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RV shipments hit record high in September

RVs continue to roll out of factories at a record pace according the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). The association’s September survey of manufacturers found RV wholesale shipments totaled 43,598 units, an increase of 29.4% over the 33,704 units shipped last September. September 2017 shipments are the best September on comparable record.

RV wholesale shipments have climbed to 378,006 units through nine months of 2017, up 16.6% over the 324,286 units shipped during the same period last year.

All towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, totaled 38,543 units for the month, an increase of 31.8% compared to the 29,233 units shipped in September 2016. Year-to-date totals for towable RVs are up 17% to 330,673 units.

September motorhome shipments were up 13.1% to 5,055 units over last year; paced by solid gains in Class C motorhomes. Year-to-date motorhome shipments have reached 47,333 units on 13.8% growth over the 41,599 units shipped during the same time last year.




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5 years ago

Why do you never include the sales figures for B class RV’s? I am sure they are increasingly popular. Is it because most are manufactured in Canada?

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

While we continue to hear about “record sales” of RV’s, and will probably see a glut at existing campgrounds for a while, I think after a year or two of this, the “glut” will start to wane as folks decide the “RV Lifestyle” isn’t what they thought it would be. They just can’t find that ideal campsite next to the babbling brook with no one around (like you see on RV commercials on TV). Especially if you have to store your RV at a storage lot several miles from home. This makes using it a pain in the butt, and quick weekend trips are out of the question. There are many, many storage lots around us filled with RV’s with grass growing under and around them. This tells me these RV’s aren’t going anywhere. I feel sorry for these folks who most likely “took the hook” at an RV show and are now stuck with something that is hard to use, is maybe falling apart and can’t get fixed so they just leave it in the storage lot, or are now disenchanted with their purchase and don’t know what to do with it. I continue to believe that if I lived “back east” I would not own an RV of any kind because of the lack of public land and ability to boondock – our favorite lifestyle.

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