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RV shipments soar, but can they continue?

(July 27, 2020) — RV wholesale shipments tracked by the RV Industry Association (RVIA) posted their best month in 2020 in June and the highest monthly total since October 2018 as deliveries to retailers reached 40,462 units, a 10.8% rise over the June 2019 total of 36,525 units.

The question is, can it continue, as a record number of people buy RVs, but manufacturers, most in Elkhart, Indiana, are unable to run their factories at full speed because of COVID-19 concerns? The RV industry isn’t talking about that now, instead celebrating its current, in all probability short-lived, success.

Towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, totaled 37,439 units for the month, a gain of 12.9% compared to last June’s total of 33,171 shipments. Motorhomes finished the month with 3,023 units, down (-9.8%) compared to the June 2019 total of 3,353 units.

Reflective of younger, first-time buyers interested in RVing and the continued rise in the #Vanlife phenomenon, Folding Camping Trailers and Type B RVs in the motorhome market continue to see strong gains.

For the year, RV wholesale shipments total 176,067 units, down (-18.7%) from 216,581 units at the mid-year point in 2019. Towable RVs stand at 159,059 units, off (-16.8%), while motorhomes have dropped (-33.3%) to 17,008 units.

Park Model RVs ended the month down (-20.3%) compared to last June with 310 shipments.



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Tatiana B.
2 years ago

I wonder if most of those RVs will end up for sale 1-2 years later. Possibly we will see lower than usual prices if we decide to upgrade.

2 years ago

Really makes you think about quality. Plus, where are these folks going to stay? And how many are on the road in unsafe set-ups. Not trying to be arrogant, but how many of us have seen rigs going down the road with too small of a tow vehicle, watched people try to back units into spots when they have little experience or driving WAY to fast. I like people enjoying themselves, but there is some thought that needs to go into this game. Like dumping your tanks into a gas tank! Come on Man!

Last edited 2 years ago by Steve
2 years ago

My prediction is there is good opportunity through the fall and needs to make up for Mar-May. But anyone looking to sell a used RV can likely get a little more than usual depreciation.

You can see in Google Trends how this year’s activity in people searching for RVs to buy and rent is still trending strong. Local dealer stock is depleted & production won’t be able to turn around quick demand needs. Still think next summer will be good demand as many still may not be ready to travel abroad.,2019-01-01%202019-12-31,2020-01-01%202020-12-31&geo=US,US,US&q=rv%20for%20sale,rv%20for%20sale,rv%20rental

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