck lanes only, Get your fill up with the trucks. Do not follow the Auto and RV signs, as you will not receive the discount. You will not see the discount immediately on your receipt. Your receipt shows up in your email usually 24-48 hours later. Patiences. Love’s app has worked like a charm and saved us lots. The folks a TSD are great on the phones.


Best fuel discount program ever. Hate to see ANYBODY screw this up!!

Laurie Albrecht

I’m usually pretty savvy about doing things on my phone and this is how we tried to use the TSD card and for the life of me, I could not make it work and finally gave up and just pumped the diesel. It was frustrating and at that point time consuming! It appears that others had an ok time using it but, us, not so much!

Donald N Wright

Got any discounts for gasoline like Exxon or Shell?

Sharon Nelson

This program is legit! We were traveling on I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix and stopped at a TA. The sign for diesel was $2.78 and with the discount, we got it for $1.37! That is a huge savings.