Friday, October 7, 2022


RV recipes and a free downloadable cookbook, too

By Bob Difley

Cooking, eating, and sharing great meals is one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures. The number of cookbooks available in bookstores and on the Internet is a testament to we humans’ search for new and different gastronomical enjoyment.

Shiprock Shepherd's Pie
Shiprock Shepherd’s Pie

But some (most?) RVers find it a challenge to reproduce their specialties or their family’s favorite recipes in the confines of an RV Kitchen.

Cathy Lea, the editor of GoodRVFood, hopes to change that challenge into a joyful experience as she demonstrates from the confines of her Roadtrek Class B motorhome. You will find on her extensive website recipes for everything from Griddle Johnny Cakes to Green Chili Chowder as well as sections like Hints & Tips, Beverages, Preparation, and Shopping.

But what makes Cathy’s website so unique is revealed in her mission statement: “Our goal is simple: to help people cook good tasting food in their recreational vehicle by collecting proven recipes and sharing them with others, making everyone better cooks in the process.”

Notice the word “collecting” in that statement. That is just what Cathy does. Besides being a versatile and competent cook herself, she has taken the website into an evolving collection of recipes from RVers all over the country. All the recipes that RVers send to her, including all of her own, are included and are free to everyone — and she invites RVers to keep sending in recipes in a continuous update.

Cathy has also gathered this extensive collection into a free e-book for those times when you may not be connected to the Internet. The GoodRVFood Cookbook has it all in a linked PDF, and readers are encouraged to share this free cookbook with their friends and campground neighbors.

You can learn more about cooking good food in your RV at the GoodRVFood website. And upload one of your favorite recipes to her while you’re there. Bon appetit.

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