Friday, August 12, 2022


RV industry toots its own horn

Here’s a five-minute video from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association where it highlights its efforts in 2017 on behalf of its members to promote the “RV lifestyle.” But translated, what they really mean is to “promote the RV industry,” as stated early in this professional video production.

RVers watching this may very well be impressed with the efforts of RVIA to make and sell RVs, and expand the market for them into foreign countries. But they may also notice that there is virtually nothing said about the quality of the RVing experience for those of us who travel or even live in the products the RV industry produces.

The fact is, there is no national organization of any size that cares more about RVers themselves than selling RVs. is doing its best to promote our interests, but there’s a long road ahead. The more readers we get, the louder our voice. So please suggest to your RVer friends that they sign up for one or more of our newsletters, available at — Chuck Woodbury, editor


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