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RV Review: Classic Freightliner and car hauler (were) for sale


A friend of ours recently bought a property under unusual circumstances. Many of my friends are into vintage and classic cars. As they were looking over the 40-acre site with two houses, a garage and and auto shop, something unusual happened. 

My friend and his wife split up to look around. She went to look at one of the two houses and my friend went with the real estate agent to look at the shop. When they reconvened, the wife said, “I guess I could live here,” 

My friend responded with, “Well, that’s good. We already bought it.” Huh? 

Seems there was a garage with a lift and a plumbed-in air compressor along with parking for their dozen or so classic cars. That’s all he needed. 

I could see a deal for this motorhome and trailer, being offered on Facebook by Nathan Cicio of Cicio Performance, happening in much the same way. While I generally like to write reviews of new RVs, this one just had to be covered. And it could be yours if you happen to have $425,000 burning a hole in your pocket. [UPDATE: Oops. Too late. It’s been sold.]

We have looked at using heavy-duty trucks for RVs in the past, and many of these are used to haul larger fifth wheels. We’ve also looked at the custom sleeper cabs done by ARI Legacy Sleepers. 

Freightliner chassis plus camper/sleeper

This takes that to another level with the main truck portion being based on a Freightliner chassis. To that, the company that created this machine added the camper/sleeper portion to the rig. 

That camper portion features three slide rooms that expand the main living space as well as the bedroom. That bedroom features a queen-sized bed. 

In the main living space is a large couch and dining area. The wood used in the conversion is really beautiful. There’s a large Norcold gas-electric refrigerator and a convection microwave for your hot and cold food needs. 

Diesel dreams

The three air conditioners and everything else are powered by an Onan 12,500-watt diesel generator. No worries about power with that thing.

On the subject of diesel engines, while they weren’t specific about which model was under the hood, they do state that it’s a Detroit Diesel. Since this rig hails from 2008, that was long before any emissions standards relegated diesel engines to second-class citizens in terms of reliability. 

While this mill has some 64,000 miles on it, that’s barely broken in for that type of engine. Half a million miles is nothing to these bulletproof oilers. I personally love the sound of the old Detroit Diesel engines. 

Bring the toys

Included in the package is a huge Haulmark trailer that has all the things you need to haul and maintain three race cars. Or classic cars. Or any cars, really. 

There’s a beautiful shop in here and a lift that will allow you to store the cars. There are also tool bins and benches that you can store the tools to keep race cars or vintage cars in beautiful shape. 

Is this nuts?

While I know that some might consider this thing ridiculous, I also have a couple of friends who have something similar. What struck me about this rig is just how beautifully kept it is and how few miles it has on it. 

If you go to really high-end car shows or races, something like this isn’t out of place, quite frankly. Big car shows like Pebble Beach or the Monterey Concours or several others are places where you might be as impressed by the rigs that brought these multi-million dollar cars to the show as the cars themselves. 


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Bob p
4 months ago

How long is this unit? Over 70’ require oversized permit.

Merlin B.
4 months ago

At least this one doesn’t have a 17″ oven for Tony to complain about. LOL!

4 months ago

The ONLY chassis to have under any RV is a truck chassis such as this.

With a motorhome always remember when you have problems (you will have problems) you have the potential for house problems that are mounted on top of vehicle problems.

With a true truck chassis versus any RV chassis out there today no matter who manufactures it with a REAL TRUCK CHASSIS you have a far better base upon which to build a motorhome that is easier to service, easier to repair with far more options when on the road available for paid service and repair.

Last edited 4 months ago by bull
4 months ago

You got the emission control thing wrong, Tony. ’08 was the year that DPF systems were introduced, which seriously effected reliability of diesels. Don’t ask how I know this… 🙁

Gordy B
4 months ago
Reply to  Don

I had a 2008 Silverado Duramax diesel 3500. No DEF, it was introduced later in the year. Exactly what part of the year I do not know. Happy Trails

Steve H
4 months ago

Love it–I could full-time in that rig! Whoever bought it for that price not only has an incredible, one-off Super C, but also a “Dream Garage” to go with it. And got both for the price of a new high-end Renegade Super C!

But you still wouldn’t be allowed in one of those exclusive “<10 year-old Class A only" Florida beachfront RV resorts.

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