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RV Review: Venture SportTrek Touring STT343VIB

By Tony Barthel
RV manufacturers are understanding the reality that more and more families are working and schooling from the road. Even if you don’t have a big family, you can choose from an increasing number of options in a wider variety of floor plans for working or even enjoying crafting hobbies. 

Recently, Venture RV contacted us and suggested we take a peek at their SportTrek Touring STT343VIB Travel Trailer. What they wanted us to pay particular attention to was the second bedroom which offered a number of user-definable configurations. 

The back bedroom

That back bedroom was pretty interesting indeed. The obvious thing about it is that there are four bunks back there. But if you fold down the road-side bunk and move the mattress, you have a desk – complete with USB chargers. The space is well-designed and even comes with a folding chair. 

This could also be used as a craft room, of course. The desk is at just the right height, so they really thought this through. 

You can also flip down the second bunk on the road side of the trailer and put the mattress back on the “desk.” Now you can sleep a total of four people back there with the camp-side bunks as well. 

I should point out that the mattress isn’t something you’ll be wrestling with. The mattress is essentially a “fur”-wrapped hunk of foam, so it’s reasonably light. I’m not going to fail Venture for this lightweight Teddy Bear mattress, either, because every bunk model trailer on the planet seems to use these. 

Another clever trick in this trailer is that you can slot four sections between the two bottom bunks. Flip a mattress on this section and now you have a king-sized bed in the back. You can see why the company was excited about sharing this with us. 

Remember, if you’re not sleeping people, bunks are just great storage spaces for crafts or work-related needs. 

Main living space in the Venture SportTrek

In the main living space is where you’ll find the first of two electric fireplaces. This front one is situated below the TV and opposite the jackknife sofa. 

That TV and fireplace share a home in a very long road-side slide that also incorporates a Furrion 12-volt compressor refrigerator, a Furrion microwave, and a Furrion three-burner stove with a 17” oven. 

On the camp side, the aforementioned sofa is in a slide that it shares with a dinette. Under the dinette are two huge plastic tubs that easily slide out and are a great way to load and unload the trailer. Or you could assign a tote to each person occupying the rear bedroom, giving them responsibility for their own packing. 

Front bedroom

All of the accolades are going to the back bedroom in the Venture SportTrek – but the front bedroom is a wonderful place to spend some time. Not just at night, either. 

There’s an automotive-grade windshield in the very front of the trailer under which, on the inside of course, is a couch. Not something you’d expect in a travel trailer at all. A closed on either side of the couch goes all the way to the floor and there are more cabinets above that. 

There is a queen-size bed in a road-side slide sitting “east-west” that faces the second fireplace which is surrounded by cabinetry – closets and drawers.

In addition, there’s a closet in the bedroom that is plumbed for a combo washer/dryer. Yes. In a travel trailer. 

Outside of the Venture SportTrek

There are a few things I noticed on the outside of the Venture SportTrek that were real standout features. For one thing, there are frameless windows throughout. This means less maintenance and just a cleaner look. There is an outdoor kitchen that features a two-burner stove, a fully plumbed sink and a 120vac “bar fridge.” 

Out back there’s a receiver hitch good for 250 lbs., which is perfect for things like generator mounts, bike racks and that sort of thing. 

I also like how Venture has organized all the water fittings in one place except the sewer dump valves – so you’re not crossing the streams, as they said in Ghostbusters. I’m sure this isn’t what they were referring to, but it’s a bad thing from an RV standpoint to do so just the same.  

Over on the camp side there are two awnings on this trailer, one on the front section of the rig, and a second power awning on the camp-side slide room. In terms of numbers of features, this trailer is very well-equipped. 


This trailer is outfitted for full-time living and is a solid alternative to a fifth wheel. The back bedroom is the one getting all the press, but the front bedroom was what caught my eye. That couch, the fireplace and just the sheer number of places to store stuff made this one of the nicest bedrooms I have ever seen in a travel trailer. 

I could see this trailer being something for crafters, home-schoolers, road workers and such. But there’s no ignoring the fact that you could have 11 people in this trailer. In that case, I would probably be hiding in the front bedroom enjoying that fireplace and couch along with peace and quiet. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Charles Allen
2 years ago

Looks like a nice unit for larger families too. Really like the idea of the work station/hobby area in the back bunk area. Very versatile. For all that this unit offers, the price seems pretty reasonable..

Warren G
2 years ago

Specs show a 5th wheel when the photo shows it’s not.

Scott R. Ellis
2 years ago

Ooh! Not just ONE tacky fake fireplace but TWO tacky fake fireplaces! What a deal! 😀

Bob M
2 years ago
Reply to  Scott R. Ellis

I like the fireplaces for heat when weather gets cool. It also helps dry up some moisture. Like the travel trailer, but not the shore power hookup located by the outdoor shower and water hookups.

Tom H.
2 years ago
Reply to  Scott R. Ellis

We love our “tacky” fireplace! We have a 29′ 5ver, and that built in electric heater heats the whole place, as long as it’s above freezing outside. Very quiet, not like the gas furnace.

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