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RV Review: 2021 NeXus Ghost Super C

By Tony Barthel
If you’re in the need of an RV that can tow, a Super C motorhome such as the 2021 NeXus Ghost Super C is a good choice. Super C RVs are based on large commercial truck chassis but tend not to be quite as large as many Class A motorhomes. They generally feature substantial diesel engines and systems where towing isn’t going to destroy them as it might with some lesser Class C RVs. 

With this in mind, I took a look at a new RV from a company that builds super Super C RVs, NeXus. Co-founders Claude Donati and Dave Middleton of NeXus RV produce their RVs in Elkhart, Indiana. 

How they’re built

I see a lot of RVs and hear and read a lot of claims about how differently Brand X’s RV is from Brand Y. Sometimes there’s truth behind those claims, but not always. 

NeXus really does build their RVs differently.

Most smooth-sided RVs are built with a welded aluminum frame around which is closed-cell foam for insulation. The outer layer is often fiberglass and then a substrate, usually Luan. Then is either the aluminum stud or the insulation. Then inside is another layer of Luan and finally the inner wallboard. That’s what’s typical. 

NeXus uses the same process but, instead of aluminum, they use high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel tubing. Instead of the Luan, which is a composite wood-type product, they use Azdel. Azdel is man-made wallboard that is practically impervious to water damage. It also provides better sound and thermal insulation than does Luan. According to NeXus, materials used in this wall structure are 72% stronger than an aluminum-based wall. 

The baggage compartments are all galvanized steel boxes with rubber mats at the bottom. Windows are frameless. The tanks and underbellies are all heated and enclosed such that NeXus claims this is a four-season coach. 

Oh, and as for towing, this International chassis enables you to tow a stated 20,000 pounds.

Lastly, the company brags about the paint on the exterior as being a Sherwin-Williams RV-specific paint product. The entire exterior is paint, no stickers. 

The tour of the NeXus Ghost Super C

The interior tour starts with a “dream dinette” on the camp side just inside the door. NeXus has seen fit to put a large, locking drawer under each seat of the dinette. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen locking interior drawers before…

Opposite the dinette is a jackknife sofa that looks pretty comfortable by day. 

Above the International cab, you have a choice of either a sleeping area or an entertainment area. However, the couch is on the left and the dinette is on the right, so nobody’s got the best seat in the house for watching that optional TV up there. 

Also, while NeXus has replaced the seats in the cab of this vehicle with much more appealing-looking models, that doesn’t change the somewhat industrial feel to the cab. It’s not bad, but it’s not nearly as nice as anything but the most basic pickup. Not that it’s bad – it’s just so incongruous with the rest of the interior. 

The galley

A bit further back is the galley. I like how they’ve put an electric cooktop here with a large, 30-inch convection microwave above it and drawers below. To the left of that is a very large sink. The kitchen design makes a lot of sense.

I am not sure what type of electric cooktop this is and their marketing materials are non-specific. It is likely an induction cooker, but I contacted them several times by email with no response. 

All the drawers and cabinets in the NeXus Ghost Super C are genuine hardwood faces. The drawers feature plywood boxes, while the cabinets all feature hidden hardware. Finding storage for things you’ll need either inside or outside this rig is going to be an easy task. There is plenty of space all over the place. Yes, that was an intentional rhyme. 

The bedroom and bathroom of the NeXus Ghost Super C

Further back, the bathroom features a porcelain foot flush toilet and his-and-hers medicine cabinets. That way hubby doesn’t have to look at all the things she brought and wonder what those potions do. I also like the sink bowl in the bathroom that sits on top of the counter and features a glass bowl design. All the countertops in this rig are solid surface countertops. 

Across from the bathroom in the NeXus Ghost Super C on the camp side is a big closet that can either be part of the storage you enjoy or can hold a washer/dryer. Nice. 

In the bedroom you’ll notice a fancy headboard behind the bed. However, for those who prefer windows, you can flip the headboard up and there’s a window behind it. The bed itself is in a slide room, and there are windows and tables on either side of the bed. 

In bed, you’re looking across at a lot of cabinets that surround the second TV in the rig and the one that you’ll likely be using rather than the inconveniently placed one in the main living space. 

Oh, and if you’re a TV executive, you’ll appreciate that there is a third TV in the NeXus Ghost Super C. That one is in a compartment outside so you can sit under the awning and watch something. 

In summary

I really like that there’s a “table” type arrangement that flips down on the back of this coach. It probably won’t get used as a table as much as a place to put a blender or grill or buffet setting or something like that. 

Another plus is that all the heat ducts are above the floor. While some don’t care, I think this is a good touch. A few other nice touches are the Onan 8.0 generator which pulls from the 100-gallon fuel tank rather than the propane tank. However, the company only includes two flooded coach batteries. This rig would do well for boondocking – so I would think that at almost $300,000, you’d get a set of lithium batteries…

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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2 years ago

It’s too bad you showed the floorplan of the 37DS but listed the specs for the 33DS. It would be better to list the specs for the model you show the floorplan of. I’ve been looking at the 37DS and was excited to see your review.

Chris Mead
1 year ago

So this is my coach reviewed. I have the W/D and instead of a sofa on the left, I have two recliners. The main TV is on an extension and it’s used as much as the bedroom.

I agree with everything said here regarding the design. What is missing is a discussion on workmanship which I feel needs improvement. Then again, they all do. I added a third battery and two additional solar panels (he missed it but the rig comes with one 115W solar panel expandable to 2 more on the roof. I understand two more can be added to sit on the ground which I have not done. It comes with a Wineguard 360 attendant which I replaced with a dish receiver that I can remove if needed to sit on ground.

He didn’t look under the bed but should have to witness the rats nest of AC, DC, and water piping. Not much one can do, maybe that’s why it wasn’t mentioned. The shower small but functional. I have a propane cooktop and oven which I prefer. He didn’t mention the fridge but I understand that they are coming with residentials now although I have a dual propane/electric which I prefer. The water heater is dual energy as well. The engine is a Cummins 6.7 which is suffering from the DEF issue as many are. The Allison tranny has a engine break which we use a lot. There is a FB group as a great resource.

2 years ago

Floor plan in article is not the discussed unit. Article has split bath, floor plan shows rear bath.

Scott R. Ellis
2 years ago

So, you crawl across the bed to use the bathroom, unless you extend the slide? Yeah no.

John Koenig
2 years ago

Apparently there is NO “standard” as to what constitutes a “Super-C” RV. I expect a TRUE Super-C coach to be built on a HEAVY DUTY truck cab/ chassis (meaning a MINIMUM GVWR of 26,001 pounds). I’ve seen builders claiming that their F450 based RVs are “Super-Cs” (an F450 and its’ counterparts are the LOW END of Medium Duty). The RV industry should NOT be allowed to engage in misleading puffery. Federal DOT specifies EIGHT different classifications for trucks (Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty). The DOT defines these eight categories based on the GVWR a truck manufacturer builds its’ product to so, those industry standards are UNIFORM. RV builders should NOT be allowed to play fast and loose with them by using confusing designations.

2 years ago

We researched Nexus, Dynamax, and Renegade before purchasing our SuperC.
For us the choice was Renegade Verona VRB in 2019.
We feel the construction quality and Customer Service is the best of the three.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

I have on and off lusted for one of these Super-C’s so I always check out any reviews that come along. Even though we’re not dedicated TV watchers, it’s nice to hunker down during rain or snowstorms and watch a movie or something else. The placement of the front TV would actually be a deal-breaker. No one wants to sit with their head cocked to one side to watch TV.

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