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RV Review: 2021 Forest River Wildwood 27RK Travel Trailer

If you’ve written asking about a specific floor plan RV, please know that I am getting to them – but there have been a lot of folks asking lately. Thank you – I can’t express how much I appreciate your interest! Today I’m responding to Jerry, who asked me to give the Forest River Wildwood 27RK a gander. 

During the time I was selling RVs we happened to have a lot of fires in the area. Unfortunately, that meant that a lot of folks had lost their homes and everything in them. I bring this up because we sold a similar floor plan to this Wildwood and it was very, very popular. 

I think if our dealership represented Wildwood we would have been overrun with requests for this floor plan. This is really a nice couples’ camper and, it seems, that’s what the readers of RV Travel have been requesting most of all. 


Wildwood, a division of Forest River, builds trailers that walk the line between price-focused models and feature-focused models. They’re not the cheapest and they’re not the most expensive. But they do have some great features for the money – some of which are rather innovative. 

For example, these wood-framed aluminum-skinned trailers incorporate something called the Access-A-Belly. This is an underbelly enclosure that is segmented. If you find a maintenance item in a section, you don’t have to drop the entire underbelly to get to that component. That’s smart. 

I also like that they do not include a TV at all, but a place to mount the TV of your choice. That means if you want no TV, or a big fancy TV, or even a computer monitor, the choice is yours. If we could convince them to ditch the mattress, I think that would be great, too. 

But let’s go inside for the things I like best about these. 

What’s inside the Forest River Wildwood 27RK

Stepping into the trailer, the first things you might notice are the two swivel recliners on the camp side wall beneath a really large window. Wildwood is good at these large windows on the camp side and this is a great implementation of this thinking. 

Beyond that there’s a wrap-around kitchen at the side and back where the two-bowl sink lives its life in the counter extension. Beneath the sink is a large cabinet door. In addition, there’s one next to the stove which conceals pull-out drawers. Cool. 

The stove is your typical three-burner RV stove with a 17” oven, above which is a microwave. There’s more cabinet space next to that microwave. There is a lot of counter space in this trailer so those who love to cook shouldn’t have issues pulling off great meals.

Around the corner on the back wall of the Wildwood 27RK is a large 12-volt refrigerator and next to that is a pretty substantial pantry. 

In the large slide room on the road side is what Wildwood calls their Versa-Lounge. This is a definite feather in their cap. Looking at it from across the trailer, you start with a two-place dinette on the far left. Moving down there is an “L”-shaped lounge. You can remove the back of the lounge and flip it to the other side of the cushions, thereby making the dinette a four-place dinette. Clever. But wait, there’s more. 

Lots of windows makes the space feel very open

Under the Versa-Lounge Wildwood includes storage totes. Those really increase how much stuff you can pack into the Wildwood 27RK. Surrounding the entire slide room are windows. These make the space feel even more open, especially when considering the large windows on the camp side. 

Along the wall toward the front of the space is where you’d put your TV, if you wanted one, and also where the space-heating electric fireplace is.

The bathroom features a shower with an accordion folding door – which I like. There is a bit of space in the bathroom for towels and such, along with a proper medicine cabinet. 

In the bedroom of the Wildwood 27RK the company claims its Evergreen mattress with fitted sheets is a step above your typical RV mattress. I can’t speak to that, since this has to be tested by each individual. I actually know people who like RV mattresses for their firmness – I think they missed their calling on a pirate ship. 

But what is super cool in the bedroom is that the walls on either side of the closets have a hole cut into them and a 110vac outlet in the closet. This is very specifically designed for a CPAP machine and is a very thoughtful touch. 

There’s also additional hanging closet space at the wall of the bedroom facing the rear of the trailer – also a nice touch. On that subject, there is a shoe garage under the bed.

Outside the Wildwood 27RK

A few things struck me about the exterior of the Wildwood 27RK, including the fact that Wildwood now includes a Suburban Elite Griddle. I just got one of these myself while in Indiana. You can liken these to something like a Blackstone griddle, except Suburban is already in the supply chain for RVs. I really like this thing and it’s pretty resistant to wind. 

There’s also a 110vac bar-sized fridge. Unfortunately, it’s right above the griddle – so it’s an odd placement. But at least you can grab a breakfast beer while cooking your bacon. 

Wildwood is bucking a trend by using white housings on fans and the air conditioning. I think this makes much more sense than black ones. Sure, the black ones look cool. But I wonder how much hotter they are internally being up there in the sun. 

In summary

A few things about the Wildwood 27RK stuck out for me. There are a lot of little things that show an attention to detail. However, I also noticed that the floor registers for the heater were in some odd places, like the one right at the bathroom door. 

Also, the griddle is a nice touch but right below the fridge is an odd placement. Wildwood isn’t alone in this. I know there are space constraints and all, but this is still an odd placement to me. 

However, the holes in the closet with access to power is brilliant.

Overall this is a great floor plan, especially for longer journeys. The fresh water tank could be bigger and I wish there was more cargo carrying capacity, but that’s being a bit nitpicky. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Thoughtful elements
Huge windows
Great kitchen
Floor register placement
Griddle below refrigerator (outside)


Forest River's Wildwood 27RK offers a lot of thoughtful features wrapped in a relatively affordable but really spacious couples camper.


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gladys M crickard
11 months ago

My husband and I have been running our heat off the propane, we just bought a wildwood camper, 2019. My question is, can it, or is there a way to run it from the electric also? Our book doesn’t state any way, and we can’t find any switches for change over? Thx , the Crickards

Michelle Royal
1 year ago

Forest River/wildwood warranty dept needs to be evaluated! At this point of trying to get warranty repairs done they would receive a big fat failure 😒

1 year ago

Our 27RK SALEM is just like the one above. We Really like our SALEM.

Beth k
1 year ago

I can see where the camper looks great at a glance. We just bought one and it’s been in for repair more than we’ve had it. The dealer and forest river themselves have been extremely unhelpful. We’re out a lot of $$ for a piece of junk

1 year ago

I have this trailer forest river vibe . Out door kitchen b/q swing around from bumper 110v small refrigerator and a sink that pulls out. The biggest thing is 20 gallons of water, ( two days worth ) for me and wife. The oven hasn’t ever worked and fan above stove doesn’t either. Can’t find anyone too fix as they can’t get wire diagram from forest river I’m told? Mattress is a cheap round off queen . Propane bottles are covered behind fiberglass front which I ding first trip turning 70 degrees in parking lot.

Forest River's Wildwood 27RK offers a lot of thoughtful features wrapped in a relatively affordable but really spacious couples camper. RV Review: 2021 Forest River Wildwood 27RK Travel Trailer

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