Wednesday, October 20, 2021


RV Gadget: keyless lock system by Lippert Components

Many of us have become accustomed to remote control and keyless locks on our cars, but aside from high-end motorhomes that option hasn’t been available for RVs. Recently, Lippert Components introduced the RV Lock keyless lock system for travel trailers and fifth wheels that allows for an easy upgrade to keyless and keypad entry.

The battery-powered lock system is a simple replacement for existing keyed locksets. Simply remove the old lock and the new unit fits into the same hole using the included hardware. There is a small wire attachment inside the lock, and the rest is simple hardware. Programming the lock is straightforward, according to the company, which only requires a paper clip to activate the learning button.

The white or black RV Lock comes with the replacement lockset, one key fob and the numeric keypad. Additional wireless key fobs are also available for car-like ease of locking and unlocking the trailer.

The RV Lock and keypad retails for $239.00 and the key fobs are $39.99 each and are available from your favorite RV retailer. More information can be found at Lippert’s website. —Chris Dougherty


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