Friday, October 7, 2022


RV SnapPads receive U.S. patent

This is based on a press release

Origen RV Accessories, makers of RV SnapPad, was recently granted its U.S. patent for the “world’s only permanent jack pad.”

“We’re extremely happy to have our patent in place,” said Devon Wilson, Origen COO. “Having a patent in place will allow us to continue to innovate and create more quality RV accessories.”

SnapPads are available for purchase on their website and through authorized online resellers like Drainmaster, Amazon and many dealers across the U.S.

“We are aware of some imitation products and inferior knock-offs that have popped up in the market recently,” said Wilson. “We encourage RVers and RV dealers to ensure they get Origen’s authentic quality SnapPads when looking for a permanent jack pad solution.”


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3 years ago

Love mine. Used a little liquid soap around the edges and they slip on fine.

john arata
3 years ago

Good product however if they are a little off centering during the install they will rip the side off and make them useless

3 years ago
Reply to  john arata

Apparently this happened with one of our six because it was gone when we returned from the first trip out. The company though was amazing to work with and sent a replacement of the one.

3 years ago

I got 6 on the Original Snap Pads on my 5th Wheel. They Work Great! Highly recommend them for all RV’s with Leveling systems.