Thursday, February 25, 2021

RV Review: Rockwood Geo Pro 16BH

By Tony Barthel I’ve been focusing a lot on couples’ campers of late and got called out on it by Jeremy Chrisman. Jeremy asked if...

RV Review: 2021 inTech Sol Dawn Travel Trailer

By Tony Barthel When I first saw inTech’s Sol line of trailers at an RV show, I thought they really were something impressive. The huge...

RV Review: 2021 Safari Condo Alto A2124

By Tony Barthel Ask just about anyone who tows a traditional travel trailer what kind of fuel mileage they get and the answer is almost...

RV Review: Polydrop P17A Teardrop Trailer

By Tony Barthel It had to happen. Love it or not, Elon Musk’s Tesla Truck made a huge splash when he introduced it and I...

RV Review: Luxe LH48FB Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel

By Tony Barthel A while back I wrote a review of the Luxe Elite fifth wheel and no sooner was the ink dry on the...

RV Review: ProLite E-Volt All-Electric Travel Trailer

By Tony Barthel I recently wrote about the groundbreaking, all-electric Palomino Revolve EV-2. As usual, the readers of RVTravel came through and led me to...

RV Review: TrailManor Convertible Trailers

By Tony Barthel There are two realities of towing a travel trailer. The first is mentioned often – the weight. Less talked about is the...

RV Review: Earth Traveler T300, made from chicken feathers. Really!

By Tony Barthel What do you do if you want to go camping but you only are sporting a small car? For example, a Fiat...

RV Review: Palomino Revolve EV-2 Travel Trailer

By Tony Barthel Recently I was talking with another RV journalist about travel trailers and we were remarking on the fact that, while Class B...

RV Review: Outdoors RV Creek Side 21RD MS

By Tony Barthel Have you heard of the term rabbit hole? It is the absolute definition of me on the Internet and the Outdoors RV...

RV Review: Palomino SolAire eXpandable 147X

By Tony Barthel Selling RVs is interesting because you get to deal with people and their RVing vision and own personal experiences. Everybody sees the...

RV review: 2021 Wildwood Grand Lodge 42DL Destination Trailer

Tony Barthel When I was selling RVs I think I only once saw what’s referred to as a "destination trailer." It was interesting because these...

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