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Bake a cake at the campsite! Portable outdoor gas camping oven makes it possible

By Tony Barthel
Last week, I wrote about folks who had created their own travel trailers from the base of a cargo trailer. Some of the individuals I heard from said that they raided RV junkyards for appliances for their conversions. However, this Hike Crew Outdoor Gas Camping Oven has been circulating around our staff email inboxes, and I thought it could be a good option for those who don’t want to poke around RV junkyards.

What is this stove and outdoor gas camping oven?

This is a small, propane-powered, two-burner stovetop that sits on top of an oven. The entire arrangement is pretty simple, actually. There are two smaller knobs to regulate the flame on the burners and a larger knob in the center to regulate the flame in the oven. 

The lid of the stove flips up to act as a wind guard to the rear. There are also side guards to reduce the effects of wind from the sides. The stove lights with a built-in piezo lighting mechanism, essentially like a backyard barbecue.

There’s nothing horribly unique about the two-burner top of this thing but the oven is a bit different. Most ovens work by turning the flame on and off to regulate the temperature. Using a sensing mechanism, the oven lights the flame and then extinguishes it and that’s how it maintains a relatively constant temperature. Actually, if you monitor your home’s oven you’ll see that the temp goes up and down during the cooking process. 

This is totally different. The knob in the front of the outdoor gas camping oven is how the temperature is regulated. You’re effectively adjusting the flame yourself. The Hike Crew folks have mounted an oven thermometer to the front of the oven door so you can see it through the window. You adjust the flame higher or lower to make the oven hotter or cooler. 

Size of the outdoor gas camping oven

If you read my RV reviews you’ll notice that I’m no fan of small ovens. The reason for this is that RV ovens not only have the burner in the bottom, but they also have a metal plate that is supposed to diffuse the heat. It doesn’t do that job well. 

This seems to be different – the usable space in the oven is larger than what you’d get in a 17” RV oven. Reviews I read on Amazon indicate that people were generally happy with the oven itself. Still, the interior is smaller at seven inches in height and 10 inches of depth. 

Furthermore, there were reviews where folks had actually bought this to supplement their existing ovens in their RVs or take the place of them. 

Ready for travel

The whole outdoor gas camping oven and stove package is designed to be very portable. It even comes with a bag to carry it all. However, at 30 pounds, I don’t see people hiking into the deep forest with this. But it would be great for picnics and that sort of thing where you only have to carry it from the car to the picnic table. 

Learn more or order one for yourself here.


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