Saturday, October 1, 2022


RV podcast: Author, hiker, boondocker, adventurer John Soares

Author, hiker, boondocker and adventurer John Soares has written a number of books on boondocking, travel, hiking, adventuring and more, and we get the lowdown and some great tips in this week’s podcast interview.

We also have potentially the most innovative RV layout we’ve seen, a ridiculously named great gadget, and we bask in the increasing darkness of the lunar eclipse. 

Mentioned in this episode:

John Soares is passionate about encouraging people to spend time outdoors, which benefits them both physically and mentally. His books are focused on making trails and hiking more accessible and approachable, and he hopes to get more people camping and boondocking. He’s happiest when he can combine camping and hiking into one adventure, and he travels in a Kia Sedona. 

      1. John Soares website –
      2. Another John Soares website –
      3. John’s book – Camp for Free: Dispersed Camping & Boondocking on America’s Public Lands.
      4. All of John’s other books are here.

More in this episode:

    1. RV checklists make for StressLess Camping.
    2. Tony’s review of the MeanFun collapsible ladder.
    3. Tony’s review of the Ember RV 191MSL—possibly one of the most innovative RV floor plans on the market.



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